Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet blazes, monsoon, drunkards, "can any one tell me the meaning of Christmas!!!", beardasaurus, I heard you say the Church of Jesus Christ... come

First and foremost... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully you enjoyed family, friends, food, presents, and the true Spirit of Christmas in giving. Just as kind of a Christmas afterthought here's a story from this week.

Friday nearly everyone had cleared out of town... or had begun drinking like fish.... so We were tracting like the whole day. Something Elder Black and I asked everyone was along the lines of "are you excited for Christmas?" "What are your plans for Christmas" "Is your family coming?" Etc. Well after about 4 hours of knocking and finding like 0 Christmas Spirit answers usually ranging from. "eh... not really excited... just going to sleep." "Me I'm gonna drink. come back in January" " I'm a sangoma I don't do that stuff" etc. I just prayed we could find a little miracle. Next house... we meet this lady named Martha. She just turned 80 and told us about her life. She had a big Christmas tree and pictures of her family and Christ everywhere. She told us how for the past 43 years she had given everything to care for children with handicaps and disabilities. She read from Luke 2 with us and said they searched for room at the inn. I've always asked myself do I have room in my heart. We gave her a Book of Mormon and wrote our testimonies in it and read 3 Nephi Chapter 1. "Lift up your head and be of good cheer... for tomorrow come I into the world." She thanked us as only a gogo can and called us her sons. Earlier that day I felt much like Charlie Brown who once asked "CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!!!!" Well that was it. Christ, serving one another, and opening your heart to change and to help others. Little miracle of the week right there.

So Wednesday it was super hot. We tracted and just got super dehydrated so after a quick lunch and getting some cold water from a members place we began tracting again. First house... Half asleep 30 something year old woman. We introduced ourselves as coming from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and she was like... but eish I'm sleeping... So passalong carded and we moved on. Next house drunk guy on the porch.... Just as we were about to leave we heard someone call "guys I heard you say the church of Jesus Christ. What can you tell me." So we taught him about the restoration and he basically told us I've never gone to a church because no church is what Christ himself taught. Well he joined us at church yesterday and is already gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Katlego... legendary guy.

After leaving Katlego we noticed it was starting to rain. which was really nice because we were covered in sweat. then KABLAGHASLD;AM!!!!!! Huge... I mean huge thunder explosion and then torrential down pour. we were like 3 k's from any kind of shelter so full sprint through crazy downpour running through a riveresque dirt road thunder and lightning dancing around us TIA baby. Random flash floods all the time. So we got to the mall wrung out our shirts and the storm calmed down a bit so we started to head to our 5 o clock and the rain picked up again. then just like before QXAJGHLENALKBAM! Huge thunder strike and boom down pour again. We knocked on his door... ditched.... so sprint to the Ranato's for plastic bags for our scriptures then tracting... then... the rain stopped. clouds cleared. wonderful cool evening. haha good stuff.

So things are fun. We're doing great work, seeing miracles, living obedient, and bringing the gospel to many and we'll continue to do so.

Good to talk to a lot of you yesterday and thank you Cedar City crew for all the fun of the scripture reference presents. The razor went to shave my "Beardoff Showdown 2011 tm" Winning beard. and the happy factory elephant will get a great home as well as the white shirt. The CD is awesome! Thanks for all you guys do.... love you big time!

So have a Happy New Year, go forward guns blazing into 2012 and talk to y'all in a week

Elder Robinson

Monday, December 19, 2011

First born in the wilderness in the days of mine affliction, 3 hours?, Led not knowing the things we should do, hallelujah its Monday, buckets, and mo

Well.............. I really don't know quite where to begin... so let me just begin.

2 weeks ago we had baptisms of 4. It was really powerful. Brother Cyril just spoke of how he wishes he could get his whole family to be a part of this. (quick story) So we were preparing him for baptism and it turns out he has 15 kids haha... big family? hahaha. So his baptismal record is like huge with all of those kids... Mbekwhapi was sweet as heck. She's like 73 and said in Tswana basically this. "I have waited for this day for 50 years. I've walked the path... sometimes alone... But now I've entered the gate... and with my family. I thank my God and these two young men... man awesome

Mbali is my primary girl and went from this shy little girl and she just stood up and bore like a 2 minute testimony and just kept smiling. it was sweet I love my primary. Nkululeko was a hard core 7th Day Adventist who we finally converted. She basically said this in testimony. "This has been very hard. But nothing is more worth it." Even if you are completely exhausted after finding, the sun, dogs, rejection, days like Sunday make it all worth it.

One other cool thing was Sunday in Primary. I was teaching the Christmas story and we had a picture of Jesus and Mbali just went "awhhhh" one of the kids grabbed the picture and she said "don't touch him like that... that's our Savior." Man such a profound reverence man...Become as little Children. Mosiah 3:19 for sure.

So then Monday from 7 am until 11 pm we were, cleaning, moving, hauling, driving, sitting in traffic, and starving because we were out of food and never shopped. I hit the pillow and didn't move until 6:31 with the alarm still beeping in a daze.

Tuesday I went to meet my son. Elder Black is from Pleasant Grove and is a legend. He's a goofy kid and is just a little shell shocked with everything. Exactly what I was looking for. He's obedient, wants to work, has loads of energy and potential, and is just a bit green. Haha so now my job is simply to take that and turn him into a conversion machine. We had some legendary moments this week... more to come. The rest of the day we traveled... moved in some more... shopped... and hit up one appointment that night with William. He brought his friend Sylvester and though we didn't teach him anything we invited him to be baptized... which he accepted haha. Elder Black was like "man that's so cool... you just invite everyone" Yep... welcome to Joburg mission.

Wednesday we began our 3 hours of study.... eish... 3 hours. It's a new program that we helped bring to the mission in my ZL days and now its here... so I'm one of the pioneers of the program... the second group to go through it... It's a lot of work... but man its powerful, we lived the law of Moses and this is like the Saviors law... the new covenant. We then went to work tracting for two consecutive days with no appointments because of the area split.

Friday we Saw Oscar and Maphule a Family Elder Bangani and I found. We read the Christmas story because they want to more about Christ and after they were just like "we love the scriptures and we didn't even know it yet... We need to do this everyday... so it was a powerful lesson. and then we went to this super rich area I felt like we needed to go to. 2 minutes in we heard "Hello Elders" turns out a member is here visiting her family for the holidays and set them up to meet with us... We continued walking and came to a t junction and I asked Elder Black "where should we go..." perfect response "lets pray" so we did right then and there and we both felt left... so in the next 25 minutes we stumbled upon 7 families all of which we're seeing Tuesday and Wednesday. The very first house we met is a family of 7 who "Can't find a true church anywhere and are seriously looking and "have tons of questions for us" " So miracle....

Saturday was a lot of finding but Elder Black is really getting the hang of teaching by the spirit and being more confident in contacting. He's a bit shy... but that's why I think he got me... Mr. no inhibitions. So he's becoming an animal and we're really gonna see some great things.

Sunday during our 3 hours of Study which with church and a lunch appointment took up most of the day... we were studying our missionary purpose and it gave me a lot to reflect on... I flashed back to when I was just like him green, excited, nervous, not the most knowledgeable. and how the last 18 months I've been refined into what I am now... The simple truth is this. If you lose yourself... you'll find yourself Matthew 16.... Coming into this new year and Christmas season we do a lot of reflection on what we want to accomplish and how far we've come. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. i mean anything. I rarely get angry but one time is when someone tells us we're wasting our time. This is true in the words of Elder Ramos "this is where we need to be." So have a very Merry Christmas and just remember if you're doing your best no matter how much crap you're going through... its exactly what needs to be happening and exactly where you need to be.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Eli, Happy Christmas Eve and pickle hunt, eat some pumpkin pie for me since it doesn't exist here (I'm super bitter :D)

Elder Robinson

apologies... but you'll understand.‏ 12/13/11

1. Yep we had baptisms this week 4 of them and it was super powerful. Like super powerful.
2. I have so much to talk about but because of #3. I can't
3. Hammanskraal is splitting. So the past 3 days have been non stop work moving in to the new place and getting beds, fridge, electricity, everything. Due to that I didn't email yesterday.
4. I'm going to be training a new missionary. WOO I'M A FATHER!!!!!! So because of that I have a meeting at 11 then have to go straight to work training him. So I only have 10 minutes to email now.
5. I'm just worn out after working hard all day... but I always have energy the next day... we're just dead at night.
6.Time is rushing. I miss nick and all those guys like crazy say hello for me and I've got a present for him when I get home.
7.Not much time left. I will be able to call Christmas day. Probably around 7 or 8 o clock here so 9 or 10 back home. I'll let you know the details next week.
8. sorry this is so short but I have seriously 0 time
Have a great week, love you all... you're grandparents to a new missionary! and it'll be a great week talk to you in 6 days.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weeding, December baptisms, 6 weeks, Mr. Cox, Idol worship fornication and serving two masters

Transition week for sure... This week we cut down our 35 on dates to
20 and have decided to initiate a 3 strikes you're out approach to
investigators. We don't have time to waste with people who aren't
serious. So we extend a baptismal invite first lesson, if they A.
Ditch B.Don't read C. Don't come to church D. Don't keep other
commitments or begin to improve within 3 lessons. Do any of these
things 3 times... out... we have a huge area and a branch to build. So
no time to waste.

December however is looking great. If all goes according to plan we'll
get 7 this month. This Sunday we should baptize Nkululeko, Mbali,
Gogo, and Cyril. They all have good testimonies and are ready to be
branch builders. Cyril was a "staunch Anglican" who left everything
behind in 3 weeks of teaching. This area is full of prepared people
because the Lord is building His branch here so we simply have to find
them. Nkululeko is an ex 7th day Adventist. Her mom is a member and
we've been tearing down her walls of defense bit by bit and simply
said "I can't deny this any more its my time." Mbali is one of my 10
year old primary kids :D and Gogo stays with Nkululeko and family and
just told us she wanted to be baptized last week so "Ok we can do that

The following week we're hoping to baptize Karabo, Pauline, and
Koketso a family that lives just across from the church shouldn't
be a problem if they feel now is the time. If not... in January.

