Monday, July 2, 2012

Ipelegeng, The Best Two Years, Nkosi Sikelel

Sunday morning 6AM the alarm goes off. "Good morning SUNDAY JULY 1ST" a strange feeling comes over me. You go home this month man.... Word's can't really paint what I'm feeling right now, its just something you have to experience for yourself. I packed my bags this morning and it felt like the whole world was spinning and it was so noisy, but inside was just this profound silence. This last week was probably the fastest of my life and this one I'm sure will smash its record. I've never felt anything like this before its like graduating high school again, but this time you're just diving into the complete unknown. Leaving home was the weirdest thing I've ever had, like I won't see or have any of this for two years, and I felt this fear/anxiety/excitement come over me, and now my heart is completely divided. Returning home to family, friends, college, the future, warm good old STG, and yet leaving behind the greatest experience of my life, a people who I love with all my heart, and diving home into I don't exactly know what. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I've come to realize something. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Issac, someone he loved with all his heart, when Issac asked him where they would get the ram, he answered "the Lord will provide." I know I'm leaving behind a family, way of life, land, that will always have part of my heart, but It's only goodbye if I allow it to be. Jumping in to the mission field not having the firmest testimony, a lack luster knowledge of anything, and a fear of talking to complete strangers wasn't easy either. But look what became of it. The truth is, nothing in this life worth having or achieving doesn't come without sacrifice. But, if you just put a smile on, push forward, its not a sacrifice at all. It is a tremendous blessing. When someone says a mission is the best two years, that's someone who just lays it on the table forgets himself, and truly finds what's important. In the words of Jeffrey R. Holland. "My Mission Means EVERYTHING To Me" I've gained a knowledge of who I truly am, where I come from, what I can become, and how to work. Also how to laugh, how to remain positive even when your canoe has 6 holes you're going over a waterfall, and you used your paddle for firewood the night before, and what is truly important. I'm grateful for my family and all the support they have given me, from countless letters, emails, support, prayers, and just being there. I took them so for granted before. Little things like a bowl of cereal on the table at 7:45 when I rolled out of bed at 7:42 and have to leave for school at 7:50, just putting up with my crap and still trying on me. It just seems like the small sacrifices I've made being here have just turned into blessings worth more than any job, degree, or amount of money. So what I know is this. Sometimes you're expected to make sacrifices. In fact, life is all about making sacrifices. But, sacrifice doesn't lead to lack. It leads to the greatest happiness you could ever find. What makes it that way? put on a smile, roll up your sleeves, aim high, and watch it happen. I don't know what lies ahead, the thought of leaving my Afrika Khaya behind rips my heart in two... but what's the lesson. The Lord will provide. I have only the best ahead and my mission has been the LTC (life training center) there is nothing I could ask for more. I have not one regret looking back except for eating cold chicken a time or two, and perhaps not bringing a coat. But because I have truly lost myself in His service, I have truly found myself, and will continue to do so. That being said, there is no fear at all. Just joy in the journey, and great friends and family to make the best yet to come. So I want to close with my testimony. I will not be emailing next week because lets face it... why? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church on the face of the earth. The Scriptures are the greatest collection of knowledge you could ever have period. Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet, and we are guided by the Lord's Apostles and Prophets. Jesus Christ walked this earth 2000 years ago, and in being one of the greatest teachers of all time, examples of how to live a life, and the Son of God, He is the Savior of all of us. If you don't know these things, there is a simple solution. John 7:17 If any man do His will, He shall know of the Doctrine...." I love my family, friends, and Africa with all of my heart and will never forget their impact on me. True happiness is only found in doing good, never in wickedness. I could speak all day, but I'll close by saying this is it, and never forget it. If you don't know, learn it for yourself. It's going to be so hard to leave even though i'm so excited to see you all, but I will be back to Africa, I will never forget this time, and I will go forward with a smile on my face. Nkosi Sikeleli AFRICA! Elder Kenyon Chase Robinson

