Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 1 - The MTC

So Saniboni everyone it has been exactly 6 days in the MTC and turns out Pday is on Tuesday... I've officially been named Elder Raging Lion Robinson apparently due to my awesome attitude, life stories, and my love of virtually everything, oh yeah and my stories about the ladies haha... so the first day was so hard and it honestly felt like about a month but its really cool because they say "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" well recently I've lost myself in doing the work and honestly it feels like I've been here about 2 days but its almost been a week. So my district has 10 missionaries, myself, and my comp Elder Alder... He's from Boise and I actually knew him from BYU so that's pretty legit... Next we have Elders Neilsen and Yugawa from Delta Utah and Big Island Hawaii respectively... they are both incredible missionaries and my roommates. Then we have our Distric Leader Elder Williams from Killer Texas which is awesome He reminds me a lot of Braden Syphus like in every way we hope to be companions in Africa sometime... His comp is Elder Crawford from Arizona and the kid is hilarious and cracks us all up so much... (sorry for spelling but I only have 4 minutes so I don't really care) ok so we are all serving in Johannesburg and all will be leaving the 25th of July which is when Leonard is peacing out (love you man) and we'll get there sometime the 27th or 28th haha yeah crazy business. 31 hours minimum travel time so lots of time to spread the gospel and pass along cards haha. so two really cool stories this week... crap I forgot the sisters... Ok, so they are all going to temple square and there names are Sister Smith, Sister Paravato, Sister Maneha, and Sister Wilson, all of them are so strong in the Gospel and part of our awesome district of love and yeah we rock pretty much that's the point... ok so two cool stories. Elder Alder and I rock pretty much and we were tearing through lessons and most Missionaries thought we had been here for weeks but it had only been two days... Then we taught Elder Johnson who acted like a devout Catholic and he grilled us and picked us apart... Looks like we gotta learn to be humble haha but I found comfort in 2nd Nephi 31: 19-20 its about life and missionary work totally read it... Then with this new concern we started fresh and began working on the spirit, scriptures, love, and Charity, then we were asked about teaching with Charity and we got to teach Sister Paravato, we learned all about her and were able to teach to and help her needs... seriously so spiritual. We're here to teach people not lessons. Quote of the Week... Love you all... Elder Raging Lion Robinson!

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