Hard to believe yet another 6 weeks has gone by and this is the final
week of the transfer which means y'all might be playing transfer news
next week. For some reason I feel I might be training... So maybe I
can finally have posterity before I die. who knows....

Kinda a funny story this week was on an exchange with Elder Hawks a
new missionary from California. He's pretty shy and... I'm not... we
had a day where every single appointment ditched so we found the whole
day. I taught him the pertinent skills of greeting old ladies in
Tswana and Zulu and just door approaching. We had a good day and found
some good people and I believe is starting to feel more comfortable.
He'll be a great missionary.

Towards the end of our day it was about 7:45 so we had about 45
minutes of work before pick up and going back to the flat so we
knocked a door taught the family, put them on date, and just had a
good lesson. Leaving the family we met a drunk guy... I mean DRUNK.
He smelt like a truck stop that the mopped the floor with Budweiser.
His name was "Mr. Cox" He went on to tell us how he was a democrat and
though he used to hate Afrikaaners he loves them because he's a
democrat and a friend of Jesus. We went on to tell him we were from
America and he started talking about how Obama and Jacob Zuma (South
Africa's President) are working together to save the world from
Zombies. he continued to say how because he is a democrat we can trust
him. We were going to meet the other Elders at a gas station so he
wanted to escort us. No harm in that so we walked with him and he told
us he wrote Nkosi Sikileli after the conflicts in the 70's and 80's
and how he was Mandela's right hand man. After about a 10 minute
conversation and getting second hand drunk from the smell we got to
the station. He then hugged us, smelt me and said God Bless America.
Needless to say Legen wait for it... dary!

So William also had some gems of quotes this week too. He's a good guy
who has a testimony but he likes to seem super intelligent and thinks
WAY outside the box... So this week we were teaching about the
atonement and how Christ prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. and he
said "do you think praying under trees was somehow kinda idol
worship?" I put my head in my hands, Elder Bangani laughed out loud
and we just told him no... I was always told in school there is no
such thing as a stupid question... but that was a STUPID question. He
later asked in the same lesson if reading the Book of Mormon and the
Bible was kinda like serving two masters (Matthew 6) eish man... I
don't know what he's thinking some times... But it makes for good

Anyway the work continues, we're finding great success and we'll be
moving into a school on the 10th of January. Our little branch has
tripled in size since we arrived and I am beginning to feel like a
whole hearted servant of the Lord. The closer we get to actually
getting it, the more we realize how short of it we are. It's something
I've been battling the past 6 months but I feel I'm getting it and am
on the right track finally my only problem is I'm tired haha the end
of every day I am destroyed. But soon enough I'll figure that out too.
Probably just need to eat more papa haha!

Have a great week

Elder Robinson

Monday, November 28, 2011

Baptisms, captain cluck, Thanksgiving, rise and fall, hookups in hammanskraal, JW? Step into the thunderdome

First and foremost. We baptized! Not just any baptisms, but converts.... I mean CONVERTS. Chiedza is seriously one of the most prepared 10 year olds ever. We tracted into her and her mom. Her mom was baptized 4 years ago and lost contact with the church and Chiedza knew like everything. You would think she was like a member for 20 years. She is super shy but she just stood up and smiled and said "I'm so happy amen" Mpho Masia... man what to say about this guy. This is the text we got from him last night " Elders Robinson & Bangani. Thank you for coming into my life and for showing me the way. I promise to be humble, respect, and more importantly keep the Lord's commandments. Also to follow the Church's doctrine. May God always bless you is my prayer. Mpho" When he bore his testimony he basically said this "I don't care if all of you fall away I will NEVER leave this. I owe it to my elders, my prophet, and my God. I am so thankful to my father in heaven, and I will not let you down."

So needless to say he's branch president material and just about the most prepared person ever. I love this work.

Monday we had a missionary thanksgiving and killed some chickens and made potatoes. Captain cluck and Sara were there names and they were delicious. It was way fun there were 10 of us all together and it was just like 10 super good friends and felt like family. Elder Samoela from Madagascar thought thanksgiving is basically the sweetest thing ever and started singing the star spangled banner. I laughed like crazy.

Unfortunately this week we dropped a lot of people, but we need to focus on those who are ready. We continue to teach boldly and clearly and are still finding ridiculous success. Here are two examples....

Yesterday we taught the Mfumadi family of 11 and they had a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon. So we taught the restoration and how the apostasy happened and how today we have no remnant church. They tried to justify it where in revelation it mentions the 7 churches, but we shut that down, and went to some apostasy scriptures. We testified and then the son Thapelo got it "you mean this is the only church of Jesus Christ and all the others aren't?" Yep.... that's exactly what we mean. The mother was deeply offended so we bore testimony and said we aren't saying you are wrong or that you are lost. But this is the truth and you can know it.... Well we'll see what happens Wednesday night.

Also we taught a Jehovahs witness. I love... absolutely love confounding those guys. We sat down and asked if we could begin with a prayer. "Which God will you pray too? I pray to Jehovah..." Well we pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. "what does Jehovah mean" Sir we know you're a Jehovah's witness... we aren't here to argue... "God is Jehovah!"... No its Jesus Christ... no no its God... Yes Yes its Christ. Then I said this "sir we can shut that down with the scriptures but we aren't here to argue, we're here to teach what we know is true." he said "prove it".... Oh YES.... Throughout my mission I was taught not to bash and I usually don't unless people literally ask for it. so in the words of Elder Holland "Never bash... but if you do... make sure you win" So it was about a 10 minute fire storm of scriptures and testimony and he simply stood up and left. Touchdown Elders... Game... Elders....

Both of these remind me of a quote by Brigham Young "He that takes offense when none is intended is a fool, he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool." We don't try to offend people, we teach the truth. the choice is then theirs. But this is true no doubt about it.

So on kind of a funny note... Sister Lebo is a single sister and we meet in her house for church. One month ago she basically told us she wasn't on the dating market. We told her Mpho was perfect for her and she just laughed and kinda pushed us away... Well they went out this week, she spoke at his baptism, they text each other every day, and even her son is saying I hate you guys because we told him this would happen... its inevitable. But in the end all it will do is build the branch and get them both to the temple. Matchmaking haha I've only done it one other time on my mission... but man its sweet haha.

So to conclude its been one awesome week. and this week looks like just more awesome. Uncle Weston I miss you too Bless those rains down in Africa.

Stay well, enjoy the leftovers, happy December in 2 days, Rabani Sindhle

Elder Robinson

Monday, November 21, 2011

The divide, the rain, primary, wheat v. tares, Mission tour

Man. I don't know what happened to the week but here is Monday again.

So first items of business this week, of our 8 baptisms 4 will be next month because of a. a family trip. b. a funeral. Yeah... tell me about it... But they'll get baptized and that's what matters.

This week we had a mission tour with Elder Cook of the 70. He gave a talk in conference about "its better to look up". We spoke a lot about the growth of the church in Africa and how there is a difference between a convert and a baptism. What Africa needs is converts. Too many fall away after just a short time and its killing us. So we spoke of covenants, commitment, and the spirit. He related it first to us as missionaries and what is expected of us, and then we spoke of the field. In Africa we have something very unique. So many willing to embrace the gospel, yet not fully committed. So its up to us to tend the garden and find the wheat, not the weeds, or tares. So this week we brought this to our investigators hard core. We were taught to tie everything to the savior and covenants. so...

Kagiso was sitting on the fence. She knows its true, but seems a bit scared to commit. So... we put our training to use. We spoke of the growth of the church, what she was capable of, what could come, the savior and how we can repent, and boom "I need this this week" Powerful

It gave me reason to reflect on my mission. I've spent 15 months in town and now nearly another 2 on the way to 3 here. In that time I haven't brought as many converts as some missionaries in township. But looking back, they were committed and are converted. None are less active. Sometimes its good to just feel you're on the right track. I have many things to do better, but its good to know at least you're on the path.

So the rains are coming, its almost December, and I'm nearly down to 6 months. Not a second to waste, find those who will be converted, build the kingdom, not your stats. and go out in a blaze of glory. that's the plan.

today is mission thanksgiving and we're about to embark in a feast of the most excellent kind. pictures to come and dijo di monate for sure.

Sala Sindhle

Elder Robinson

Monday, November 14, 2011

I will never leave this", Aren't there enough graves in Egypt!, Behold I have told you before, Our very own Priesthood, Our very own Primary‏

Man.... great week... I am utterly exhausted thank heavens for P-day but man it was such a good week.

Elder Bangani and I continued our fire this week. We have realized how much power scriptures have if you read dialogue with gusto. So this week we put it to work. We have an investigator who received her answer but is afraid to leave her church. We went to the story of Moses at the red sea with the Egyptians closing in behind and the people began to murmur. "ARE there not enough graves in Egypt! Why did you bring us here to die, we said let us Alone!" We related that to how they had seen the deliverance of the lord, the plagues, the fire from heaven, the destroying angel, and seemingly forgot about that with the sea before them. "Stand still and see the salvation of God" Boom spoken with authority and with promised blessings. here was the response "I would like to be baptized."

We had a guy this week also a pastor from Kenya who told us the book of Mormon was of Satan and that it gave people in his congregation nightmares. Boom TESTIFY. Elder Bangani came back with the earth shattering testimony and said this "If you believe the Book of Mormon is against Christ and gives nightmares what about these verses? (he went on to quote about 5) then He said, if you don't take this seriously you are a waste of our time." Boom haha. " He tried to fire back and said "you don't have the spirit!" We then crushed him by totally destroying his authority, his school of pastors and gave him the "you will be judged according to your acceptance of this book talk" Man I love it.

We're both at this point where we are starting to get missionary work and the area is blazing. I wish I would have got it like this a year ago... But then again each little bit of your mission shapes you and no one will ever live your experience. Simply you just need to grow from it, improve, take it for what it is, and make it the best to years. We're living the dream now.