Monday, June 25, 2012

Famous last words, Patrick, "the lord's drink", the proposal

So in today's lekker news, man Kanye is just a happening place to be. Still feeling fresh as a greeny we hit the ground tracting this week and found a sweet as heck new family. We went to this place that has been like hammered by missionaries in the past, but we felt to go there. We saw this guy walking in a crazy flame orange knit sweater and it was like "yeah man lets talk to him" we very skilfully cut him off at the pass without looking like car salesmen, and stopped him. He explained that he didn't go to church because everyone was all about the "holy spirit falling down and shaking things" and he never had read anything like that in the bible. So, we explained, and then he asked "why are there so many people doing strange things?" and we explained. "I want you to meet my whole family at 4, can you come?" Sure so we arrived and taught lesson 1. They really got it and the hilight of the lesson was ma who said "I've seen you around before, and people say you don't teach Jesus. I've been listening very closely and just feel something different about you, I know I was baptized wrong and even want you to help me get it right. I believe everything you have said" Prepared???? so We later returned with the Book of Mormon which they treated like a prized gem, and they have a baby in the oven who is due Wednesday, and they said if its a boy that they might name it Robseni WHAT UP! So Loving life, loving mission, just loving it man and I was supposed to give a talk on sunday, but we had stake high counsel and so I've been assigned to July 8th for a sort of famous last words goodbye 30 minutes. So, we'll see how that goes. In other funny news, I met a lady last monday while we were shopping and she asked for my ID when I used the card and saw I was from the USA so she proposed marriage to me and said she really wants to live in new york. eish man. I kindly declined and she just looked heartbroken... I don't understand man haha it was like I stomped on her balloon and took her candy. Also funny was brother Muchara who we went to go visit yesterday and just before we were about to leave was like, "oh wait, I have something for you. . . . . THE LORD'S DRINK!" he held up a 2 liter coke as if it was the vince lombardi trophy and man we just laughed and laughed... I love that guy. Well, not a ton to talk about this week, just typical business, but I just have this greatest happiness every day doing this, you really can't describe the fun of just day to day missionary work. Well, talk to y'all next week Elder Robinson

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18 Lekker Clean font

o what to say about this week other than can you feel it? It is here! Man POWERFUL WEEK! to say the least about here in Kanye, but lets talk about it. First and foremost, we had 5 baptisms! We were planning on 7, but Matusi decided he "didn't know the scriptures enough" but put himself on date for the 8th of July. and sweet as heck this one, Mosha does boxing and was in a tournament that started on Friday. He just owned everyone, and even made it through all the rounds on Saturday, which meant, he would fight for a national championship bout Sunday. We don't know the results yet, but suffice it to say we may be baptizing the lightweight champion of Botswana on July 8th haha. But More' ,Shandow, Rapelang, Richard and Lesedi Benjamin, were baptized on Sunday and man it was sweet. So as you know, its winter here, so we decided to try to heat up the font, so we got these sweet ostrich egg incubator things that supposedly heat water really well, so we threw them in and sure enough, we baptized in like a hot tub. So afterwards cleaning up we basked in convert glory haha. Brother Benjamin floated around after his Baptism with a huge smile on his face classic. As always, the best part of baptisms are the testimonies that follow, and More' who is like total mans man was just like "now I can finally make my mom proud, I know my Heavenly Father is proud." We passed by last night and he was just like stoked out of his mind. "man you guys have no idea how good I feel right now. This is like the best day ever! Better than having the world cup in South Africa!" Shandow and Rapelang brought there mom to church with them and basically talked about how they were going to bring all the family to this church, and Brother Benjamin and Sister Lesedi we just like so stoked man sister Lesedi just had a huge smile and was talking about all the trials they went through and everything and how she just feels like a newborn baby and just huge smile. Brother Benjamin my first Jewish baptism! woo gathering Israel! Just spoke about the church, and how long he had been searching and even how back in the 70's he studied the History of the church, But it wasn't until he moved to little Kanye that he found the truth. So good man. I just feel so happy its seriously the fullness of Joy here in Kanye. In other news, we had a lot of lekker fun, hard work, some sweet new people, and a crazy trip to the hospital last night keeping us there until 1 Am. We got a call from Thato and Mompati two investigators that there baby was sick and needed a ride to the hospital at like 10pm so we rushed over and got them there just in time before Thato who is asthmatic had an attack and passed out in the hospital. Miracle right there. So we sorted everything out and she's recovering now. and the baby is fine! so all is well that ends well. Too many stories to tell about this week, but I'll close with a favorite. Elder Holman and I went on exchanges to do the baptismal interviews and the last time we were on an exchange, he fell into a ditch in the darkness. So we've decided its a curse of being on exchanges with me. Let me explain why. So first fall. we were on the way to More and walking through a little Levee to get there. I know to go slow down the wall, but he just went fire flying and fell like face first into the moss haha he just got up laughing, and wasn't hurt, but looked like swamp man pants. So it gets better. We had a super lekker lesson with brother Kaimba about receiving the priesthood, (which he and brother Mosetlhane received Sunday) and when leaving SPLASH! he fell into their pond knee deep haha. So good man, I laughed until I had to pee. So in short. it is the best of times here in Kanye, loads of fun, loads of work, loads of miracles, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a lekker week all. Elder Robinson

