Monday, August 29, 2011

Sondag Augustus 28 2011, en wat gebeur met Elder Raging Leeu en die avonture in Afrika‏

I can't think of too much else to talk about so,It sufficeth me to say... 1. Don't think I'm stressed about home college friends etc. Just during this one hour a week is when I get to think about it all so my brain sometimes overloads. 2. Being a missionary is awesome. When I first began I felt it was all about baptisms, tracting, etc. But now its taking the greater perspective. If I do my best, love the people, the missionaries I'm serving around, and have my heart in the work, I am successful whether or not I have 200 baptisms. From reading Paul's letters and stuff I really see that. He's grown a ton even though he hasn't seen "success". It's kinda the same with me... I'm one of very few missionaries who has spent all my time in town... You look around and see other guys with like 10 baptisms a month,50 in 6 months and stuff like that and its great. But sometimes it eats at you... "Why not me".... But there is a principle I've come to love lately. The work goes forth whether in Europe,Africa,Asia or the Americas and if you do what's right you are successful. Of course conversion rocks and I've had my fair share and will have more, but I think its a great principle of life... "Lift where you stand" "Come what may and love it" "Do what is right, let the consequence follow." This is what I try to do everyday... The reason the time is flying by is because I serve with no regrets, my only regret it how fast time is rushing. But I guess,that's better than to feel I haven't tried my best. I love what I'm doing... I don't wanna leave Florida yet but I'm pretty sure I'm in my final 3 weeks here,so no regrets and the journey continues.

stupid bronchitis, Wedding dates!, our people are on fire, man I love Florida‏

So first off I hate Satan he is a faggot. Just this week our zone had like 10 baptisms fall through due to sickness, one of them being Joyce. yeah so the bronchitis resurfaced so she'll get baptized next month but UGH!!!!

We had a sweet Zone Conference this week and it was my first time teaching at one... we got our assignment monday evening and we were teaching an hour tuesday morning so we didn't have really much time to prepare... But that's when the Spirit takes control. We taught about extending the baptismal commitment the first lesson and man it was power... not to boast but it was a sweet breakout session. Afterwards president and some missionaries thanked us and it was one of those times we just felt we were doing our job right. thanks in no small part to the Spirit.

So Also epic news this week the Leopengs have picked a date for their wedding September 16th! and baptism September 18th! man they have come a long way and want this I think more than anyone I have ever seen. Bruno Tebogo Malu and Brenda are also coming along well. testimonies are blazing, they read every day, they come to church, and every lesson is like doctrinal exposition which I love haha. Friday we talked about sons of perdition, the resurrection of the just and the unjust, and celestial marriage haha they eat it all up and man that is going to be two powerful families. Randall was a bit of a struggle this week. He talked to his previous pastor at a AA meeting and he was like "you don't need to be baptized again" and loaded him up with falsehoods on the Book of Mormon. So we shut him down hardcore and it looks as though everything will go well. Honestly everyone we are teaching is progressing, we're blessed with families, and man I love it here nuff said.

It's been a lot of fun this week just seeing everything come together... we didn't have the best month in terms of baptisms, but it was great in everything else.

So since I have quite a bit of time, I'd like to share about this morning. We were playing some brick ball (Soccer in the road where your goal is a brick) and it was awesome... So a ball gets booted over a fence into someones yard so I jump in there to get it and SURPRISE German shepherd.... Now I'd like to pause here and explain... I have served in town my whole mission... and everyone... I repeat everyone in town has dogs. In Nelspruit I was chased, bitten, and kicked my fair share of dogs. Pre mission dogs were all nice and had no fear.... in South Africa I became aware of dogs and that they could be dangerous. But after Nelspruit I lost all fear haha.... So back to this morning. This guy is all up in my face so I just run at him and do my best Boerbull (a Huge South African dog that I have a testimony of are crazy) impression and growl at this guy and he ran away!!! woohoo!!! Some skills you gain on mission are of the Spiritual or teaching kind... But I can intimidate guard dogs what up!

well yeah all is well in Florida, I love it here and more awesome is yet to come.