Speaking of our awesome branch. Boom! This week we had 11 Melc. priesthood aged males and church and for the first time held our own priesthood meeting. It was awesome. not really your traditional meeting but just a counsel of how to grow the church and how to be better priesthood holders. I believe in the early days of the church it was probably much like that. Mpho our golden of gold-en's said "I can never leave this, even if all of you leave, I can't leave this. I will never, and I have never had anything like this." I feel we are pioneering something great and being even the smallest part of this work is nothing short of legendary. Our primary has grown to about 20 and yesterday was so fun just reading from the book of Mormon like a story book. " How come when you read the scriptures its fun" Man I love this place.

This month I have no doubt we'll get at least 5 baptisms. But 8 are possible if its supposed to happen. But regardless of that the work goes forth, we find prepared people every day, and this is the proverbial bomb dot com. Thank you good night

Elder Robinson

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"When are you leaving?", "I saw my neighbor naked and I got my answer", Mpho, other sweet stuff.‏

Good week. Really good week. We simply went to work this week and I just feel like we accomplished a ton. Like 15 months ago or so, they taught us a principle about a quadrant. You know the parallel lines and the axis ++,+-,-+,--. anyway they taught us about the quadrant of Miracles and how a positive attitude and positive effort makes it happen. So this week we made a pledge not to complain about anything, and if we ever got ditched just to tract. So boom 27 new investigators and 40 people preparing for baptism. Yeah that's what happens. Elder Bangani and I have reached a point on mission where we know what we're doing, we aren't afraid to offend people, and we have basically a blank canvas in front of us. So seriously we just go blazing. This week here are a few quotes. "If you don't give any stupid excuses and you simply trust God you can quit smoking even tonight", "How Stupid is it to receive an answer and go the opposite way?!?! Why are you killing yourself." Man its fun we're just bold with people, we teach by the Spirit, invite, and tell the truth, The Spirit does everything else.

One such example was this. We are teaching a part member family and two of the daughters are 7th day Adventist, which are like the most hard headed investigators to teach. So both are converted and know that what we are teaching is true but are hesitant to change. So the conversation to one went something like this. "What's holding you back"...... "My church is true, and your church is true." "Ok.... Have you prayed about this?" "Yeah I know its true, but I was thinking why can't I just teach my pastor about the temple and we can have our own?" hahah Elder Bangani used to be 7th day and he just was like "How will you build it? You know NOTHING about them, what will happen there? You know this is true why are you wasting your time?" Man I was laughing after that lesson haha. They are SO stubborn. But we did have a really good chat with the other girl. We invited her to be baptized on the 27th and she was like "heck no!" So once again "What's holding you back".... "My dark side".... "Where do you think those fears come from".... We went on to give the earth shattering testimony and after she was just crying and said 11th of December is my day. Then she was like "When are you leaving?" So we were like... now? Good if not I would have you take me to the river now. The spirit baby.... that's what its all about.

Also pretty funny this week was William. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and he stood up..... Now as a missionary an investigator bearing a testimony can be the sweetest thing, or the worst thing. He started off.... "This week I received my answer about the church and the book of Mormon... its all true." (Relief flooded over me man I was happy getting my pen out to take notes for my journal.... and then he continued) "Also this week I saw my neighbor naked jumping on his fence and around his house. It was then that I learned that there are Children of Darkness and we need to have a candlelight vigil at my house" (NOOOO!!! William you were doing so good!!!! AGGGHHH!!!!) He went on for another 6 minutes or so until president told him to wrap it up... afterwards everyone was like Elders... you need to teach people how to give a testimony... eish man.... haha

We have this investigator named Mpho who is like the definition of the scripture "kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" We taught about Joseph Smith Monday. by Tuesday he had read up to Mosiah in the BOM, Wednesday he committed to live the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and pay tithing, and Sunday he told us how his greatest desire is to receive the priesthood, teach with us, and convert his family and friends. Prepared? Man I love Hammanskraal. We keep running in to people who have had remote contact with the church or who are members who didn't know it was here and we had 46 people at church Sunday. we have branch application papers in, and a school is in the works. "have we not great reason to rejoice?"

So another sweet week in the land of Hammanskraal. another transfer ahead, and Christmas/ Thanksgiving just around the corner. 2012, new years resolutions, everything.... So here's a challenge. share the Book of Mormon with someone and see what happens. give it a shot, you never know what will happen.

Well time is short, So stay classy everyone, all is well in Mzansi, and I'll talk to ya in a week.

Elder Robinson

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apostle in the house!, Baptisms, Not knowing the things beforehand what I should do.‏

Man.... Awesome week.... I know I say that a lot but man....

1st and foremost... 3/ 7 Baptisms.... Three in Hammanskraal 4 from Florida so yay! things finally came together for everyone back there and unfortunately two fell through because of a death in the family but they will be baptized this month. I had the pleasure of personally baptizing two... Jaqueline and Candice. Jaqueline is super shy but her testimony shook the house down when she talked about praying for this church to come to Hammanskraal and after one week of it being here we met her. Candice is 9 and her parents are a bit less active but she is great. She was so scared of the water though and to make matters worse it was cold... good thing I do my push ups every morning and I was able to keep her still. It kinda made me laugh because she opened her eyes and screamed under the water bringing a lot of bubbles up. But afterward she was all smiles. Awesome awesome awesome. Nothing is better than seeing people change and bear their testimonies.

Needless to say we had an Apostle visit us this week. Elder Russell M. Nelson and man it was powerful. He was joined by Elder Renlund of the 1st Quorum of the 70 and the Africa South East Area President who I know very well. Elder Renlund spoke of when he was a surgeon and operated on people whether they lived or died, he felt when he was committed to give his best he was a success regardless of the outcome. But he spoke of how sometimes after a failure in procedure and a death, he sometimes had to face the parents and he would be shattered. He related it to how we must take a step back and look at all the people as God sees them. then give our all... powerful....

Elder Nelson fried our minds with the Abrahamic Covenant and how we are fulfilling it and what blessings it yields. Man all I can say is my perspective on missionary work changed. We don't have a second.... I mean a SECOND to waste. He also spoke of the pre earth life and how we were prepared to come at this time. Which kinda led me to ponder.... I think of myself pre mission and man I was a joker... I did not take things seriously. priesthood, church, seminary, everything... and I realize how abundantly blessed I was. I kept the commandments.,... but halfheartedly.... its something that's kinda been eating me up for a while. But then I got the big picture... that prepared me to learn what I have learned now and what I yet will learn and accomplish.... I pondered on this long and hard and just this morning I had it confirmed to me that God is pleased with what I'm doing and have done. Its not about being perfect, its about getting better. I'm not going to waste my time in idle pursuits back home or taking this for granted because there is nothing better that feeling at peace with what you're doing and actually accomplishing something. Man Apostles rock... You reach a point where anything holding you back becomes abhorrent (big word of the day) to you and I've really been trying to cut any threads slowing me down so I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately. But man after these past few days I just feel ready to go out in a "blaze of glory" in the words of Bon Jovi.... So to the field. No time to waste... 8 months to go.... hoo hah

Well this commitment is burning in Hammanskraal. we're both gettin a bit old on mission but we feel like greenies still so only the best is yet to come and only awesomeness remains.

In the words of Barney Stinson... "When I start feeling down, I stop feeling down and start being awesome instead." So rather than just floating on through these next couple of months I'm going to do something awesome instead... Hopefully we don't slack... well... we won't... so buckle your seat belts and hold on to your hats and glasses.

Robani Sindhle

Elder Robinson

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Shabeen, fire,fire,fire!, Feliz Navidad, the home run testimony, Hammanskraal? yes please.‏

What a week man I can't believe its come and gone. This week I had the opportunity of going to Soshanguve and Mabopane both on exchanges and there was some awesome happenings.

Soshanguve we were on bikes and its my first time biking since my Nelspruit days. But BOOM! I completed the Soshanguve Mountain! yeah no stops, and in a high gear because the bikes can no longer shift. Morning schedule jogging and leaps and push ups pay off!!! Anyway the day started off super hot and I hadn't eaten breakfast. But after a fill up at the local Kota stand we went to work. And then the downpour came. high winds, thunder and lightning, and torrents of rain, and a Mulhungu in township all make for good times. We met a guy pushing a shopping cart overflowing with alcohol and he invited us to his place. So we road about 13k's through pouring rain and... wrong house, no such person lives there... But guess who does. A house of 4 brothers looking for a church... Miracle?!?! We had a really good day and though I was dripping like a sponge I loved every minute of it.

Mabopane was a very interesting day. We met a guy at a bar who used to be the ward clerk, Melchizedek Priesthood holder and everything, and we found him drowning his sorrows away in the Shabeen. As we talked to him about 10 people approached us and asked for help to stop drinking. Well we invited them to church in Mabopane and they all came. turns out 3 are super prepared and are working on being baptized. In the strangest places, and in some of the lowest times, you can have spiritual experiences and see miracles. Think of Christ, all alone, forsaken, and beaten, he became the Savior. Good lesson of hope there.

A funny thing happened this week. On Soweto TV, every Sunday there are all these crazy pastor TV shows where people dump cooking oil on "possessed" people and shout fire fire fire!. Well this week we saw like 5 kids playing "Church" one was shaking on the ground and they were throwing dirt on him saying fire fire fire. man haha the world is one crazy place. we laughed like crazy.

Occasionally you have experiences on mission that break your heart and this week Joyce and her mother Maria received their answers that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet. But they said, "we can't leave our church we are rooted there and are comfortable. But we know it is true". So early on my mission I would try to persuade, or to nudge, or do something to dissuade them. But know I have realized the true power of testimony. After about a 3 second pause, I opened my mouth and I can't recall everything I said but it was something along the lines of "Christ is standing right at the door and saying come, and you heard him, and you turned around and went back. We love you, that's why we are here. Nothing will bring you greater happiness no matter how tough the transition. There will be away. You may think we are being bold, but this is eternal life, this is EVERYTHING, and if you turn away its your choice, but we want it absolutely clear. This is true, and you know it. Man after that and Elder Bangani's testimony I thought the house was gonna fall down it was powerful. I love it man. They still turned us away, but all that was was a testimony builder for us, and hopefully a seed for them in the future.

