Monday, May 30, 2011

ZLing, the black mamba, retrospect, killing, baby bear.‏

So everything is sweet in Soweto zone... this month we got 34 baptisms the highest in the mission and everything is just blazing up out here... we have some of the best missionaries in the whole mission and honestly everything is just awesome... in Florida we are currently working with 2 super cool families... the Leopeng family (Kgomutso, Matsie, and Neo) and also Ndlovu's (Mike, Patti, and Nonkululeko) and of course the man the myth the legend George from Tanzania who is just like Nelson which is awesome... The Leopeng family is totally ready for baptism apart from one thing... getting married... they've been living together for 10 years but no rings so its just kinda crazy like honestly just sign the papers its a done deal haha... but yeah everything is looking really good for them and they should be baptized in June... also Mike Nonkululeko and Patti stumbled on the church in a really cool way they bought a book of Mormon at like an open tent yard sale and 3 years later we tract into them... haha just awesome the way things work sometimes.. and also George is just the most humble dude staying out in Durban deep and for sure he'll get baptized soon as well... so Florida, the zone, and mission are on fire and I think we're going to set a new mission record of like 225 baptisms...

This week I also got to go on exchanges with Elder Mamba from Swaziland and we had a lot of fun in Pimville... that night we bore testimony so many times with just some struggling investigators and man it was powerful... that night I kinda went back through my journal and the change from last July to now is just crazy... I don't really know what to say other than if you let the change come, and you work at it, and you don't stop it by being stupid, you achieve more than you can imagine...

So Elder Rodrigues is coming to his final 3 weeks and we just sent Elder Walsh and his parents to the airport today... which is a really weird feeling.. it seems everywhere we go "how long til you leave Rodrigues? 3 weeks... What another dying missionary!?!?! and you Robinson? a year... oh good lots of time left... which honestly I'm thankful for but it is just a weird feeling... like it does not feel like a year has gone... and seeing walsh with his parents was just kinda weird haha... but yeah loads of time left... and no trunkyness here...

BTW I love our zone haha we all live super close so we do a ton together and Elder Moloi just got a letter from a special lady friend that said "I miss you like jelly, you are my baby bear..." oh man I laughed till I almost soiled myself haha... but yeah everything has just been super fun and I'm excited for these next 3 transfers or so... well not much else to talk about but the church is true, God answers prayers, just not always how you expect it, and south Africa is awesome...

Elder Robinson

Monday, May 23, 2011

and the winner is.... Zone Leader.... killing a companion, winter, Kota, all the joys of Gauteng‏

So right about now you may be sitting on your respective chairs/
sofas/ beds/ with your computer screen and trying to find out if your
lucky pick won transfer news... and the winner is... Florida in Soweto
zone! so go pick up those chicken nuggets 5 for a dollar at wendys! So
yebo I'm in Soweto zone which covers Soweto or (South West Township
SO.WE.TO.) which covers about 7 million people and we have 22
missionaries in the zone... boom.

Our zone is pretty dang awesome and I'm back around Elder Kelly the
Aussie, Elder Onsongo My Kenyan brother, Maweje, and Elder Lindsay
from my group plus a whole lot of other awesome missionaries...

My new companion is former AP Elder Rodrigues from San Jose California
and he is dying in 5 weeks so yes... I'm killing a missionary... its
super cool though to be the junior companion again because I have so
much to learn and he honestly is the man perfect mix of Spiritual and
fun and its gonna be a rockin 5 weeks...

After leaving Nelspruit I've also had the distinct privilege of
returning to winter from nearly 80 degree nelspruit to the probably 50
at best Gauteng and man I haven't been warm in 5 days haha... but in
terms of manly news my body is reacting because I have to shave twice
a day now to meet mission standards because of the growth to defend
against the cold... so what up!

I also was able to enjoy some Kota again arriving back in the city of
Gold and man I've missed Gauteng... I've been away for 6 months and
its good to be back in the mix...

So Florida my new area covers the area around the mission office to
roodeport, durban deep, Gautrand, and some other awesome areas... its
a really cool area because we have town and township just like Benoni
which is really nice for the work and we are always super busy which
is even better... We're also finding and teaching a lot of sweet
families and I really think we're gonna get this place cooking...
Elder Walsh who was here has just died and is touring with his parents
and now I'm killing my companion typically this is a place to die but
I guess for now I've got some killing to do first.. haha... but I'm
still learning about a lot of our investigators so I'll get to them
more next week...

But yeah being a ZL is sweet its pretty intense and a lot of work and
I'm always super finished at 10:30 every night but I love it... I love
seeing our zone do work, I love interviewing for baptism, and I
totally dig gauteng and life on mission...

