Monday, April 30, 2012

This week in Botswana, the Lord requireth a willing heart, man I wish I knew this when I was younger, the miracles.‏

Man what a week here in Kanye! SO good. After an absolutely insane Monday running back and forth through the border, we finally got to go to work. Winter hit hard Tuesday and there was frost everywhere, but we met some great people. We met a family called the Ntsima family. Sister Ntsima met missionaries in Namibia about 10 years ago, was taught by a bishop in SA and has now met 3 sets of missionaries in Botswana. She told us she was afraid of the Book of Mormon, but we spoke about the restoration and how God keeps sending this church to her and it softened her heart. She had a TON of concerns, but the funny thing is you can't find the truth, every scripture, every point against us we turned it back. Also on Tuesday we had a sweet lesson with Mosetlhane about the Law of Chastity. We taught him with his 13 year old daughter and he offered to give us a ride back after after some few minutes of small talk, we got this quote of the century " You know Elders, I like this Law of Chastity, I just wish I had known it when I was younger.I would have been a rich man haha! You see, if you were a ladies man like me, that's all you care about. But after having kids, settling down and getting married there is nothing like being a family man". Bro. Mosetlhane is awesome and definitely has been prepared for us. In fact, everyone we're teaching now, just seems to be so sincerely looking for the truth. We had to work, and sweat, and tract, but we found them. This week in my study of the Doctrine and Covenants I came across "He requireth sacrifice and tithes his people.... The Lord requireth the willing heart, and a willing mind... and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days." I don't know exactly what God wants me to learn knocking on doors from 10AM until 9PM for months at a time, and only meeting a few he has prepared, but I give this as a partial answer. It has been an undeniable testimony to me of doing what's right, even if you don't see immediate or massive results. The truth is, if your heart is right, and you just go to it... that's all he asks. I think that's probably some good advice for just about anyone, but especially as the future holds, college, marriage, and fatherhood, I don't think he could teach me anything more essential. The day to day fun and enjoyment I find in just missionary work would never be possible if I didn't go to work and keep a good attitude. Its a lesson I feel I've learned again and again in my months as a missionary, but it came especially strong this week. I've been studying a lot lately about sacrifice, and sometimes I feel a bit like Abraham asked to sacrifice something he loves so much. I'm not ready to be done, but the time of my dream of being a missionary in Africa is drawing to a close. It was a bit of a sacrifice, but now I can't imagine my life without it. But, just like the scripture says, the Lord will provide. I don't know in what way, or with exactly what, but whatever it is I'm gonna go forward with my heart, might, mind and strength... and that's all he asks. We also have been really enjoying light saber fights in the flat and I'm beating everyone down with authority, the pop tarts are nice happy birthday indeed, and I couldn't be happier. Kanye is legendary and we'll see 5+ baptisms this month more details to come on those, but for now I'll close. The work is Monate (tasty) and I'll talk to y'all next week Monday. Elder Robinson

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So waar in Suid-Afrika is die woeste leeu Robinson?Is hy nog steeds by Die wonder grot of in Kanye?‏