In other news, this Sunday we will have hopefully 7 baptisms. Yep Hammanskraal? yes please. I love this place, the church is true, and this is exactly where I need to be and exactly what I need to be doing.

Stay classy y'all

Elder Robinson

Monday, October 17, 2011

Prepared, "You matter to Him!", "Now I know the truth!", branch status, Champions of obedience, man what the heck.

Well what to say about conference other than wow. President Uchtdorf''s talk was my favorite about recognizing your own nothingness before God. Some few words still ringing in my ears are these. "We are nothing compared to Him, But we are EVERYTHING to him." and " No matter how lost, alone, or insignificant you feel, remember this you matter to HIM!" As I have been working in Hammanskraal I realize how much we truly need God in our lives. As I see people killing themselves with alcohol and nothing to live for but the next paycheck I realize how much we are blessed with and how much for granted we take it. Nothing could be more important than what we are doing each and every day. Never forget the big scheme of things and "Cast not away therefore thy confidence" Go forward embrace the Gospel and don't look back or long for what's behind. You are a son or daughter of God on the way to becoming like Him. Never forget it.

Man I get so much out of conference its like I get depressed when its over and we have to wait another 6 months. But we have investigators to make it better.

Mpho who we met last week is prepared with a capitol P. We taught the restoration and he was just like I can't believe its taken so long for me to know about this. when can I get baptized? Well how about November haha? Kagiso also was great this week she stays next door to a member and came to church. She just spoke about how she felt so at home and that she already knew what we were teaching was true because she can't deny the feeling she has. Also the daughters of a member Nonhlanhla and Nkululeko are super stubborn about leaving 7th day adventism but every time we come they just break down. "If we could hug you we would but we know the rules." "Why were we so stubborn" Yesterday they said "We can't deny this feeling anymore"

Here's the thing that I've come to realize lately. When you obtain the Word, your mouth will be filled. As a young missionary I tried to learn all the scriptures and examples to have an air tight presentation. But now I simply use the Spirit. Testify and teach to whatever comes out. I finally feel like I'm doing my job and every day we see miracles.

Soon enough Hammanskraal will be a branch. I give it til maybe April and I love being a part of this man I hope I stay for some time.

President Omer interviewed us this week and spoke of being "champions of obedience" This is the key to success in everything. If we are obedient we won't fail in work, school, mission or anything. The words of President Poulsen still just ring every time I think of obedience. This is the ticket. I love my mission man nuff said.

Elder Warner is home... that's insane. man I'm still blown away by that. It just tells me there is no time to waste because soon enough it will be me. so... back to the work.

I love you all, "the Kraal" is great, and looking forward to this week

Elder Robinson

Monday, October 10, 2011

President Kingsley, N1, Russell M. Nelson, Moses and others, BAD JUJU, and the like‏

Man a good week, a fast crazy week, but a good week. This week we purchased the new apartment and began to move in. This required a lot of travel to and from Joburg and sitting in traffic on the N1. I am so sick of driving I have nightmares about it.

But the flat is nice, big, new, shiny, and has CARPET! Now this may not seem like a big deal but man this is HUGE, carpet is so nice.... like I've been praying for a flat with carpet. The simple joys of missionary work are innumerable.

So you may wonder why I put Elder Nelson in the subject line. He's coming to the mission on the 24th of this month and we get to be there. 2nd Apostle on mission baby what up!!!!

This week I think the coolest experience, well one of them, was when President Kingsley from the Stake came. He spoke of his beginnings in the church 50 years ago and how he started meeting in a house as well and now Vereenigeng his home town has 3 wards. He spoke of how within 10 years there will be chapels (plural) and a stake in the Soshanguve area. He spoke of how it is in the Lord's plan and how it simply requires our heart, might, mind and strength. He told us that if we as the missionaries serve without regret, we will have joy and rejoicing in Hammanskraal not only in this life but in eternity. It was powerful. I can't stop pondering on that.

This week I was afflicted with food poisoning again... cold chicken again... and because of that I had a lot of pondering time as I used the restroom. Now, as missionaries, you can never know the impact you have. You can see yourself change, you can change some few around you, and you can gain an unshakable testimony. But it is only after many years have passed and you are on the other side you may begin to comprehend. I guess what I can say is this. Do your best with where you are. Lift those around you, and rather than ask what you need, ask what someone else may need. As we loose ourselves in the service of others we find ourselves. As I just recently killed 3 missionaries I thought a lot of where I want to be in 8 months time. Many missionaries get trunky... actually all... but If you work, and love those around you, and just "forget yourself and go to work" you go from an ordinary experience to an EXTRAordinary experience. That's what I hope and pray we gain here. As we go out I just have this fire to make things happen here and through the Spirit its all possible.

I think one way sweet investigator I'd like to talk about now is Moses. We contacted him and gave him a pamphlet. He called us and wanted us to come. He 100% understood the restoration and had taught his family of 5 and they wanted to be baptized. We didn't have to say one word. At church on Sunday people were debating the restoration and baptisms and authority and he just stood up and testified of the restoration and how we're so blessed to be a part of it even if we're just meeting in a house. "The church is true, that's what matters".
This is just a small taste of the Awesomeness we get everyday here. Here is another
We taught a pastor of a nameless church and he agreed with everything we taught except that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus... Because " they are the same person" So he tried to bash, we shut him down, he used his own private interpretation, we shut him down. Then he said well your church is teaching lies. Something welled up inside of me and I testified like a dragon. He shook I saw his hands and I felt the burning confirmation once again that this is true. "persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, but the truth of God will go forth boldly nobly and independent!" I love it nuff said.

Well yeah... haha we should have 8 baptisms this month, we have already outgrown our meeting place and will be moving probably in November. I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands nothing is more humbling and yet encouraging. But as to mine own self I am nothing.

Everyone back home. Serve a mission... if you can't... share it with your friends. You won't regret one whit of it.

Elder Robinson

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time is short but awesome week nevertheless‏

Hammanskraal. Need I say more....

This week we found 22 new investigators all of whom are preparing to be baptized this month on the 30th. We may not achieve that with all of them but I feel that 13 of them are very sincere and will be baptized this month or next month.

Two new African temples!!! Incredible people are gonna go nuts when they hear that this weekend

I was kissed on the cheek by a man this week. At the end of every month, the paychecks come. They call it month end. at the end of every week people by alcohol... they call it weekend. When weekend and month end meet craziness happens. So we were teaching a powerful lesson on the restoration tears involved from the investigators and in walks baba. "HEY LAGUA! (white man) HAVE I EVER TOLD YOU I LOVE JESUS???!?!? AND I LOVE YOU TOO...." So he puts his arms around me and gives me a juicy castle lager kiss on the cheek and says "PRAY FOR ME I NEED TO STOP." T. I. A. haha I love the village man it is so fun.

Honestly we've just been doing a lot of building lately so there is no real stand out investigator or family but everyone we're teaching is pretty awesome and just seems prepared to accept it. We extend dates for baptism in the very first lesson and people are asking us questions like crazy. We'll be 10 minutes late for appointments just because people stop us and want us to teach them. so in other words this place is legendary.

Um time is rushing but seriously this place is awesome. man I have nothing more to say than that.

Elder Robinson


Monday, September 26, 2011

"The Kraal", When Sangomas meet missionaries, dedication, We are laying the foundation of a great work so that we CANNOT COME DOWN!‏

So you may be thinking to yourself "how is Hammanskraal?" Well let me tell you....

I love this area. When you walk out of the car and down the dusty roads you just feel this electricity in the air. People are flocking to meet with us, everyone is interested, people love that I know a little bit of Tswana from my time in Soweto, We are almost for sure gonna have 6 baptisms this month, and the field is white already to harvest.

A bit more on the area. We are currently meeting at the Renato's home in Temba at Stand #2149. Our sacrament meeting attendance reached an all time record this week with 26 people. the average is 9. We taught primary and gave talks. Primary is held in the dinning room and Sacrament in the living room,the size is a grand total of maybe an average motel room. But the Spirit is so strong you can taste it. When I say there is something in the air I mean it. We never want to leave the area. We just want to find, teach, and be there. Miracles will happen here. I give it to maybe 2013 before there is 100 plus members it is simply incredible.

This week one of our investigators we tracted into has grandparents who are members in Tzaneen and she has been praying for the church to come. So she (Jacquilene) woke up at 5:30 and walked the hour and a half to church with her 4 year old sister. She should be baptized this month and possibly her whole family of 7 in time. Across the street from the church is Pauline, Kerabo, and Koketso a powerful grandmother and grandaughters team who should all get baptized this month. Within two lessons they had burning testimonies and just last night the gave us all of their tea and had us throw it away after teaching the word of wisdom. People here, there is just something about them. Of course there is still the ones who totally get wasted every night of their lives, but those who are here just hunger for the truth. and we will bring it to them.

This week we met a Sangoma.... now I don't know if I've explained them before, but they are straight up legitimate witchdoctors, who throw bones, make potions, slaughter goats, and do all kinds of crazy things. We taught her the restoration and she asked if she could close with a prayer. after 10 minutes of jumping up and down screaming in Tswana she closed and then put her hand on Elder Bangani and "prophesied" apparently he needs to fast for 7 days straight or in 3 months something will come and make him happy for 3 days, then sick for a week, then miserable for the rest of his life... haha T.I.A. this is Africa baby. As we were leaving we noticed fresh lambs blood marked on the walls we didn't see the night before because it was dark. yeah welcome to the village ladies and gentlemen.

But yeah Hammanskraal is great. actually incredible and honestly I'm so pumped just to go teach like every minute. Hopefully someday soon there will be a chapel, stake, branches, and powerful members, and we are lucky enough to pioneer it all. I love this work!