So to sum up everything is sweet. I've got a ton to learn but that's
what mission is all about. But I feel I may finally be on the right
track haha but that's what mission is all about to keep you guessing
and never stop getting better....

Well yebo gogo that's about it... but as crazy as it sounds this
transfer will mark a year... and I can't believe it. Well off to buy
some thick socks and another funky sweater... oh... and food... that's
always nice...

Sala Kahle
ElDeR rObInSoN...
Mzansi fo sho'

Leadership call for Elder Robinson‏

Dear Brother and Sister Robinson,

Your son, Elder Kenyon Robinson, has been called to serve as one of the two Zone Leaders in the Soweto Zone. He was called after prayerful consideration and because of his obedience, his hard work and his teaching and leadership capabilities.

Zone Leaders direct the missionary efforts within their Zone, carry significant responsibility for training and motivating missionaries and serve as role models for all missionaries. They are among the best teachers of the Gospel in the Mission. They communicate and enhance relationships between their Zone and the leadership of the Stake or Stakes covered by their Zone. Their efforts are essential in building the Kingdom of God in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.

I thank you for your role in preparing and guiding such a fine young man. I appreciate the sacrifices you have made to help support him in the mission field.


President David E. Poulsen

South Africa Johannesburg Mission

Monday, May 16, 2011

Last days in Nelspruit, Zone Conference, Goodbyes, Converted Converts, Mbiza family, (Transfer news the game.... with a new twist in the story...) sta

Well lets just begin with saying... yes... I am getting transferred wednesday... Now as you all know it has been 6 months in Nelspruit and that is no surprise I'm leaving... but haha there was a pretty big surprise in that phone call saturday morning... and I quote.... President Poulsen: "Elder Robinson... how is Nelspruit? it was great to see your district at Zone Conference yesterday... well as you know you've been in Nelspruit for quite a while now and have done great things as its District Leader and we're calling to let you know you'll be leaving wednesday..." Elder Robinson: "awesome president it'll be tough to leave but I'm excited for wherever I go...." President Poulsen: " also Elder Robinson we'd like to give you a new assignment as a Zone Leader starting wednesday... you'll meet your new companion and go right to work and I'm sure you'll do a great job..." Elder Robinson: "thanks president (all kinds of thoughts rushing through brain) we'll see you wednesday."

So... yeah haha I'm a zone Leader now after 2 transfers as a District Leader and 10 1/2 months out... crazy... haha there is so... I repeat SO much to work on... but as they say out of the frying pan and into the fire... looks like Nelspruit was refining me for just this...

So as you now my guess this throws a different twist to transfer news... I now am going to one of 10 places in charge of one of 10 zones with my next companion they are...

Bedfordview Zone : Germiston
Joburg Zone: Sandton (fourways)
Benoni Zone: Springs
Bots West Zone: Broadhurst
Bots East Zone: Kanye 1
Pretoria Zone: Pretoria Central
Centurion Zone: Centurion
Roodeport Zone: Krugersdorp
Francistown Botswana Zone: Francistown
Soweto Zone: Florida

So everything is narrowed down quite a bit take your lucky picks now!

So yeah haha there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders now... but that kinda brings me to Zone Conference, my time in Nelspruit, and life in general... Now life is all about choices, decisions, actions,and attitude. and this was the point of zone conference. if you let yourself grow... it will happen... if you choose to work hard, weed out the bad in life, and just do it with positivity... you will always succeed... there will be friction but your drive will be the catalyst... so just like we learn... Be ye therefore perfect even as I.... good luck right? but no we get qualified if we simply work at it and eliminate anything that slows you down... (The refiners fire/ Nelspruit) so yeah haha I'm still fairly young on mission and now I am gonna be over 20 or so missionaries... and honestly that's intimidating crap... but there is a lesson to be learned and so much to grow... so bring it baby!

Also with transfer news always comes goodbyes... which is always tough but brings lots of good pictures... and I will be back someday to the Lowveld...

Cool thing this week also was the Mbiza family... so Bongiwe was baptized last week and we are now teaching her family... they are doing really good but we didn't know how into church her husband was... until yesterday :D... so we're teaching our new investigators/member class and doing introductions... "Hi brothers and sisters I'm Sibusiso... as of now I'm just visiting but I'm planning on joining and becoming a member very soon...." BAM! so Nelspruit branch will be getting a new family soon awesome icing to the cake of leaving Nelspruit...

Well not much else to talk about... but I've loved my time in Nelspruit, but its just time to go... just like Benoni I'll be back someday... and well the adventure continues as you're aware of now... haha

Pulumbo out...

have a sweet week the winners this week of "transfer news" will get a hypothetical hi five and if you go to Wendy's 5 chicken nuggets for a dollar!

