Monday, February 27, 2012

Would ye not behold quickly?, I just wanna change, joyous reunion, transfer news?

Hello again my esteemed friends, Here is a dancing Lobster.

A great week in the land of Hammyskraal, and man we found some sweet freaking people. We started tracting a new area called Wrenstown and found a guy named Koti there. He has been to like 7 churches throughout his life and is so sick of them treating the people like customers. He told us about his wife and how he wants a united family and so :D we talked about the temple. He really like that and there is a guy staying with him from Essex in the UK and so Elder Black taught his first white person. He had a lot of questions about what the church is doing politically to solve the problems the world is facing. So we spoke about agency, the plan of salvation, accountability, etc. and all of a sudden he was like "Koti this sounds like a true church, when can you come again." He, Carl, is kinda agnostic because of the history of churches in Europe. So two investigators just waiting for the Restoration one house. When we went to see them they were still on the way, so we decided to knock a house It was almost dark and after dark, people think we are satanists so we were really hoping to get in. Family of 5. SO interested in the book of Mormon that they decided to bring all of their relatives and friends over tonight so we'll be teaching about 18 people tonight in their house all about the "3rd testament" I'm SO pumped for that.

This week I learned a cool lesson out of Alma 33:19-23 It speaks about the brazen serpent in the wilderness and how we as people just have to do something so simple. Look up, look to the savior. Alma says " O my brethren, if you could be healed by merely casting your eyes would ye not behold quickly?" This week our studies were focused on teaching people for understanding and just helping them realize what this can do for them. What did it result in? oh 63 people at church, so much so that we had to run to the neighbors and borrow chairs so people would have a place to sit, 10 people gaining testimonies this week, 25 on date for March 25th, and a legendary week of just living the dream.

Lloyd one of our newest investigators struggles a bit with addictions and his past, but just came to the church yesterday and said in class "I have wanted what these guys are teaching my whole life, I just have this feeling I can't deny, I need this." He gained his testimony the moment we taught him the restoration and has already begun the Book of Mormon. I love our investigators.

To be perfectly honest, my mission has been insane. constant change, constant struggle, constant just pleading for things to happen. But the truth is I have changed. I beheld, I looked up, and I've seen it. I used to be the guy who in a scriptural phrase "understood not the meaning of those things" and I cannot and will not let this go. Of the many blessings I have received I believe that has been the most influential. I know what I have, I know where I can go, and I know who can get me there. What else do you really need. I am probably leaving Hammanskraal next Tuesday and will disembark to my dying area. Which means y'all can play transfer news again. Every where I have been, every companion I have had, every challenge I have faced, is exactly what I needed. And while it has been so insane, I've loved every minute. You can't not love a mission, you can't not love this. If I could just help everyone understand that, the young men, the people who are kinda floating around, man I'd be so happy. But the truth is all you have to do is give it a shot, give it a try and you will know.

Enough soapbox. In other news, I had a joyous reunion with Elder Williams, who is my boy, and man its exciting haha. Elder Alder, Williams, and Robinson in the same zone conference, and soon to be the same complex. Awesome, need I say more.

So everyone, legend of a week. We're gonna play football, check out the Capital building, and make meatball subs today. start getting your lucky transfer news picks ready, perhaps a new clue to come next week of what may be happening.

Salani Kahle

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Law of Moses

Pretty good week. I love our investigators man. Lebogang made it to stake conference and was just like " I was scared thinking that in a big church I would just be like anyone else. But it was totally different. I just felt home. I need to be baptized I don't care what I have to do..." Just gotta wait til march haha.

Everything is sweet. and the reason I've chose the Law of Moses for this weeks subject line is this. In the old days of the mission the focus was baptize anybody who is keeping commitments, but the focus has shifted now to those who truly are converted and will leave it all behind. It's been a tough adjustment but that's what the church needs here in Africa. People who are committed to the growth of the church. I'm 100% on board for this new style. It's a little disappointing to postpone baptisms, but what's truly disappointing is people falling away. I've been lucky enough to have virtually all converts remain active, but it is a big problem of retention and this is the way its to be done.

It's been some work, but everyone we're truly teaching is either progressing, or in early stages and it just helps so much. I may not see all the fruit of my labor, but that's not what its about anyway. It's about building the church, so that is just what we'll do. I can honestly say I love our investigators and after a bit more time, teaching, and commitment, they will be powerful future leaders here in Hammanskraal.

We just have to get the big picture. I have been constantly growing and changing over the course of my mission and the methods have changed. But I know this is the Lord's work and I know we just need to jump on board and go with it. Words can't really paint the picture of what I have learned or felt, but I have no doubt this is where I need to be, this is what I need to do, this is how I need to live my life. I love South Africa, Ngi thanda Mzansi. I love my mission. To the field for quit possibly my final two weeks in Hammanskraal, time to plant the seeds.

Elder Robinson

Monday, February 13, 2012

AAD, It's time for that cheesy trumpet triumph music, zombie appocolypse soshanguve

I love psychology. man... Let me tell you a sweet experience that happened yesterday. So study time Elder Black and I were doing our usual study and for one reason or another, he still is not confident in talking with new people, and certain investigators. So using my sociology skills and other tactics picked up on mission, I picked apart his brain. I have a theory that all of our potential boils down to about 3 things. Attitude, Action, Desire. Let me elaborate. Our ultimate desire shapes and directs our action, and our desire usually defines our attitude, our actions are a product of our desire and attitude. So we've been struggling to get investigators to keep simple commitments like reading, coming to church etc. So this week I kinda thought to put this theory into practice and it worked time and time again.