Monday 6 AM we embark on the most legendary road trip to Joburg ever fathomed by SAJM missionaries ever. The participants E. McNally, E. Zondi, E. Littlefield and yours truly. We embarked from Gaborone to the Pioneer Border with delicious phaphata and 24 440ml cokes for the 4 of us. we down 3 each before reaching the border just 30 minutes away. Turns out half of us were illegal so after swooning the customs agents we made it through and I have 42 days and counting til illegal immigrant Elder Robinson. After 5 minutes we made and emergency pee stop and met the caravan in Zeerust. We rolled down the R509 which is like driving on the surface of the moon it has so many potholes. After the caravan loosing 2 tires (Elder Brey former companion) we made it to Joburg. We went to the Meat n' Eat for dinner and all enjoyed Eisbein which is like half the leg of a pig and went to sleep getting to the mission home around 9:30. Tuesday transfer day which means seeing all the old crew. Always super nice and many happy reunions were made and many trunky sarcastic comments made by the younger missionaries... its getting crazy We're the oldest 2 groups now. E. Littlefield gave his dying advice and his flight didn't leave until 9 so we went to play with white tigers and got some nice cuts. We dropped him off and I got my new companion E. Kuseni from Zambia he's awesome and we're having loads of fun. He calls cockroaches Chris Brown's and we teach so well together the fire really will keep going in Kanye. The next two days Wednesday and Thursday we spent driving back to Kanye and got back around 7 on Thursday. Your typical work commenced until Sunday when we got the phone call that E. Zuma was being deported. They deleted his 90 additional days. So back to the border yesterday where we brought E. Dirkmaat across and they questioned me for going back and forth so many times creating ridiculous border issues. and I hit 40 days and 40 nights left on Thursday in Botswana. So things are gnarly plus we're organizing home teaching. I'm the senior missionary in the area now in terms of time here and time on mission and so I have to show 3 missionaries the area. But its all good, all part of the job and its exciting. Everyone is doing great. Mosetlhane and his daughter received their answers and are 100% committed to May 20th. Richard and Lesedi made it to church again and are looking good, and the arguments have ceased, we have two powerful young men Joseph and Mosha who are so prepared its not even funny. On Sunday the pastors at the other church next door were questioning them and they bore sweet testimony. Bakang, Tony, Matusi, Oabona, and so many others are doing so great. Honestly I couldn't be happier with the area, my companion, and everything that is happening in Kanye. It is going to be a legend of a transfer and the branch is really beginning to grow. If all goes well we could be a ward by the end of the year and Botswana could have its own stake SO soon. General Authority??? But I love it, all is well in the life of E. Robinson and I enjoyed my birthday cake and having a sweet road trip to commemorate it. Much love to the Cedar City crew for the birthday cards I've got something sweet coming your way and everything is lekker. Much love, Elder Robinson. Elder Kuseni (Koo Sen ee) from Lusaka Zambia. The one and only Zambian in the mission and its awesome haha I think I'll be alright. If anything I might run out of toothpaste like June 25th or so and I can subsist on the superglue taste South African toothpaste until the 10th. Um I need to consult our diamond expert Mr. E. Williams. My plan was to find out the details the next time I see him (in 5 weeks) or you could open a correspondence via him through his mama. Then once we know the details... my last 2 weeks or so or that last Monday I'll buy and keep them on me. But yeah probably find out through him.. the guy is in their ward in Centurion if I'm not mistaken Ha they thought we were smuggling contraband through our packages from home and the church boxes so they knifed them all open. but all is well. E. Zuma had his 80 days revoked though hence the late email. he was deported yesterday Sorry about the funeral and everything but it sounds like she went out like she wanted to. She was a super cool and strong lady so that's a good thing. Apologies for the lack of emails and lateness lately... but things are crazy... let that suffice for now haha. Excited to fly to London with the whole crew. That'll be a crazy thing to split from everyone though... crazy its just about 2 months away. I don't have tons of time today. because the system is super shaky and they are doing repairs on the network. but I'll do my best to fill you in on everything here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is Lent man, Easter, mission walking day, just do it, these ones are not serious‏

Super good week here in the land of Kanye. The Kaimba family was a huge success this week. They've been dwindling for sure lately, so we just decided to paste them with action packed 15 minute lessons. So Boom WOW, LOC, Follow the Prophet, and Prayer. They ask so many great questions, Kabo is going to come to church, and they finally accepted a baptismal date. All of them. Now we just need to really work with Kabo. He's 20 and super active in his church. We've one brother Steven the father and he reads the Book of Mormon like crazy. The mom is coming, and we've won the heart of their 8 year old daughter and she even started bringing her friends to church. Kabo is reading, but I don't think he wants us to be right, because he loves his church.

In other news the Mosethlane family is awesome. His wife is down from Maun in Northern Bots and she just loves us man, she's so happy her husband is changing. We taught the Gospel last night and man it was powerful it closed with him saying " I just can't believe you guys volunteer, but this church is something else, I really hope my wife can join me. Too bad that these ones (pointing to his kids) are not serious." man we laughed haha and its because they just whisper and giggle the whole time we're there. But he's powerful and hasn't missed church in 5 weeks. He takes notes all lesson and Sunday and is so pumped for conference.

On a sad note, Bro. Benjamin picked up cigarettes again so baptism has been pushed back to the 29th. Lets keep the fingers crossed there. But his wife Lesedi is so powerful and even paid tithing this week.

So... Things are stellar, as they always are and we did a lot of great finding this week, because it was mission walk day. We met a 20 year old kid named Joseph who after teaching the restoration called his father who speaks no English and taught him the whole lesson. They then asked what should we do? So we put them on date. Elder Littlefield was about to say "Don't take our word for it you can pray about it" but before he even got there they were like "No we have to believe. this is it". So day to day miracles go down here and this is the principle. If you keep a good attitude and simply work it. There is no way you can be dissatisfied with yourself or your work. You will accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Or to be slightly more scriptural, "The Lord requireth a willing heart, and a willing mind, and the obedient shall eat the good of Zion." I have really learned this big time lately. Just go to work. That's it... don't complain, don't slack, just do it. The lessons I've learned on my mission I wouldn't trade the world for seriously and I've still got 3 months left to learn (gulp).