Elder Robinson
signing off from
"the Kraal"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hammanskraal?!?!?!?, wedding, baptisms, leaving, blessing, goodbyes, I could sleep for 3 days.‏

So welcome to transfer news everyone's favorite game... so all of the
suspense has already been spoiled I'm going to Hammanskraal!!!!!! Now
you may be thinking what the heck is Hammanskraal.... Well I'm going to
be opening a brand new area to missionary work. It's a village/ town/
township north of Pretoria so if you guessed Pretoria I guess by
default you won!!! But from what I've heard its a unit of about 18
members and has around 300,000 people so we're pretty stoked to get
the work going there and I begin tomorrow.

In other news... I'm leaving Florida. which is going to be pretty
tough I've been saying goodbyes for the past 2 days and still have a
lot more tonight and man haha this is honestly the worst part of being
a missionary leaving areas. But in happier news.

The Leopengs got MARRIED!!! We were there for everything and it was
awesome I've literally seen them go through everything to get married
but it all has payed off in the end and it was an icing on the
cake.... pun intended... to my time here in Florida.

A scary thing happened this week with sister Joyce we got a call
Thursday she was going through a panic attack because of her health
and we showed up and she basically was having a seizure but we gave
her a blessing and instantly as we put our hands on her head she
stopped shaking and was able to talk. She told us she needed to be
baptized and...

Sunday we had 4 baptisms!!!! The Leopeng's and Sister Joyce it was
super powerful and my favorite part as always was hearing them bear
testimonies afterward. Sister Joyce just cried and said how thankful
she was for us and her new family and the Leopeng's just talked about
every trial they went through and it was pretty intense but then they
were just all about the temple. man I love those guys it is going to
suck to leave.

Bhukis and Jandine found out their little boy has TB so that was a
huge set back but we're going to get everything worked out. and George
basically told us regardless of what happens he will be baptized next
month. So we're pumped like no ones business. and now I get to fade
off into a new land with much work still to be done here which I'm
very happy for.

Yep I'm leaving and saying a ton of goodbyes which is hard but I'm
really looking forward to the next few months it will be legendary. be
looking forward to some pictures I'll be sending them tonight.

Elder Robinson

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm not addicted I'm just a person who has to have my cup of coffee, Leopengs!, George mah bra, everyone's favorite game TRANSFER NEWS!‏

YEP its that time again the time for you to play TRANSFER NEWS.... This Saturday we will find out if I will be getting transferred or not. Next Monday we will play the game. So get your lucky picks ready... Here are the possibilities.

1. Pretoria
2. Centurion.
3. Benoni
4. Bedfordview
5. Bots West.
6. Bots East.
7. Francistown.
8. Northeast
10. Northwest
11. Soweto West.

Tune in for next weeks results on should I stay or should I go!

So to the week It was honestly one of the most insane weeks of my mission in terms of just everything that happened. I don't really know where to start so maybe I'll just talk about Investigators and then other little things here and there.

Leopengs: are getting married FRIDAY!!!!! and BAPTIZED SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now everything has finally come together with them. Brother Kgomusto has been struggling a bit with smoking so please keep him in your prayers. This week we've honestly just had a ton of fun teaching them, watching conference talks, preparing the wedding (insanity by the way haha), and just doing work. It's going to be an awesome Sunday.

Joyce: also getting baptized this week sickness is finally gone.

Randall: Here is an interesting one... So Tuesday morning we get a phone call from Randall that he is being kicked out of his house because he went drinking, got in a fight, and brought a girl home. So we come to the rescue. We talk about repentance, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, and basically commit him to pray to God for help then ask his mom for forgiveness. So the next day we get a call... "Elders I've swallowed my pride and did what you said. I'm going to get my job back and my mom forgave me. It's a miracle" So we were more than happy about this and went to teach him Friday. We go back to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and its like he's been filled up with total crap again. "The Book of Mormon is just another mans interpretation of the Bible. How can you say its the only true church my pastor can resurrect people." So we explained and kinda went back to the Word of Wisdom and followed up on it. "I can't stop drinking coffee it is not wrong other churches serve coffee. (Elder Robinson:" That's because other churches don't have the fullness of the gospel") "Well I am just a man who has to have my coffee every day" (Elder Robinson: Randall this is exactly why its part of the Word of Wisdom its addictive.") "I just like to have it every day.... its its... (Elder Robinson: An Addiction??") man haha you can't battle the truth. We bore powerful testimony and were just about as bold and blunt as possible... We will see tonight what happens.

George: George is back baby! We found him at the grocery store and will be teaching him again... and he will be baptized!!!

Bruno Tebogo Malu and Brenda: Early this week we saw a lot of great things and had a great family night. Wednesday on the other hand things were very different. They were struggling to read, getting discouraged and arguing. But Friday was just about the most powerful lesson of my mission. We talked about the Spirit. Bruno and Malu are RM's who went inactive didn't keep commandments etc. and they just poured out there frustration of not being able to keep the spirit. Brenda and Tebogo just kept talking about all the changes to make and the miracles they've seen and man they just started crying. They are converted. They are changed. Now they just need to be married and do what's right. I heard Malu just talk about the Temple and man I love those families Nuff said.

Saturday the Kaizer Chiefs played the Pirates and we got sweet pics driving by Soccer City Stadium you could hear the vuvuzelas for miles.

Sunday we met Ulysses S. Soares who came to our stake conference it was powerful. They talked about how taking offense is like getting bitten by a snake. You can choose to crush the snake and risk getting bitten again or dying because ignoring the poison. Or you can sort out your wound and carry on... It was awesome.

Temple trip, being ZL's, planning, Rugby World Cup starting, spring here ah so much is happening new investigators ah I haven't slept normal hours in a week haha things are honestly insane but I love every minute of it. I'll probably sending pics tomorrow or later this week of Lion park, Tigers, Soccer City, and others. much love from South Africa and talk to you all in a week!

Elder Robinson

Monday, September 5, 2011

I felt like choking, I haven't bore my testimony in 8 years, bring n braai, boerkie, etc

So needless to say a great week. honestly I don't know where they go anymore. one day its Monday and I'm writing these emails the next thing you know its Friday and I'm in Pimville or Dobsonville, then its church, and bam Monday again. But lets give you a little look into South African culture this week.

SPRING DAY: The first day of September every year, basically this is a nation wide water fight and man it is so ridiculously fun. Like anywhere any time people have water balloons, super soakers, buckets, and it is free game... especially when you are a Mulungu (white man) in township. So last year we got drenched like no ones business but this year it was war. So we twisted the windshield fluid guns outward and loaded up with ice water and shot anyone on the side of the car. Man haha so fun. The night time was the best because we staked out the Protea Glen elders flat, absolute silence at 9:25 when a shout comes from around the corner "How was your spring day" a hail of red rubber fell down on the bedazzled elders and all that remained after was soggy ties and wet socks. Victory Soweto East Zone...good luck next year Soweto East.

Now this is a legendary holiday I will be bringing to the United States. 10 years and it will be a big deal just you wait.

But this week wasn't just about fantastic military strategy but man our investigators said some powerful things. Jason for example was invited to a party and they gave him a cigarette. Now Jason used to have a major problem with smoking but he said he just felt like he was being choked when he held it and told the girls he didn't smoke and gave them a copy of the book of Mormon and invited them to church. POW future missionary!

Also a really cool experience was Sunday seeing Bruno bear his testimony. He served a mission from 2000-2002 and went inactive for about 8 years so Sunday he stood up and just talked. He said how he felt a hope he hadn't felt in years. He feels like he's investigating the church for the first time and he was just like I love the missionaries. Then he started to cry.

Now there comes a point and time in your life as a missionary where you don't worry so much about what am I going to teach or how am I going to teach. And when you just don't worry about stupid things and just go to work. and when that happens you get things like this. Lives changed not because of anything that you've done but because you loved the people and did your part the lord saw it fit to include you.

I'm not the kind to cry but I can think of 3 times on my mission when its happened. 1# leaving the MTC and our district. #2. Leaving Benoni. #3. leaving Nelspruit. When I get up and bear my departing testimony it feels normal. I open up try to crack some lame joke and I just look out and see the people and I just lose it. Florida ward will be the same way haha man leaving sucks.

Saturday we had a sweet bring N' Braai with the ward and man it was so fun our investigators loved it, fellowship was happening like no ones business and in the coming 4 months we should have probably 20 baptisms here. Florida is on fire.

2 cool experiences this week happened. One was at Bhukis and Jandine's place. Elder Crawford (not from my group but still awesome) was with me and we were teaching the law of chastity. Turns out they aren't married yet. So at first they were like "We don't wanna get married yet." After some pause we just talked about the Temple. How its the ultimate goal for families. How when I saw the Weitz's get sealed I knew the blessings and promises were true. We both talked about how we weren't married or had kids but someday how everything would happen and how its the ultimate goal of the gospel. Afterward they were just like "When can we go" haha man I love the power of testimony. And Temples are awesome.

Also we had the opportunity to have dinner and Elder Mkhabela of the 70's house on Sunday and man he just would look at you and say something that rocked you to the soul. Revelation/ prophecy... yes haha so many things to say about that but no time or room in email.

With Summer returning the sun is back to full peak, and I looked at my watch tan line and I look like straight up leather in comparison to underneath my watch... yeah Boerkie fo sho'.