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Brother Robinson

Hello, its Elder Rama , I hope you guys are well , its a pleasure to
be able to talk to you, I've learned a little about you from Elder
Robinson, I just want to let you know that your son is amazing and is
doing really well as a missionary, he was in my district and he is a
machine , hard worker and a positive missionary, I respect him a lot
for that , I remember one thing that I will never forget about Elder
Robinson, he was sent to one of the toughest area but he pumped that
area up pretty well , we were amazed when we heard that the area was
doing good , I'm sure you know about that but ya good job in raising
such a powerful young man.
I'm writing to you to just let you know of my big interest in
studying in the United States , I've come to love that place through
all my companions which were from the United States and also it has
the thing that I'm interested in , I thank you in advance for willing
to host me for that , I really appreciate that, but I guess I would
need some orientation since I know nothing about it , the schooling
there and everything which I should do.
For myself , I'm interested in lots of things but the one close to my
heart right now is the " Digital Motion Picture Technology or
something related to sound and video, so I would appreciate if you let
me know of all the options and we'll see how am i going to do it.
I hope to hear from you soon and i wish you a very good week to you
and Sister Robinson,
Thanks a lot Brother Robinson

Elder Rama
PS: you can email me on this as well just in case this account is
closed, I have only 4 weeks left on mission.

From Elder Claude Ramahefari​vo

Suider-Utah, 21 Augustus 2011.Somer nog steeds hier.

Man I miss the Hofbrauhaus and the King Ludwig Pfeffer Steak. Good old heat too that's awesome!
I've noticed how cool mission is in that it prepares you for everything haha study, dating, college, family, cooking, overcoming crap, its just legit. But man its tough haha you gotta have your whole heart and mind in or it sucks.

Bedlam, helping hands day, progress, Berlandina, My accent, and the like‏

So man so much happened this week I can't even wrap my brain around it. It's like its Monday, then we are on exchanges, we're at church, then I'm sitting here again, time is crazy. But here is a few updates on some people we're teaching.

Joyce: Doing awesome. and man is she full of faith, we learned Tuesday her kidneys are failing but she is just like "I trust in God, I can be healed, and nothing will stop me from being baptized." She'll be baptized Sunday.

Leopengs: haven't seen them since Thursday but finances are looking positive, things look good for this month. We had a sweet lesson Thursday and talked about angels. we all shared some miracles that have happened but brother Kgomutso's was the coolest. about 20 years ago he was in Alexandra AKA Sodom and Gomorrah... and was walking late one night. A car pulled up with a white guy driving. This is still apartheid days and tells him to get in. He drops him off at his home. The next day he walks down that road and 3 were murdered on the path he was walking on. He said that night was the night he knew God was there and he said it began the search for the truth that he has now found. man they wanna get baptized just this stupid marriage is holding them back.

Bruno & Tebogo, Malu & Brenda: Miracle of the week here. It is two less active RM families who have been taught for quite some time. We just started over with them. Brenda and Tebogo are both non members who now want to be baptized like no ones business and both families talked to Bishop Sunday about getting married. Miracles never stop in missionary work.

On that note we had a ZLC meeting and Elder Ramos our AP just said something that stood out. "Miracles happen if you work and have faith. We are in the business of miracles." I think the reason I love missionary work so much is not because I love knocking doors, because I don't, its not waking up at 6 everyday and working yourself silly, But it is being the smallest part of bringing the gospel and its richest blessings to people thirsting for it. It is super tough, I've never worked so hard, some days you just wanna sleep or lay down and die haha but when you flash back on a week, or a month, or the big picture man its worth it. No regrets, enjoy to the end, that is my policy.

Saturday was Mormon helping hands day and we fixed up a homeless shelter. It was amazing to see people cry over a washing machine and freshly painted walls. all the little kids were blown away by the top loader washing machine. man sometimes we take things for granted and we should never do that. service is bomb. can't believe this was my last all Africa Helping Hands Day. Man I hate the calender. haha.

So my accent is getting pretty crazy everyone thinks I'm from England now and we're getting a lot of new American missionaries around here and I know that that is how I used to talk and it makes me laugh haha I don't know what happened. I'm excited to bring my south Africanisms to America like Sharping People, Is It, obvious, and Pigeon English as some call it. Haha man just you wait. Plus papa and chakalaka fasten your seatbelts.