Monday, June 11, 2012

Never email in gabs, Lucky 7's, THERE IS FROST ON THE WINDOW!!!, "you missed the boat"‏

So if you ever happen to be in Gaborone, make sure you don't need to email something. It's so slow here man and so apologies in advance for how short this is, but I only have about 6 minutes remaining. But in terms of the work, dijo di monate rra. the work is nice. We are working for baptisms Sunday of Brother and Sister Benjamin, Matusi, Mosha, and Shadow, but surprise! Morray who we thought had gone off the deep end drinking actually just got his phone stolen, and went to the home village for a wedding and funeral. So boom getting baptized! And if that is not all, Rapelang made a total 360 and also is committed to Sunday. So Sunday we're having 7 count em' 7 converts baptized. President Nyoni is so pumped because they are all priesthood holders except sister Lesedi but she's like future Relief Society/ Young Women's Pres, so its like we're bringing home the Superbowl. So as I said, I'm going out in a blaze of glory and the last baptism will be on july 8th. But for now, we're just hitting the streets and tracting up a storm. We're trying to get 40 people on date for baptism by the end of the week. but we're finding incredible people, the Lord guides us house to house, and step by step. Kanye is a happening place. Many stories to tell of this week, they are to be had in my journal, so I'll close with one because of time. Sister Virginia was baptized about a month before I came to Kanye, and has since returned to the 7th day Adventist church. So we went on a mercy mission to invite her to come back. Tuesday Elder Kuseni invited her to pray about the churches and set the appointment. So Friday afternoon with Elder and Sister Moss, we arrived. She told us she prayed about 7th day, and just wants to go there, but didn't pray about the church. So we had a lengthy discussion about the restoration and bore testimony. We invited her to pray again and then she just got offended "I've already prayed! I won't ask God again." So Sister Virginia why did you get baptized? I knew the Book of Mormon was true, God answered me..... ok, so what's the problem then? Well I just feel I need to go back... where does that feeling come from, how does it feel, did you ask God? I KNOW HIS VOICE THIS IS MY CHURCH!!!! She proceeded to try to defend it, but she refused to pray, read, or come back. To which Elder Moss the legend that he is responded "Sister Virgina, you know nothing about the church, the temple, the restoration, the living prophet, callings, the members, you missed the boat sister Virginia... just pray" Yo she kicked us out so fast... But, defending the faith lessons you just feel this fire inside like you wanna shout from the housetops. It was sad, but following we continued right on teaching, and met a powerful group of teachers who live together who are "Hunting for His church" We roll on. Man Kanye is cold man we've hit -3 which is like 27 for you cats who use Fahrenheit. there is even frost on the windows at night... good thing I've got a snuggie! Have a good week everyone Elder Robinson