Hamba Kahle
Elder Robinson

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bongiwe Khoza, time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, trouble in Burundi, riding the largest land mammal, Mothers day‏

So yesterday I called ya'll and so you've heard a lot of what has happened... but Bongiwe Khoza was baptized yesterday and she bore a powerful testimony afterwards... she basically told her story of meeting us and how one random day on maternity leave these two goofy white americans knocked on her door... and how she didn't take us seriously for about two weeks but we just kept coming... then she finally prayed... and she just closed by saying miracles do happen... and then her family who we taught later that night are all preparing now as well... so that's awesome and that'll be a good legacy for us here the Mbiza family...

also crazy this week marked 10 months gone... weird...

This week we also had our good friend Nelson Pacific Ndikumana from Burundi lose his little boy who he has never seen... Nelson was just baptized and I've already kinda talked about how he's learned english miraculously... and he has had a super tough life and it just got harder... but thursday night was just about one of the most powerful experiences of my life... so we find out his son has died and Nelson is just devastated... so we knelt down and prayed and Nelson just poured out his heart thanking God for all of his blessings rather than all of his there wasn't a dry eye in the room... I love that guy... you really realize what's important in this life man... so powerful.

today we rode elephants... what up... pictures to come... and yeah... I talked a lot yesterday... so... yeah haha talk to ya'll next week

Monday, May 2, 2011

May, Osama is dead I just got 20% more patriotic, final 2 weeks in Nelspruit, glorious triumphs, heart breaking defeats...

Welcome to May 2011 everyone and the approach of summer for you and the approach of winter for me... Southern Hemisphere what up! so yeah... our toasty Lowveld nights are growing chilly and for the first time last night I turned off the fan while I slept... mind explosion I know... awesome news this week from the good old U S of A that Osama is finally dead. and no joke we were talking about that like 2 weeks ago and wondering what was up... so God bless America... the land of the free and home of the brave... go out and buy a big mac this week, watch ESPN, have some apple pie, and wave the flag proudly... also with winter approaching I am leaving Nelspruit soon as was basically confirmed by president, the zone leaders, and every sense I have... so in two weeks time we'll be playing everyones favorite game transfer news! so get your lucky picks ready...

Well this week was pretty dang good... at first... We have really been working on beefing this place up for the next trimester with a lot of people on baptismal date, many new families, investigators, and everything... and we have been actually pretty successful as of late and it looks as though the refiners fire is going to be successful again... Oh and this week it is official... I have knocked every single door in Nelspruit, West Acres, Kamagugu, Steiltes, Stone henge, and sohnhuewel... and for those of you who don't know... which should be just about all of you... that is every door within about 10 miles of the church... which if my stats are correct is about 200,000 people... YAY! but honestly we've seen more success in Nelspruit than about the past 7 years... which honestly is awesome and I'm glad to be a part of it... honestly I was so overwhelmed when I came here with its less than glorious past but... hard work, prayer without ceasing, obedience, and the Lord's help made miracles happen in the branch and lowveld... honestly such a huge character building experience serving here... 2 men can do anything with enough hard work... and one of them is the Lord.... and honestly this is where I feel I've started to become a missionary... not just someone spueing out doctrine...

But with glorious triumphs come some defeats and yesterday we got a huge punch in the man business... We went to teach just about our best investigator Irene who has been coming to church for 2 months, reading every day and has a super strong testimony. so we went to her house and started awesome as normal. great questions, learned a lot at chuch, and the spirit was there... then along came her husband..."elders.... I need to talk with you. I think you guys are great... my kids know you and love you... my wife really likes you guys and you're great... but I can not and will not allow her to get baptized... Like what the F##@% are you doin in my house taking my wife to your church... I won't allow it... you can go..." So we did... we invited him to pray, and left... and that was it...

So before I related missionary work to relationships... sometimes it feels like you like the other person so much more... sometimes you are just like what are we doing here.... and sometimes you get dumped hard core... yesterday that's how it was... tears, headaches, anger, famous last words of "we'll win her back" yep it was all there... sometimes you have huge fetching disapointments but looking back on it our time wasn't wasted and someday she'll get the gospel...

Well on a happier note Bongiwe who is super awesome and will get baptized this coming sunday has been doing missionary work left and right and has an awesome family for us to teach... oh... and her family to teach! yeah baby a family of 5 ready to join the gospel... this is what missionary work is all about... its like the superbowl... so they all came to church this week and I know probably in June the rest of the family will be baptized... I won't be here... but that doesn't really matter because they are the bomb. leaving Nelspruit is gonna be tough... and honestly I never thought I would say that when I got here....

Well yep that was my week Dlamini family is also coming along and our wildcard Lindi is still possible for this month too...

today we're gonna check out God's Window and the Blyde river canyon... I'll send pics next week but definitely check it out and next week riding elephants baby!

Sho Skhokho

Elder Robinson