But I guess to sum up this week you gotta have your heart in whatever you're doing if you don't you just float on through and don't realize how dope life could be. this is something I need to work on as well. It's been such a crazy week my brain hasn't had time to think or slow down. this is why I love P-days. eyawe everyone.

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sondag 14 Augustus, is wat Elder woeste leeu tot hierdie week

my new companion is Elder Ndlovu (NNN dl o voo) and his last name means elephant haha so brother elephant. He's from Stanger in Kwazulunatal at the southern end of the country just outside of Durban. It's funny because he was in our zone and just moved up the road from Witpoortjie to Florida. So I already know him and things are sweet. I'm still in Soweto but I can say with about 95% confidence I'll be leaving after this transfer because he dies in 2 and I probably will not stay 7 and a half here or kill three times in a row
Yeah we sat together and discussed about Nelspruit, mission, danger zone, and other fun topics. speaking of Elder Williams yeah if I decide to go back to BYU we're planning on getting a hustler pad put together. For sure we'll be around each other U of U or BYU though. It all really just depends on what I want to do where I go haha its a really tough decision. most of my pre mission buds are going to the U and most of my mission buds and Nick are going to the Y... haha my heart is at Utah for sports but UGH I don't know. But Elder Williams is mah boy and definitely go visit mama Williams haha.
Also brother Van Rooyen who we are staying with wanted to know if Deseret Book had any Work and the Glory DVD's or books that are new. He's a big time collector but they can't get everything in South Africa.

Anywho yeah speaking of scouts there is a Boy Scouts of South Africa Gilwell in our area. So I'm going to do some research and see if I can find you guys any nick nacks. speaking of nick nacks did the package come?

11 months is crazy haha I honestly am getting worried time is rushing to fast. especially since this is probably my last transfer here.

Sister Maneha heck yeah haha I'm going to write all the temple square sisters today and send some pictures. I think I'll finally catch up on everything this week.

Finally, The Big 5 enters Florida, the Spirit, the fast, promised blessings‏

Where to begin... It's been a pretty intense week here in Afrika. Tuesday was transfer meeting and those are always sweet to hear the dying
testimonies and see everyone again. My new companion is Elder Ndlovu from Stanger in Durban and its funny because he was already in our zone. So his son, his investigators, and his old area are just 10 K's up the road and we'll be doing exchanges with them. He's a cool kid and has loads of energy I'm sure will do a lot of great things together. Coincidence of the century happened at the transfer meeting though.

So I rewind to November 2009 I'm at BYU playing in an ultimate frisbee intramural game and for the first time ever I meet another Kenyon... yeah... turns out we were guarding each other and on one throw they called both of our names and we paused and it was awkward it was the first time it had happened to either of us... So I fast forward to tuesday.. we just got an Elder Foster from the Madagascar mission who was transfered here and I'm helping him move his bags and I notice his name is kenyon. we pause and it was like... did you play frisbee? yeah so the exact same kid 18 months later in Africa, I'm his zone leader now... crazy haha.

This week was sweet in that we found 8 new investigators and all of them are families. and everyone is excited and understands. But I think the sweetest was with the Leopengs and Malu and Brenda and Bruno and Tebogo. So we met with the Leopengs and they opened up a lot and really don't care about anything other than getting married and baptized. I felt prompted we should fast with them and so we did... We all just felt like everything was finally gonna work out and they should be baptized and married next month.

Now Bruno and Tebogo and Malu and Brenda are two Less active part member families. Bruno and Malu are both RM's and we've been working with them all for quite a while with no real progress. But this week everything just came together they had a break down on wednesday and we just happened to pop by. We talked and asked them all to think about what they want to see happen in their future. Yesterday we went back and had a powerful lesson I think they'll be two families brought together and converted back to the gospel everything just seemed to go right.

This week I learned the power of qualifying for, searching for, and then using the Spirit in the work. Especially in what to teach and promising blessings of following. We saw miracles every day this last week and that is the source. Missionary work is awesome nuff said...

