Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer day, meltdown avoided, baptisms?, ZLC, temple yet again, dang it just get married.‏

Well happy pioneer day everyone and happy fireworking, bbqing, and all of that other fun stuff. This week in our missionary testimony meeting Elder and Sister Watts were saying goodbye and they spoke about how 100 years from now their will be people thanking us for the sacrifice we made and for their ancestors being pioneers to the gospel in their families. It was powerful stuff. It kinda came back to how you never know how successful you were as a missionary until you see how it changes you and if your converts stay converted. so we just need to do the right things.

The zone meltdown is taken care of and everyone just agreed it was stupid to fight and well yeah haha we didn't have to do much they just all needed to talk and really realize why they are here.

So updates on our investigators... we'll get two baptisms this sunday.

Sister Joyce John: she is awesome I felt she didn't quite comprehend the restoration and what it meant so we went back to the basics and she realized everything and found an overwhelming peace about being baptized. before it just seemed like excuse after excuse. but now all is well. she's on fire.

Jason McKenzie had been probably the investigator I've seen the biggest change in. It all began with teaching him and him virtually understanding nothing. as we began to talk more about the book of mormon and living the commandments he just went for it. and there always seemed to be something holding him back. a fear of messing up. But after testimony after testimony and powerful lesson. we went yesterday and he said I'm going for it sunday. I need to be baptized. now his only fear is giving a talk in church haha.

I guess my sweetest experience this week was all kinda in connection with the meetings we had at ZLC.

we talked about how as missionaries we are an extension of the quorum of the 12 apostles. that night I was kinda flipping through some notes I had taken in the past and came accrossed my notes from Elder Holland.

"If you want your investigators to pray more sincerely, you need to pray more sincerely."
"Never forget PMG was created to convert you"

As I read this I thought kinda back on Jason and how we asked him to do a lot this last week so I did everything we asked him to do. I prayed about the BOM, I went to church and took notes, I prayed about Christ, and well... its true.

Jason figured it out and everything worked out. Elder Holland = the man

So Elder Bricknell of the 70 spoke in sacrament meeting and he talked about how he used to emmulate his grandfather and do everything that he did. he then related it to how we should love the savior and emmulate the savior like we emmualate a hero of ours. it was powerful and I guess that's all you need to do. do what is right and see the blessings that come.

But we are struggling with getting two families married. one especially.

We took the Leopeng family to the temple saturday but there had been a huge disagreement between the two of them and of course there was always the concern of keeping the traditions of culture alive in their marriage so things are quite heated. so Matsie and Neo came to the temple and Kgomutso stayed in the car. She opened up a lot about things and just wants to please God and work things out. But everything seems to be going wrong. We've studied and planned for them tuesday and we're kinda planning on like a sitdown and just putting everything on the table and we hope it doesn't go all terribly wrong. But yeah haha we need a miracle to work all this out.

So the work continues haha. Some things go great. others... not so great. But we stay positive, obedient, and work hard and things always work out.

But in other news we have a ton of cleaning to do today haha. the problem with killing missionaries is there are so many more important things to do than clean before they die. and since florida is a dying area I have reason to believe the flat hasn't been cleaned other than dishes and sweeping and counters in around 6 months haha. but that'll change today haha.

Everything is kinda weird right now I'm not gonna lie. Like things are going sweet in our area but the zone hasn't been doing the hottest. things are gonna be a ton better this month but its weird being a zone leader like you're a missionary just like everyone else but its different haha I feel a little distatched from our area. I don't know what it is. But I love our investigators and we're seeing a lot of success. maybe its just because I haven't tracted in like 8 weeks haha.

Well yeah that's what's happening...

Oh wait funny story we were at this guys birthday party because they invited us for food and this lady was drunk and like kept saying how her horoscope said we were compatible haha... yeah life of a missionary is awesome

well sala kahle mina butis.

Elder Robinson

Monday, July 18, 2011

CONTENTION!, Temple round 2, dishes, Randall, other sweet business.‏

So its been a pretty good week we've made some real progress with investigators but we are still struggling with some.

Nkululeko seems to have lost his fire since he went to Zim so hopefully with our lesson Tuesday things can get better just he's kinda floating on through missing church and lessons like its no big deal. Also Jason is still struggling a bit understanding and feeling his answer to prayer. And we had a bit of a zone meltdown due to some disobedience.So it has been quite the week for us solving concerns and running everywhere. Sometimes just stupid things are done by missionaries. Not too bad but just stuff you shouldn't do as missionaries. And well that's probably the cause of 90% of problems. But we're working it out.

We got to go back to the Temple which was sweet even though there has been a gasoline strike the last 10 days. Workers demand more money, hijack tanker trucks fight workers and a lot of the country goes on standstill. Its a lot like last year after the world cup when everyone wanted all of the surplus money to go to them and the hospitals went on strike and the police and buildings were burned down. Even the electrical bills have gone up like 27%,and so government houses are being burned by the people... its pretty crazy. Sometimes people are just too greedy.

But anyway... we have had some sweet contacts this week and... hold your breath... I have finally contacted the elusive dreadlock lead family... Now... this key indicator has some history... we always thought it would be sweet to baptize someone with dreads... but even more so if they were part of a family... and now... we contacted one... and they are awesome... they just moved from Germiston and "are looking for a church" yes!

Also awesome is Randall. He's been coming to church for 3 weeks now and is a member referral. He's had a pretty crazy life but man he is so humble and so prepared for the gospel we're making awesome progress and he's seeing his life turn around.

Things are good we've just had a few hiccups as of late in the work. But its a bright sunny P-day and that always helps fire you up for the week.