Well awesome week and more awesome to come. Stay classy San Diego.....
Elder Robinson

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sondag Augustus 28 2011, en wat gebeur met Elder Raging Leeu en die avonture in Afrika‏

I can't think of too much else to talk about so,It sufficeth me to say... 1. Don't think I'm stressed about home college friends etc. Just during this one hour a week is when I get to think about it all so my brain sometimes overloads. 2. Being a missionary is awesome. When I first began I felt it was all about baptisms, tracting, etc. But now its taking the greater perspective. If I do my best, love the people, the missionaries I'm serving around, and have my heart in the work, I am successful whether or not I have 200 baptisms. From reading Paul's letters and stuff I really see that. He's grown a ton even though he hasn't seen "success". It's kinda the same with me... I'm one of very few missionaries who has spent all my time in town... You look around and see other guys with like 10 baptisms a month,50 in 6 months and stuff like that and its great. But sometimes it eats at you... "Why not me".... But there is a principle I've come to love lately. The work goes forth whether in Europe,Africa,Asia or the Americas and if you do what's right you are successful. Of course conversion rocks and I've had my fair share and will have more, but I think its a great principle of life... "Lift where you stand" "Come what may and love it" "Do what is right, let the consequence follow." This is what I try to do everyday... The reason the time is flying by is because I serve with no regrets, my only regret it how fast time is rushing. But I guess,that's better than to feel I haven't tried my best. I love what I'm doing... I don't wanna leave Florida yet but I'm pretty sure I'm in my final 3 weeks here,so no regrets and the journey continues.

stupid bronchitis, Wedding dates!, our people are on fire, man I love Florida‏

So first off I hate Satan he is a faggot. Just this week our zone had like 10 baptisms fall through due to sickness, one of them being Joyce. yeah so the bronchitis resurfaced so she'll get baptized next month but UGH!!!!

We had a sweet Zone Conference this week and it was my first time teaching at one... we got our assignment monday evening and we were teaching an hour tuesday morning so we didn't have really much time to prepare... But that's when the Spirit takes control. We taught about extending the baptismal commitment the first lesson and man it was power... not to boast but it was a sweet breakout session. Afterwards president and some missionaries thanked us and it was one of those times we just felt we were doing our job right. thanks in no small part to the Spirit.

So Also epic news this week the Leopengs have picked a date for their wedding September 16th! and baptism September 18th! man they have come a long way and want this I think more than anyone I have ever seen. Bruno Tebogo Malu and Brenda are also coming along well. testimonies are blazing, they read every day, they come to church, and every lesson is like doctrinal exposition which I love haha. Friday we talked about sons of perdition, the resurrection of the just and the unjust, and celestial marriage haha they eat it all up and man that is going to be two powerful families. Randall was a bit of a struggle this week. He talked to his previous pastor at a AA meeting and he was like "you don't need to be baptized again" and loaded him up with falsehoods on the Book of Mormon. So we shut him down hardcore and it looks as though everything will go well. Honestly everyone we are teaching is progressing, we're blessed with families, and man I love it here nuff said.

It's been a lot of fun this week just seeing everything come together... we didn't have the best month in terms of baptisms, but it was great in everything else.

So since I have quite a bit of time, I'd like to share about this morning. We were playing some brick ball (Soccer in the road where your goal is a brick) and it was awesome... So a ball gets booted over a fence into someones yard so I jump in there to get it and SURPRISE German shepherd.... Now I'd like to pause here and explain... I have served in town my whole mission... and everyone... I repeat everyone in town has dogs. In Nelspruit I was chased, bitten, and kicked my fair share of dogs. Pre mission dogs were all nice and had no fear.... in South Africa I became aware of dogs and that they could be dangerous. But after Nelspruit I lost all fear haha.... So back to this morning. This guy is all up in my face so I just run at him and do my best Boerbull (a Huge South African dog that I have a testimony of are crazy) impression and growl at this guy and he ran away!!! woohoo!!! Some skills you gain on mission are of the Spiritual or teaching kind... But I can intimidate guard dogs what up!

well yeah all is well in Florida, I love it here and more awesome is yet to come.

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Brother Robinson

Hello, its Elder Rama , I hope you guys are well , its a pleasure to
be able to talk to you, I've learned a little about you from Elder
Robinson, I just want to let you know that your son is amazing and is
doing really well as a missionary, he was in my district and he is a
machine , hard worker and a positive missionary, I respect him a lot
for that , I remember one thing that I will never forget about Elder
Robinson, he was sent to one of the toughest area but he pumped that
area up pretty well , we were amazed when we heard that the area was
doing good , I'm sure you know about that but ya good job in raising
such a powerful young man.
I'm writing to you to just let you know of my big interest in
studying in the United States , I've come to love that place through
all my companions which were from the United States and also it has
the thing that I'm interested in , I thank you in advance for willing
to host me for that , I really appreciate that, but I guess I would
need some orientation since I know nothing about it , the schooling
there and everything which I should do.
For myself , I'm interested in lots of things but the one close to my
heart right now is the " Digital Motion Picture Technology or
something related to sound and video, so I would appreciate if you let
me know of all the options and we'll see how am i going to do it.
I hope to hear from you soon and i wish you a very good week to you
and Sister Robinson,
Thanks a lot Brother Robinson

Elder Rama
PS: you can email me on this as well just in case this account is
closed, I have only 4 weeks left on mission.

From Elder Claude Ramahefari​vo

Suider-Utah, 21 Augustus 2011.Somer nog steeds hier.

Man I miss the Hofbrauhaus and the King Ludwig Pfeffer Steak. Good old heat too that's awesome!
I've noticed how cool mission is in that it prepares you for everything haha study, dating, college, family, cooking, overcoming crap, its just legit. But man its tough haha you gotta have your whole heart and mind in or it sucks.

Bedlam, helping hands day, progress, Berlandina, My accent, and the like‏

So man so much happened this week I can't even wrap my brain around it. It's like its Monday, then we are on exchanges, we're at church, then I'm sitting here again, time is crazy. But here is a few updates on some people we're teaching.

Joyce: Doing awesome. and man is she full of faith, we learned Tuesday her kidneys are failing but she is just like "I trust in God, I can be healed, and nothing will stop me from being baptized." She'll be baptized Sunday.

Leopengs: haven't seen them since Thursday but finances are looking positive, things look good for this month. We had a sweet lesson Thursday and talked about angels. we all shared some miracles that have happened but brother Kgomutso's was the coolest. about 20 years ago he was in Alexandra AKA Sodom and Gomorrah... and was walking late one night. A car pulled up with a white guy driving. This is still apartheid days and tells him to get in. He drops him off at his home. The next day he walks down that road and 3 were murdered on the path he was walking on. He said that night was the night he knew God was there and he said it began the search for the truth that he has now found. man they wanna get baptized just this stupid marriage is holding them back.

Bruno & Tebogo, Malu & Brenda: Miracle of the week here. It is two less active RM families who have been taught for quite some time. We just started over with them. Brenda and Tebogo are both non members who now want to be baptized like no ones business and both families talked to Bishop Sunday about getting married. Miracles never stop in missionary work.

On that note we had a ZLC meeting and Elder Ramos our AP just said something that stood out. "Miracles happen if you work and have faith. We are in the business of miracles." I think the reason I love missionary work so much is not because I love knocking doors, because I don't, its not waking up at 6 everyday and working yourself silly, But it is being the smallest part of bringing the gospel and its richest blessings to people thirsting for it. It is super tough, I've never worked so hard, some days you just wanna sleep or lay down and die haha but when you flash back on a week, or a month, or the big picture man its worth it. No regrets, enjoy to the end, that is my policy.

Saturday was Mormon helping hands day and we fixed up a homeless shelter. It was amazing to see people cry over a washing machine and freshly painted walls. all the little kids were blown away by the top loader washing machine. man sometimes we take things for granted and we should never do that. service is bomb. can't believe this was my last all Africa Helping Hands Day. Man I hate the calender. haha.

So my accent is getting pretty crazy everyone thinks I'm from England now and we're getting a lot of new American missionaries around here and I know that that is how I used to talk and it makes me laugh haha I don't know what happened. I'm excited to bring my south Africanisms to America like Sharping People, Is It, obvious, and Pigeon English as some call it. Haha man just you wait. Plus papa and chakalaka fasten your seatbelts.

But I guess to sum up this week you gotta have your heart in whatever you're doing if you don't you just float on through and don't realize how dope life could be. this is something I need to work on as well. It's been such a crazy week my brain hasn't had time to think or slow down. this is why I love P-days. eyawe everyone.

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sondag 14 Augustus, is wat Elder woeste leeu tot hierdie week

my new companion is Elder Ndlovu (NNN dl o voo) and his last name means elephant haha so brother elephant. He's from Stanger in Kwazulunatal at the southern end of the country just outside of Durban. It's funny because he was in our zone and just moved up the road from Witpoortjie to Florida. So I already know him and things are sweet. I'm still in Soweto but I can say with about 95% confidence I'll be leaving after this transfer because he dies in 2 and I probably will not stay 7 and a half here or kill three times in a row
Yeah we sat together and discussed about Nelspruit, mission, danger zone, and other fun topics. speaking of Elder Williams yeah if I decide to go back to BYU we're planning on getting a hustler pad put together. For sure we'll be around each other U of U or BYU though. It all really just depends on what I want to do where I go haha its a really tough decision. most of my pre mission buds are going to the U and most of my mission buds and Nick are going to the Y... haha my heart is at Utah for sports but UGH I don't know. But Elder Williams is mah boy and definitely go visit mama Williams haha.
Also brother Van Rooyen who we are staying with wanted to know if Deseret Book had any Work and the Glory DVD's or books that are new. He's a big time collector but they can't get everything in South Africa.

Anywho yeah speaking of scouts there is a Boy Scouts of South Africa Gilwell in our area. So I'm going to do some research and see if I can find you guys any nick nacks. speaking of nick nacks did the package come?

11 months is crazy haha I honestly am getting worried time is rushing to fast. especially since this is probably my last transfer here.

Sister Maneha heck yeah haha I'm going to write all the temple square sisters today and send some pictures. I think I'll finally catch up on everything this week.

Finally, The Big 5 enters Florida, the Spirit, the fast, promised blessings‏

Where to begin... It's been a pretty intense week here in Afrika. Tuesday was transfer meeting and those are always sweet to hear the dying
testimonies and see everyone again. My new companion is Elder Ndlovu from Stanger in Durban and its funny because he was already in our zone. So his son, his investigators, and his old area are just 10 K's up the road and we'll be doing exchanges with them. He's a cool kid and has loads of energy I'm sure will do a lot of great things together. Coincidence of the century happened at the transfer meeting though.