Monday, June 4, 2012

Toss the tie on that one, sisters...., smash and grab, Johannesburg home‏

LEKKER WEEK! Man we had such a fun week, let me tell you about it. BAM its Monday 3:58 AM and we wake up to the soothing sounds of EFY 2008.... I awake in a daze not knowing at first where I am. In my dream, we were in downtown NYC trying to hunt down the Keebler elf. We were being chased by some crazy Pakistani guys in a blue van. Supposedly in my sleep I said "don't worry man, just forget him he's gone, just take his bags." We were in Gabs and I slept on nothing but my towel on Tile. I woke up and was number 3 of 6 in the shower. 4:45 time to roll man pure manliness and grit. So we jumped in the Chevy Aveos just waiting for the sisters and at 5:30 we get a phone call... " Oh... sorry, we just woke up... we'll be over super fast. at 7 o clock... they showed... ugh sisters.... haha anyway we commenced to the border and lo and behold, they forgot their paper work so couldn't get through the border. We originally planned on being through at 6 but after a 3 hour delay at the border it was about 11. nice... Woo no sleep! So the legendary road trip commenced with unshaven groggy missionaries, but a legend of a week planned. We arrived in Joburg, and man it was so dang cold, but after many happy reunions and high fives until my fingers were rattled, we went to Carnivore an all you can eat restaurant where we enjoyed such cuisines as Crocodile, Zebra, and every antelope species under the sun. We just missed the hippo.... And thus it was, Monday completed. Tuesday morning we woke up and went to transfers this time to see Elder Hancock a brother for life die. It was like the most profound anxiety/fear/sadness/excitement/butterfly feeling ever. It was time and he was out and all of a sudden, we're the oldest kids on the block. We got to see him off at the airport but more on that in a bit. The sisters wanted to all go to the Temple and see Sister Blum off, but because of poor timing and me being one of the few missionaries that knows the East Rand like I know my own basement I was assigned to be their escort along with E. Kuseni and the other Bots ZL's so our road trip plans were put on pause, no distribution center or anything and STRESS man. Because we were told to drive them around presidential style, but they are used to Botswana quiet 2 lane roads and donkeys, not Megalopolis 6 lane freeways. man I know now what all those guys in the movies with a president feel like man... non stop sweat. The temple was super enjoyable and I saw brother Jubber again a sweet member from Nelspruit. But now was the real challenge Joburg 6 o clock rush hour traffic, in the dark, to the airport.... yeah man. We popped in the Beethoven's 5th and started rolling. But we got there without much hitch and got to see the dying men from beyond the veil checking through the gates. Which was pretty legit. Wednesday quick ZLC followed by all of our errands crammed into about 20 minutes but if all goes well I'll get my loin cloths, and Zulu chest plate just fine. Then... to the border. Boom Power outage. T. I. B. and 2 hours at the border. After a crazy journey we finally rested at the Broadhurst flat. Or so we thought. mid dinner car alarm goes off. We go outside and its another car in the complex... so back to our meal... no joke like 30 seconds later it goes off again... but keeps going so we go outside. Our car was smash in grabbed and they took our suits! and they didn't even have the courtesy to leave our name tags haha. But best news ever the mission brown suit they totally left it! I still get to wear it the Lord showed a tender mercy there... It cannot and will not ever leave the mission. So after the excitement, we went back and had a sick remainder of the week, lekker teaching, a sweet new father named Duncan, the Benjamin's still tea free, Matusi coming to church, Mosha converting his friends, and the Mabe family doing so good. Kanye is on fire man and if all goes according to plan 12 baptisms before July 8th. going down in a blaze of glory indeed! So one last sweet thing happened, on Sunday in front of everyone at the pulpit Bro. Muchara said and I quote "It's ok to have herbal tea and water when you fast, even the Savior had a sip of water or two during the 40 days.:" Well toss the tie over the shoulder on that one, try explaining that to 20 investigators... haha but gotta love the branch. Someone also called on me 3 times during their testimony to read scriptures out loud. But other than that. Love it. Our Priesthood class is doing awesome and we've spent a lot of time in sections 107, 20, and 84 lately and its like our very own school of the prophets on the doctrines of the kingdom. It is seriously a dream job being here. Well very long winded this week and I'm pretty dang exhausted hallelujah for P-day. Love you all, We're blazing it up here and will continue to do so. Much love, Lerato, and the like from Botswana Elder Robinson