Anyway yeah that's about it... enjoy the week up and coming and more awesome is to come.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost in Soweto, the prayer, "missionaries that threaten our families" and other testimonies, Da Silvas, Roofies, 3 more to an ace‏

So needless to say it was a pretty legendary week here in South Africa... an awesome new family was found Bhukis and Jandine... We taught them for the first time Tuesday and put them on baptismal date the first lesson... Bhukis was like "I am ready any time..." He's from the DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo) and basically they are the most humble people alive... His wife Jandine is a colored from South Africa and seemed a bit skeptical but very sincere... So we returned Thursday and it was just her... but she was just like I feel so good when you come... I feel like I just wanna understand the Spirit and quit smoking... no word of wisdom or anything :D.... Then Sunday she came to church and got fellow shipped like no ones business... I have no doubt they will be baptized... they are prepared with a capital P.

Everyone else is doing pretty sweet. Jason was confirmed which honestly is one of my favorite parts of missionary work... I felt impressed to say he would serve a mission... haha he's pretty nervous but I'm sure he will he just has that fire... We did however have a bit of a struggle this week with Randall... so because the Da Silva family was moving he didn't have a ride to church so he went to a bar instead... yeah... I know... and someone slipped roofies (the date-rape) drug in his drink and he went kinda crazy... He got robbed, lost his phone, and showed up at our apartment at 6 this morning... haha so yeah we ran him home and we'll see what happens tonight... He keeps saying he's looking for something but he doesn't know what... obviously its the gospel but he's so busy with work he doesn't have much time to discover that... concern of the week right there.

Also with the Da Silvas we had an interesting lesson... It seems sister Da Silva has lost her testimony so we had a long hard chat and it simply came back to the basics of praying without Bias or doubt. we'll see what happened tonight.

So I also had a cool experience is Soweto with Elder Zuma... We went tracting and prayed to find 1. a family and 2. someone who would accept what we taught... first door... family... they were slaughtering some chickens for the weekend feast but they'll see them tomorrow... 2nd house. 7th day Adventist... We teach lesson one (the restoration) and we invite him to pray... it was a powerful lesson and he got it and he said " I don't even need to pray... I know this is the true church..." yep the Lord answers prayers haha. On the way back we got lost at a wrong turn and wandered around for about 45 minutes before the main road appeared again but it was a nice tour...

Yesterday has to have been the funniest testimony meeting of my mission... I'll share a few quotes... Brother Mboweni "These missionaries come into our homes and threaten our families, and our children, even our very lives." He meant to say strengthen instead of threaten... but hilarious anyway.... young man "once upon a time a car broke down in the desert. one took the cup holder so he could carry his drink as they went for help. one carried a seat so he could sit down when he was tired. one brought the door so he could roll down the window when it was hot... I know this church is true... amen." yeah haha I have no idea what that had to do with anything... but someone related pokemon to the gospel and it made absolutely no sense... but an awesome meeting.

Well time is running short with Elder Tungela and I being together and he dies tomorrow so I'll get another companion...I think I'll train a zone leader but honestly I have no idea. But whatever happens Florida is doin awesome and we're gonna have success...

Well that's about it for this week I'm off to mini golf and some Kota... yum...

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jason, MOVING, speaking in sacrament, stellar august.

So this week was honestly one of the most insane weeks of my mission but we honestly didn't have anything that spectacular happen other than the baptism...

Jason was baptized yesterday and it was powerful... he's come such a long way and he's an incredible example of going forward with faith and eventually figuring everything out... He accepted everything we taught and just went for it... He's an awesome friend and he'll be an awesome missionary some day... I'll confirm him Sunday.

So the big project of this week was helping the Benjamin's a recent convert family move. now in the past I think I've said that missionaries are just expected to be experts in everything. so Wednesday- Saturday for almost all of our morning and early afternoons we painted an entire house, garage, gate, re-tiled, put cabinets in, put dressers in, moved in moved out and did full time missionary work. honestly I'm still exhausted.

Also we were given a speaking assignment in church and so because we were constantly working we had no time to prepare until Saturday night. plus put together a baptismal program plus transport 2 districts around because of car troubles, plus handle our appointments. So needless to say we were run ragged. But all is well... its finished now and we're all ready for a new week.

Speaking of a new week its August now... what the heck... but we're looking really good for this month and we have 7 potential baptisms up and coming... keep your fingers crossed.

So yeah kind of an uneventful week but a good week nonetheless... thanks for all the letters everyone they are awesome... I'll write back soon just with killing missionaries and leaving Nelspruit I've had very little time... but be patient I'll get there ha ha.

Have a good week.