Monday, June 20, 2011

I could have aranged a jift!, dying missionaries, warthog flu, I love my zone, the split, transfers yet again

So a pretty sweet week here in Africa. elder Rodrigues is in his final days and so we've been fed a ton and we're just blazing out teaching and having fun. just this week our tanzanian brother George was saying goodbye to Elder Rod and was like "ugh you should have told me sooner you were going I could have arranged a jift (gift) haha man I love george. I guess it has been pretty cool to have him as a companion at this point and time. I really got to see where I wanna be in another year and its been awesome he's a stellar missionary.

So unfortunately this week I believe I was afflicted with swine flu.. but since its africa the warthog flu... I got pink eye and have been congested hard core but things are finally getting better. Elder Rod got sick as well and has like crazy ear infection so its kinda funny we go out teaching and on exchanges and we're all sick and drugged up and we teach about the word of wisdom haha and how it keeps us healthy.

Also awesome was teaching gospel doctrine yesterday we were like so crazy on nyquil, cough syrup, mucinex, and antibiotics I'm sure we were hilarious because I felt so funny.

this week once again all I can say is I love our zone, I love working with these guys and its sad to see our zone splitting into soweto east and west and so many getting transferred but it'll also be sweet to see all the new guys.

But yeah I'd say the most spiritual experience this week was hearing about grandma. President called me around 9 at night and it was sad but really more of a relief. She is free from all that sickness, pain, and stress, and is with grandpa again... I just felt really good and a peace came over me that everything was cool. God's plan is a perfect plan and if we do what's right we can be with all our loved ones, friends, and family again.

But yeah it's gonna be a crazy few weeks. New missionaries, New Zone, New companion, New office couples, new mission president, 8 current zone leaders dying, and the whole mission being turned up side down. stay tuned.

Elder Robinson

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