Brian Shabangu. Self admitted drinker who is pretty miserable. Wanted us to come to have a prayer with him. Well, we found out what he wanted out of life, what he was doing, and his attitude, and well honestly one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had on prayer. He just got it. He told us he had never prayed and didn't know how. So we taught him and he poured out his whole soul. He later told us he was feeling something in his heart he had never felt before and that he felt he could finally move on with life.

Oscar. Just wants to do right, reads every day, comes to church, gonna get baptized.

Elder Black. Doubting himself a bit. Desire to be bold, in declaring his testimony, and to speak freely. Action. timidness. Attitude, self denial. So what happened. We had a good long talk and I spoke about the other variable. The Savior. The one who makes something of you when you can't do it yourself. What do you have to do? try your hardest. Ether 12:27 gives us the formula and the chapter gives us the outcome. It was a profound lesson on life. It was a profound experience, and as we can show our investigators what this can really do for them we will see miracles.

As you have pure desire, followed by a good attitude, followed by dilligent action, that is the moment when the Savior steps in and make everything possible. That's what he does to a 19 year old from Southern Utah who just had excitement and a go gettim attitude. I'm not perfect, but He's made something of me and He can make something of all of us if you just try. Such a testimony builder this week man so good.

In other news, things are looking good for the baptisms this month. Hopefully 5. and This sunday I was so looking forward to huge church attendance and.... drum roll please... Nothing. NOBODY. and your soul sinks into despair. I said a quick prayer and looked up, Issacs daughter a little 8 year old girl walked by herself because she loves primary. 30 seconds later Mary and her two daughters came, 30 seconds later BABALOO our 325 pound investigator rolls up in his Ford Pinto with 2 buddies, and 1 minute later we get a call from William. It was like that moment in a movie where you here this cheesy triumphant trumpet fanfare start to blow and you feel like running into the wind in this huge open meadow. It was so sweet.

So in other words, life is great haha. Love this place, had a sweet as blackberry pie week and learned a lot.

My dreams are still crazy, two highlights this week were pro-wrestling Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Zombie apocalypse Soshanguve. I fought them off with a spatula and broadsword. Metal? I think so...

have a great week.

Monday, February 6, 2012

MALAWI, hi five, Andries, daily bread, shamboked, tossing him like a rag doll.‏

Agae papa?


Riteng wena ugae?

bololeo Setswana?

oh but of course.

Good week. it always is. I always feel like my weeks are only 3 days long. Monday email, Thursday planning, Church Sunday. I can't believe its February, and the weather is finally beginning to cool down a bit. I've reached a point where I have to shave twice a day to be missionary appropriate and my beard is thick like twine. Dad beardoff 2012 is so totally on. My skin is so used to the South African sun it's becoming like fine Italian leather and my feet have burst through the 4th pair of insoles and are currently working their way through the sole of my shoe. In fact, I can feel the texture of the ground. It is nice.

This week was pretty flippin sweet. On Thursday we dropped about 17 investigators and so we had a pretty empty day so we went tracting. Boom very first house Andries and Magdalene. Awesome as heck father led family that we spoke with for about 30 minutes just getting to know them. Andries deals with Diabetes so bad his joints stiffen up and he can't move sometimes but we had a prayer and he told us he knew we were men of God and he could trust us, that we're unlike anyone he's ever met. He's been pretty offended by his past experiences in churches, well more like businesses, and so the truth rang very quickly with him. We're gonna see them again wednesday. We then went about 4 more houses away and met a guy named James who's 72 and looking for the truth. and then the very next house a guy who knows the church from when he lived in Chicago playing basketball. The very next house was John from Malawi which is seriously like the most humble country on the planet. It was incredible. Issac and his Fiancee are doing great as well and made huge progress in the book of Mormon and even came to church.

The only bummer this week was Oscar and Maphula they have been talking about marriage and it seems as though they are breaking up. They blew up in front of us, but Oscar is ready to be baptized and isn't too phased. We'll see them tomorrow. Everything is pretty dang sweet now, even Pauline has finally decided to be baptized and bore her testimony in Tswana about how thankful she was for the church to just move next door and for God guiding her. In other words, dream job. Everything is stellar right now so all I wanna do is bulk up the area for Elder Black and a possible grandson of mine in 4 weeks I can only cross my fingers for more posterity.

I had a pretty cool experience this week in study. I've been struggling a bit with like consistent purposeful prayer and so I decided to do a little experiment. When I was a lad my step father E. Mhlalase did a study with me where I had to address a concern he personally had simply by asking questions. So I decided to do it with Elder Black because he wanted to improve on asking questions. So we commenced, very slowly, until he really started to listen for clues. Well he found the concern and it eventually reached this. He quoted from Kings where Elisha tells Namaan to wash 7 times in the river and where the servant says "if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing wouldst thou not have done it. How much rather wash and be clean" He said Elder Robinson you're willing to do great things but this is something so simple. "small and simple things" Alma 36 lept to mind. So in kinda a thought from the week. Sometimes we just try to do these huge things and set these huge goals as a big giant piece of meat that we need to butcher with a pocket knife. Instead, we need to break the big picture down into small delicious Costco samples. We can't let the simplest things slacken because if we do we'll never be great. So he kinda shamboked me indirectly but it worked haha and the change has already begun. Plus, he knows how to ask questions very well now. Hi five!

Speaking of Hi fives Elder Stewart and I hi fived so hard this week my skin began to peel in places, I felt the tingle in my funny bone, and people from a block away looked over. Awesome?

Last night we were pretty bored so we wrestled and I through Elder Black like a rag doll and it was nice, then we picked Elder Bangani up and had a sleepover in the kitchen with all of our mattresses so we could enjoy quick access to the brownies and lemon bars we made. The best 2 years indeed.

Well great week, but that's obvious. 1 month left in Hammyskraal who knows what's next.

anywho have a super macandovious week.

Elder Robinson