So anyway, I turn 21 this week and we have a stellar Joburg road trip planned for next week. First a car full of delicious phaphata and cool drink. Border crossing!, Then we will get to Krugersdorp. First wrestle with tiger cubs, second, go to carnivore an all you can eat buffet with zebra, crocodile, springbok, hippo, and elephant meat, temple session, and traditional market. Transfers Tuesday, new companion, temple session because we're travelers, night in the mission home with the tradition of meat and eat restaurant for Botswana missionaries. Then ZLC the next day, travel day, sleep in Gabs, back to Kanye Thursday. It's gonna be legend.

So I get to have a legend of a birthday and still be perfectly obedient. Thank you Botswana border trip! Lent was good the prank lasted 3 days until the other guys found out and we all had a good laugh followed by a sweet Friday passover feast.

Well, back to work. We've got a 3 o'clock with two pastors and a staunch 7th day, so we're about ready to rumble haha and a good week ahead of us.

Well, have a great week, the next time you speak to me I'll be legal to buy handguns (God Bless America).

Elder Robinson

Monday, April 2, 2012

Interviews, Mosethlane, the power of testimony, Molepolole, Lent

Super great week. I apologize ahead of time if there are grammatical errors I've been up since 4 this morning. The people next door were slaughtering chickens in for some reason and the Palm Sunday celebrations went late into the night. But I'm feeling great because it was an awesome week.

The Benjamin family is doing great. Richard and Lesedi are progressing nicely and have been reading every day. He told us he loves fast Sunday because he can take a big gob of Sacrament bread and it helps him to make it through. I love that family. Their little girl Bothle is about 2 and I finally get her to give me a hi five. In Tswana you say "tsa" and that means take. So now when she sees us she says tsa and hi fives us. They will be baptized for sure on April 15th.

We were with Elder Maybee for 3 days this week because Elder Zuma went to SA to get his drivers license. So it was kinda fun because E. Littlefield and I have a really good teaching system going and he was confused a lot and fell asleep one lesson haha. But Elder Zuma made it back Wednesday after President interviews and brought SASKO brown. I love that Zulu haha we had delicious toast for the first time in weeks. Botswana bread tastes like baked playdough... don't ask how I know how that tastes but I was an exciting 5 year old.

President interviews were really nice. He knows me well, we sat down "how's your physical health?" good. "How's your spiritual health?" good. "Alright, lets get to business." We spoke a lot about accountability and serving with no regrets. I think that's why I love my mission so much, we had a good talk and I was able to say, that I had no regrets, that I continually gave my best, and honestly there is nothing better to say. Matthew 16 has a scripture which reads, "He that loseth his life shall find it, he that keepeth his life shall lose it" I think that is probably one of the biggest lessons I've learned. I can't even tell you how much I have seen myself change. Lately I've been doing a lot of "one year ago today's" in my journal. I love my mission... every day. You've gotta go if you haven't seriously. The way things are going now, I still have the fire I did when I was young, and its because I just love it. Every day is part of the best two years, and the Lord is seriously hooking us up right now. Great people, and day to day miracles. I honestly couldn't ask for more. I just am blown away by how the time has gone.

This week we had one great lesson with a guy called Tirro. He completely accepts the book of Mormon but disagrees that only our church should use it. So we spoke, and explained. Eventually it just boiled down to testimony. he said "I can never leave my church" So bam E. Robinson and E. Littlefield on stage. After 21 months you get a pretty dang good testimony of what you teach and as we sat there under the acacia tree I just felt like I was giving him advice from all my soul. E. Littlefield as well. He paused, countenance completely changed and just said. "It's going to take some time to divorce my church, but In the future I'll be a member" Pres. Poulsen counseled us to write down experiences where you feel the Spirit. That was a big time confirmation. The truth is, there is nothing like this no matter how hard you look. If you don't know that, there is only one way to learn. Live it, love it, and then pray about it.

Brother Mosethlane is also doing just great his wife got her promotion, he is so stoked for his baptism, and he wants us to come teach at the prison to the 160 prisoners. So we're working on permission. All in all everything is sweet.

Well, in commemoration of Easter we decided to have a passover feast with unleavened ciapatis and phaphata and lamb mutton "don't forget to leave a place for elijah!" Yeah we decided to speak in scriptural phrases all week long in the flat and can drink only fanta grape this week. and we even found dreydels. Can you say legendary week? We also set up a kind of April fools joke where we are having "lent" and giving up warm showers. But the only one who doesn't know is E. Maybee. Because he said we could never get him with an April fools joke. Well... we'll see on Friday. :D

Anywho... it's been a great week and I'm looking forward to this one. All you lucky ones who got to see conference I'm super jealous we'll probably see it in 3 weeks. ugh It's like waiting for Christmas.

Elder Robinson