So I rewind to November 2009 I'm at BYU playing in an ultimate frisbee intramural game and for the first time ever I meet another Kenyon... yeah... turns out we were guarding each other and on one throw they called both of our names and we paused and it was awkward it was the first time it had happened to either of us... So I fast forward to tuesday.. we just got an Elder Foster from the Madagascar mission who was transfered here and I'm helping him move his bags and I notice his name is kenyon. we pause and it was like... did you play frisbee? yeah so the exact same kid 18 months later in Africa, I'm his zone leader now... crazy haha.

This week was sweet in that we found 8 new investigators and all of them are families. and everyone is excited and understands. But I think the sweetest was with the Leopengs and Malu and Brenda and Bruno and Tebogo. So we met with the Leopengs and they opened up a lot and really don't care about anything other than getting married and baptized. I felt prompted we should fast with them and so we did... We all just felt like everything was finally gonna work out and they should be baptized and married next month.

Now Bruno and Tebogo and Malu and Brenda are two Less active part member families. Bruno and Malu are both RM's and we've been working with them all for quite a while with no real progress. But this week everything just came together they had a break down on wednesday and we just happened to pop by. We talked and asked them all to think about what they want to see happen in their future. Yesterday we went back and had a powerful lesson I think they'll be two families brought together and converted back to the gospel everything just seemed to go right.

This week I learned the power of qualifying for, searching for, and then using the Spirit in the work. Especially in what to teach and promising blessings of following. We saw miracles every day this last week and that is the source. Missionary work is awesome nuff said...

Anyway yeah that's about it... enjoy the week up and coming and more awesome is to come.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost in Soweto, the prayer, "missionaries that threaten our families" and other testimonies, Da Silvas, Roofies, 3 more to an ace‏

So needless to say it was a pretty legendary week here in South Africa... an awesome new family was found Bhukis and Jandine... We taught them for the first time Tuesday and put them on baptismal date the first lesson... Bhukis was like "I am ready any time..." He's from the DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo) and basically they are the most humble people alive... His wife Jandine is a colored from South Africa and seemed a bit skeptical but very sincere... So we returned Thursday and it was just her... but she was just like I feel so good when you come... I feel like I just wanna understand the Spirit and quit smoking... no word of wisdom or anything :D.... Then Sunday she came to church and got fellow shipped like no ones business... I have no doubt they will be baptized... they are prepared with a capital P.

Everyone else is doing pretty sweet. Jason was confirmed which honestly is one of my favorite parts of missionary work... I felt impressed to say he would serve a mission... haha he's pretty nervous but I'm sure he will he just has that fire... We did however have a bit of a struggle this week with Randall... so because the Da Silva family was moving he didn't have a ride to church so he went to a bar instead... yeah... I know... and someone slipped roofies (the date-rape) drug in his drink and he went kinda crazy... He got robbed, lost his phone, and showed up at our apartment at 6 this morning... haha so yeah we ran him home and we'll see what happens tonight... He keeps saying he's looking for something but he doesn't know what... obviously its the gospel but he's so busy with work he doesn't have much time to discover that... concern of the week right there.

Also with the Da Silvas we had an interesting lesson... It seems sister Da Silva has lost her testimony so we had a long hard chat and it simply came back to the basics of praying without Bias or doubt. we'll see what happened tonight.

So I also had a cool experience is Soweto with Elder Zuma... We went tracting and prayed to find 1. a family and 2. someone who would accept what we taught... first door... family... they were slaughtering some chickens for the weekend feast but they'll see them tomorrow... 2nd house. 7th day Adventist... We teach lesson one (the restoration) and we invite him to pray... it was a powerful lesson and he got it and he said " I don't even need to pray... I know this is the true church..." yep the Lord answers prayers haha. On the way back we got lost at a wrong turn and wandered around for about 45 minutes before the main road appeared again but it was a nice tour...

Yesterday has to have been the funniest testimony meeting of my mission... I'll share a few quotes... Brother Mboweni "These missionaries come into our homes and threaten our families, and our children, even our very lives." He meant to say strengthen instead of threaten... but hilarious anyway.... young man "once upon a time a car broke down in the desert. one took the cup holder so he could carry his drink as they went for help. one carried a seat so he could sit down when he was tired. one brought the door so he could roll down the window when it was hot... I know this church is true... amen." yeah haha I have no idea what that had to do with anything... but someone related pokemon to the gospel and it made absolutely no sense... but an awesome meeting.

Well time is running short with Elder Tungela and I being together and he dies tomorrow so I'll get another companion...I think I'll train a zone leader but honestly I have no idea. But whatever happens Florida is doin awesome and we're gonna have success...

Well that's about it for this week I'm off to mini golf and some Kota... yum...

Elder Robinson

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jason, MOVING, speaking in sacrament, stellar august.

So this week was honestly one of the most insane weeks of my mission but we honestly didn't have anything that spectacular happen other than the baptism...

Jason was baptized yesterday and it was powerful... he's come such a long way and he's an incredible example of going forward with faith and eventually figuring everything out... He accepted everything we taught and just went for it... He's an awesome friend and he'll be an awesome missionary some day... I'll confirm him Sunday.

So the big project of this week was helping the Benjamin's a recent convert family move. now in the past I think I've said that missionaries are just expected to be experts in everything. so Wednesday- Saturday for almost all of our morning and early afternoons we painted an entire house, garage, gate, re-tiled, put cabinets in, put dressers in, moved in moved out and did full time missionary work. honestly I'm still exhausted.

Also we were given a speaking assignment in church and so because we were constantly working we had no time to prepare until Saturday night. plus put together a baptismal program plus transport 2 districts around because of car troubles, plus handle our appointments. So needless to say we were run ragged. But all is well... its finished now and we're all ready for a new week.

Speaking of a new week its August now... what the heck... but we're looking really good for this month and we have 7 potential baptisms up and coming... keep your fingers crossed.

So yeah kind of an uneventful week but a good week nonetheless... thanks for all the letters everyone they are awesome... I'll write back soon just with killing missionaries and leaving Nelspruit I've had very little time... but be patient I'll get there ha ha.

Have a good week.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer day, meltdown avoided, baptisms?, ZLC, temple yet again, dang it just get married.‏

Well happy pioneer day everyone and happy fireworking, bbqing, and all of that other fun stuff. This week in our missionary testimony meeting Elder and Sister Watts were saying goodbye and they spoke about how 100 years from now their will be people thanking us for the sacrifice we made and for their ancestors being pioneers to the gospel in their families. It was powerful stuff. It kinda came back to how you never know how successful you were as a missionary until you see how it changes you and if your converts stay converted. so we just need to do the right things.

The zone meltdown is taken care of and everyone just agreed it was stupid to fight and well yeah haha we didn't have to do much they just all needed to talk and really realize why they are here.

So updates on our investigators... we'll get two baptisms this sunday.

Sister Joyce John: she is awesome I felt she didn't quite comprehend the restoration and what it meant so we went back to the basics and she realized everything and found an overwhelming peace about being baptized. before it just seemed like excuse after excuse. but now all is well. she's on fire.

Jason McKenzie had been probably the investigator I've seen the biggest change in. It all began with teaching him and him virtually understanding nothing. as we began to talk more about the book of mormon and living the commandments he just went for it. and there always seemed to be something holding him back. a fear of messing up. But after testimony after testimony and powerful lesson. we went yesterday and he said I'm going for it sunday. I need to be baptized. now his only fear is giving a talk in church haha.

I guess my sweetest experience this week was all kinda in connection with the meetings we had at ZLC.

we talked about how as missionaries we are an extension of the quorum of the 12 apostles. that night I was kinda flipping through some notes I had taken in the past and came accrossed my notes from Elder Holland.

"If you want your investigators to pray more sincerely, you need to pray more sincerely."
"Never forget PMG was created to convert you"

As I read this I thought kinda back on Jason and how we asked him to do a lot this last week so I did everything we asked him to do. I prayed about the BOM, I went to church and took notes, I prayed about Christ, and well... its true.

Jason figured it out and everything worked out. Elder Holland = the man

So Elder Bricknell of the 70 spoke in sacrament meeting and he talked about how he used to emmulate his grandfather and do everything that he did. he then related it to how we should love the savior and emmulate the savior like we emmualate a hero of ours. it was powerful and I guess that's all you need to do. do what is right and see the blessings that come.

But we are struggling with getting two families married. one especially.

We took the Leopeng family to the temple saturday but there had been a huge disagreement between the two of them and of course there was always the concern of keeping the traditions of culture alive in their marriage so things are quite heated. so Matsie and Neo came to the temple and Kgomutso stayed in the car. She opened up a lot about things and just wants to please God and work things out. But everything seems to be going wrong. We've studied and planned for them tuesday and we're kinda planning on like a sitdown and just putting everything on the table and we hope it doesn't go all terribly wrong. But yeah haha we need a miracle to work all this out.

So the work continues haha. Some things go great. others... not so great. But we stay positive, obedient, and work hard and things always work out.

But in other news we have a ton of cleaning to do today haha. the problem with killing missionaries is there are so many more important things to do than clean before they die. and since florida is a dying area I have reason to believe the flat hasn't been cleaned other than dishes and sweeping and counters in around 6 months haha. but that'll change today haha.

Everything is kinda weird right now I'm not gonna lie. Like things are going sweet in our area but the zone hasn't been doing the hottest. things are gonna be a ton better this month but its weird being a zone leader like you're a missionary just like everyone else but its different haha I feel a little distatched from our area. I don't know what it is. But I love our investigators and we're seeing a lot of success. maybe its just because I haven't tracted in like 8 weeks haha.

Well yeah that's what's happening...

Oh wait funny story we were at this guys birthday party because they invited us for food and this lady was drunk and like kept saying how her horoscope said we were compatible haha... yeah life of a missionary is awesome

well sala kahle mina butis.