Well yeah. that's about it. I've started my second year journal and everything is sweet and more awesome news to come.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a man... get circumcized!, The Spirit in the work, Desire, Temple sealing, Sister Joyce, and much much more.‏

Well hello everyone. Sorry this email is so late but I have hard core food poisoning. yeah so funny story... yesterday we had a lunch appointment and we had a chicken casserole. I've been told never to eat cold chicken... but I was SO hungry... so I ate, and had dessert and had leftovers for dinner... this morning at approximately 4:17:37 AM I was awakened by a growling from regions beyond. sprinting into the cold hallowed ground and kicked the door. as I began to shout well I boked like no ones business. after 13 trips to the bathroom and 10 minutes of singing to the trash can all is well... or so I hope...

anywho in other news how awesome is being a missionary? Legendary. This week we were able to see all of our zone in many different ways... first off 63 piece chicken salute to the good old U S of A and indoor soccer. We then went on exchanges with Soweto and Dobsonville and finally were able to work with them they are awesome missionaries and are blazing it up...

In other exciting news Soweto is being stricken with huge billboards that say "Be a Man Get Circumcized." awesome pictures to come. We had a lot of fun interviewing this week for baptism in Pimville and honestly there is nothing cooler than seeing someone change and prepare to make covenants. Speaking of covenants Bam! I went to the Temple this week and saw the Weitz family get sealed. probably just about the coolest experience of my mission. I still remember my last day in Nelspruit Reuben just said "Cigarettes are not worth my family" I'm going to the temple and no more smoking. and He never looked back. This teaches us the power of a desire. If you really want to change and put your mind to it and include the Lord... there is NOTHING you can't achieve. Miracles happen everyday if faith is sufficient. pray, fast, and fight and they will come I don't hesitate to assure you. Check out Moroni 7: 26-27 and 35-37 my favorite scriptures as of late. We cannot change the Lord's will but he does answer us.

So this brings me again to another miracle. Sister Joyce who has been pushing back baptism because she wants to be perfect finally changed. Let me tell you how. The Spirit. No other way. We began the lesson and we bore testimony of the power of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. we talked about how life is all about what you become rather than what you do and well needless to say the Lord took care of the rest. Miracle! here we come July 31... Also George, Jason, Nkululeko, and Patty are preparing for that day. But we need 1. work off, 2. a little more change and an answer. 3. a marriage. respectively. But I know something good is about to come and well never forget what is possible with a little PDF (Prayer, Dillegence, Faith)

To sum up... the gospel is true. its over a year now since disembarking on the greatest two years and honestly I'm getting a little nervous of just how fast time is going. But I'm sure this year will be even more legendary than the last. stay tuned.

Oh and btw Soweto zones destroyed the Soweto basketball league today... go AMERICA!!!!

have a dank week!

Pictures below Johannesburg Temple,Weitsz family sealing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crazy dreams, SOEAST!, Pres. Omer, Serve the Zone the Lord will bless‏

So man so much has happened this week I don't know where to begin. lets start with our zone. So we are working on bringing Soweto East from Obscurity into triumph and so we've been setting up book of Mormon stands. Basically its a huge poster and a table full of pamphlets, pass-along's, DVD's, BOM's, and Liahonas and other flashy things... and we contact in the middle of Soweto craziness.. like imagine 5000 people or so passing by and all sorts of crazy things. and it is hugely successful. this month for our 12 missionaries we're looking at around 35 baptisms so we're blazing which is great to see.

Day to day things of missionary work are just awesome its some of those things that just you can't describe until you live it... but I'll try.

George our bro from Tanzania is gonna be baptized on the 24th this week we were teaching about the Law of Chastity and it was so funny to hear him say how hard he's trying to marry his girlfriend but how Labolla (paying for your wife Jonny Lingo style) is stopping him. but his Boss is a pastor in a local church and tried to bash us. its always so funny "I can prove to you in the Bible you're wrong!" Ok... do it... then he laughs and pulls out ye cannot serve God and Mammon... somehow thinking that means Mormon and then said if we keep trying to convert George he'll do the same. Well... for one I its awesome how a 50 year old tries to fight some 20 year old's haha but George showed who one... "This guy is crazy. Kitabu Chimormoni (the book of Mormon in Swahili) is word of God. his church is just money money..." score one Elders score none Pastor van Der Wan.

Also Jason is just awesome... to see someone go from basically no understanding to teaching us is nothing short of a miracle...

So something I've learned is when we serve others the Lord hooks us up so much... as we've been working in our missionaries areas and finding for them He has just been throwing people at us... just this week we found 2 less active RM's who have been preparing their wife/ fiancee for the gospel and we just happen to come at the right place at the right time. and also Pilisile is a members daughter who simply came to church and was like I need to be baptized. Miracles are no joke happening everyday and its such a testimony booster.

Well this week marks one year gone. and the birthday of the greatest country in the world.
So... Go blow things up, shoot guns, BBQ, shoot fire works, play your patriotic music loud, and go wave the flag around because its awesome.

The church is true never forget it/ learn it. today is 4th of July KFC feast and volleyball. so that'll be fun.

Last night I had a crazy dream I was 18 again meeting with Bishop and I had some repenting to do before I could go on mission... he gave me a list of things to work on... In my dream I was super upset so I just went out and read through it... then it came to now and I was like... these things are stupid there is no reason to blow that off or to waste that or whatever else. because before mission honestly I was a joker when it came to a lot of spiritual things... and as I thought that and was disappointed that I had wasted so much time... they faded off the list. then I woke up. crazy dream but repentance is powerful... sometimes its not things we've done wrong but what we could have done better. Let yourself change and you'll see the power.

well enough soap box... I'm doing a lot of this lately....

God Bless America
happy 4th

Elder Robinson