Monday, May 28, 2012

I can see my breath... and its may, Welcome Elders, what do you have for me, The work goes forth, Rodizio‏

It's cold man... It's winter and I gave my coat to Elder Black and my flannel shirts to Elder Dirkmaat. Good thing I'm a man and have grizzly hairy arms! I'll just tough it out for a month though I'll miss the winter come July. But here I am in JOZI CENTRA:!!!!! WOOO!!!! It's good to be back home in South Africa and to see the brothers. But... to the week. So first things first. Confirmation of Brother Kaimba yesterday and it was sweet. He just spoke in Priesthood about how good it feels and how he can't wait to magnificate (magnify) his calling haha. He's so great and we even had Youth Conference. Mosha our investigator called us and said "Man the music, the dancing, the young women, the food, the spirit, the messages, the church! Why couldn't you guys find me earlier?!?!?" So in short Kanye is lekker man. I love this place and am so happy I get to die here. It's very Elder Robinsonesque to die in the wilderness I feel and I'm going down with a bang man. In the worlds of E. Jenkinson, you can die lazy, or you can die crazy. I choose to die crazy. So here's some crazy. We're teaching the head pastor of Southern District Botswana of the 7th Day Adventist Church, and we're melting his face with doctrine. this weeks topic, "intelligences, agency, and the immortality of the soul." We're gonna convert that guy man he's actually really humble. Some updates also, are on brother Benjamin who is coffee and tea free for 2 weeks now. June 17th anyone? the only thing we're worried about is cold water. because like seriously it's cold now. This week on a funny note, we went to an all you can eat meat restaurant called Rodizio and all had so much raw meat that 20 of the 36 missionaries in Botswana had wicked gas. But the Dijo was Monate. Time is kinda short, because we have so much to do, but I'm loving it. Joburg feels so nice and its hard to believe the final tour of duty begins tomorrow. crazy. But anywho, I'm going to not die, but fade away and just set Botswana on fire. So to make people ask questions about "why the heck do you get so much mail you're dying" Now is the time. dearelder is free and its only like 98cents for a regular letter. I'll try to write back haha because I've got many stories to tell. but lets make people ask questions and have lots of confusion eh? Back to the work! Love you all Bafundisi Robinson

Monday, May 21, 2012

Is it transfer time again?

Transfer time again and I'm almost positive I will die in the wilderness of Botswana West. Nevertheless... we will go down for transfers because we have a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. We don't know yet we'll find out on Friday. Yep Mosetlhane, Phenyo, and Brother Kaimba all got baptized it was sweet. at last the drought has passed. I'll probably do a bit of shopping the next two weeks as we'll be in gabs an Jozi. Temple included. Well done BYU, go Heat. Go poo. And so I'm getting a tie but won't be in attendance? I'll try to send some pictures today. and I'll be doin some sweet Zulu singing with officer nasty in about 6 weeks. reunion tour anyone? yeah. Life is good. time goes faster and faster and I'm the oldest man in the mission starting next week Tuesday. crazy, But such is life. We got an eclipse last year and it was sweet. but it was at night. Lunar eclipse not solar.