Elder Robinson

Monday, July 18, 2011

CONTENTION!, Temple round 2, dishes, Randall, other sweet business.‏

So its been a pretty good week we've made some real progress with investigators but we are still struggling with some.

Nkululeko seems to have lost his fire since he went to Zim so hopefully with our lesson Tuesday things can get better just he's kinda floating on through missing church and lessons like its no big deal. Also Jason is still struggling a bit understanding and feeling his answer to prayer. And we had a bit of a zone meltdown due to some disobedience.So it has been quite the week for us solving concerns and running everywhere. Sometimes just stupid things are done by missionaries. Not too bad but just stuff you shouldn't do as missionaries. And well that's probably the cause of 90% of problems. But we're working it out.

We got to go back to the Temple which was sweet even though there has been a gasoline strike the last 10 days. Workers demand more money, hijack tanker trucks fight workers and a lot of the country goes on standstill. Its a lot like last year after the world cup when everyone wanted all of the surplus money to go to them and the hospitals went on strike and the police and buildings were burned down. Even the electrical bills have gone up like 27%,and so government houses are being burned by the people... its pretty crazy. Sometimes people are just too greedy.

But anyway... we have had some sweet contacts this week and... hold your breath... I have finally contacted the elusive dreadlock lead family... Now... this key indicator has some history... we always thought it would be sweet to baptize someone with dreads... but even more so if they were part of a family... and now... we contacted one... and they are awesome... they just moved from Germiston and "are looking for a church" yes!

Also awesome is Randall. He's been coming to church for 3 weeks now and is a member referral. He's had a pretty crazy life but man he is so humble and so prepared for the gospel we're making awesome progress and he's seeing his life turn around.

Things are good we've just had a few hiccups as of late in the work. But its a bright sunny P-day and that always helps fire you up for the week.

Well yeah. that's about it. I've started my second year journal and everything is sweet and more awesome news to come.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a man... get circumcized!, The Spirit in the work, Desire, Temple sealing, Sister Joyce, and much much more.‏

Well hello everyone. Sorry this email is so late but I have hard core food poisoning. yeah so funny story... yesterday we had a lunch appointment and we had a chicken casserole. I've been told never to eat cold chicken... but I was SO hungry... so I ate, and had dessert and had leftovers for dinner... this morning at approximately 4:17:37 AM I was awakened by a growling from regions beyond. sprinting into the cold hallowed ground and kicked the door. as I began to shout well I boked like no ones business. after 13 trips to the bathroom and 10 minutes of singing to the trash can all is well... or so I hope...

anywho in other news how awesome is being a missionary? Legendary. This week we were able to see all of our zone in many different ways... first off 63 piece chicken salute to the good old U S of A and indoor soccer. We then went on exchanges with Soweto and Dobsonville and finally were able to work with them they are awesome missionaries and are blazing it up...

In other exciting news Soweto is being stricken with huge billboards that say "Be a Man Get Circumcized." awesome pictures to come. We had a lot of fun interviewing this week for baptism in Pimville and honestly there is nothing cooler than seeing someone change and prepare to make covenants. Speaking of covenants Bam! I went to the Temple this week and saw the Weitz family get sealed. probably just about the coolest experience of my mission. I still remember my last day in Nelspruit Reuben just said "Cigarettes are not worth my family" I'm going to the temple and no more smoking. and He never looked back. This teaches us the power of a desire. If you really want to change and put your mind to it and include the Lord... there is NOTHING you can't achieve. Miracles happen everyday if faith is sufficient. pray, fast, and fight and they will come I don't hesitate to assure you. Check out Moroni 7: 26-27 and 35-37 my favorite scriptures as of late. We cannot change the Lord's will but he does answer us.

So this brings me again to another miracle. Sister Joyce who has been pushing back baptism because she wants to be perfect finally changed. Let me tell you how. The Spirit. No other way. We began the lesson and we bore testimony of the power of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. we talked about how life is all about what you become rather than what you do and well needless to say the Lord took care of the rest. Miracle! here we come July 31... Also George, Jason, Nkululeko, and Patty are preparing for that day. But we need 1. work off, 2. a little more change and an answer. 3. a marriage. respectively. But I know something good is about to come and well never forget what is possible with a little PDF (Prayer, Dillegence, Faith)

To sum up... the gospel is true. its over a year now since disembarking on the greatest two years and honestly I'm getting a little nervous of just how fast time is going. But I'm sure this year will be even more legendary than the last. stay tuned.

Oh and btw Soweto zones destroyed the Soweto basketball league today... go AMERICA!!!!

have a dank week!

Pictures below Johannesburg Temple,Weitsz family sealing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crazy dreams, SOEAST!, Pres. Omer, Serve the Zone the Lord will bless‏

So man so much has happened this week I don't know where to begin. lets start with our zone. So we are working on bringing Soweto East from Obscurity into triumph and so we've been setting up book of Mormon stands. Basically its a huge poster and a table full of pamphlets, pass-along's, DVD's, BOM's, and Liahonas and other flashy things... and we contact in the middle of Soweto craziness.. like imagine 5000 people or so passing by and all sorts of crazy things. and it is hugely successful. this month for our 12 missionaries we're looking at around 35 baptisms so we're blazing which is great to see.

Day to day things of missionary work are just awesome its some of those things that just you can't describe until you live it... but I'll try.

George our bro from Tanzania is gonna be baptized on the 24th this week we were teaching about the Law of Chastity and it was so funny to hear him say how hard he's trying to marry his girlfriend but how Labolla (paying for your wife Jonny Lingo style) is stopping him. but his Boss is a pastor in a local church and tried to bash us. its always so funny "I can prove to you in the Bible you're wrong!" Ok... do it... then he laughs and pulls out ye cannot serve God and Mammon... somehow thinking that means Mormon and then said if we keep trying to convert George he'll do the same. Well... for one I its awesome how a 50 year old tries to fight some 20 year old's haha but George showed who one... "This guy is crazy. Kitabu Chimormoni (the book of Mormon in Swahili) is word of God. his church is just money money..." score one Elders score none Pastor van Der Wan.

Also Jason is just awesome... to see someone go from basically no understanding to teaching us is nothing short of a miracle...

So something I've learned is when we serve others the Lord hooks us up so much... as we've been working in our missionaries areas and finding for them He has just been throwing people at us... just this week we found 2 less active RM's who have been preparing their wife/ fiancee for the gospel and we just happen to come at the right place at the right time. and also Pilisile is a members daughter who simply came to church and was like I need to be baptized. Miracles are no joke happening everyday and its such a testimony booster.

Well this week marks one year gone. and the birthday of the greatest country in the world.
So... Go blow things up, shoot guns, BBQ, shoot fire works, play your patriotic music loud, and go wave the flag around because its awesome.

The church is true never forget it/ learn it. today is 4th of July KFC feast and volleyball. so that'll be fun.

Last night I had a crazy dream I was 18 again meeting with Bishop and I had some repenting to do before I could go on mission... he gave me a list of things to work on... In my dream I was super upset so I just went out and read through it... then it came to now and I was like... these things are stupid there is no reason to blow that off or to waste that or whatever else. because before mission honestly I was a joker when it came to a lot of spiritual things... and as I thought that and was disappointed that I had wasted so much time... they faded off the list. then I woke up. crazy dream but repentance is powerful... sometimes its not things we've done wrong but what we could have done better. Let yourself change and you'll see the power.

well enough soap box... I'm doing a lot of this lately....

God Bless America
happy 4th

Elder Robinson

Monday, June 27, 2011

Xhosa in the house!, Soweto East?, 3 baptisms, is that ice?!?!?, miracles strike back, dog #8 kicked!

Welcome one welcome all to this weeks edition of Mzansi fo sho... in some news on monday we got hounded at the traditional market... "come to my shop!" "Elders!!! welcome" I want those shoes... how much?" and the like shook us for two hours... we then enjoyed a sweet haircut and scalp massage... Elder Rodrigues is dead and home now which is pretty insane and my new companion is Elder Tungela from Mtanzane in the eastern cape... He's been on mission now for 22 months so ya'll know what that means I'm killing another missionary!

So I don't remember if I said so or not last week or not but the Soweto zone has split... we lost a lot of awesome missionaries but also gained some incredible ones... We now are the Soweto East Zone and cover Florida, Dobsonville, Soweto, Diepkloof, Weltevreden park, and Pimville. so its a tight compact zone with a lot of awesome missionaries.

This sunday we had baptisms! Mike Zhangazha who we've been teaching for about 2 months is awesome. He's from Zimbabwe and in 3 weeks read to Mormon in the book of Mormon. His testimony was awesome... I know this church is true because joseph smith is a prophet and the book of mormon is the word of God. I have no doubt... powerful man. also Lucky and Mpho two of Elder and Sister Watts investigators were baptized and it was a super powerful baptism. seeing a family brought together. Also lined up we have... the Leopeng family (Kgomutso, Matsie, and Neo) Ndlovu family (Nkululeko and Patty), Joyce, Jason, Neo, George, and several others. Things are awesome!

This week we had a really sweet experience with the Leopengs and also Jason. Leopengs first... They are just waiting on getting married and Matsie was praying just for help and comfort and just felt electric... like she couldn't stop smiling the whole week. she just kept saying how excited she is to be baptized and get married and go to the temple... man I love those guys...

Jason is an awesome guy. He's been struggling though a bit with reading and understanding. But we had a cool lesson about the spirit and it was powerful... we committed him to pray and ask for specific help understanding and finding out its true. within 3 days he nearly finished 1st Nephi and understood it perfectly.... MIRACLE!

Also one more haha. Patty is Mike's Aunt and yesterday when he was getting baptized she was like can I just please get baptized today? man people love the Lord here and miracles happen every day. She just needs to be married to Nkululeko first. and he's going home to discuss Lobolla this week. Awesome!

I kicked another dog... boom...

and we had ice on our car this morning... yep... its winter and its freezing.

Well an awesome week. I'm super excited for my new companion and the work and miracles to come this transfer.

Elder Kenyon Siyanqoba Robinson signing off