Monday, June 27, 2011

Xhosa in the house!, Soweto East?, 3 baptisms, is that ice?!?!?, miracles strike back, dog #8 kicked!

Welcome one welcome all to this weeks edition of Mzansi fo sho... in some news on monday we got hounded at the traditional market... "come to my shop!" "Elders!!! welcome" I want those shoes... how much?" and the like shook us for two hours... we then enjoyed a sweet haircut and scalp massage... Elder Rodrigues is dead and home now which is pretty insane and my new companion is Elder Tungela from Mtanzane in the eastern cape... He's been on mission now for 22 months so ya'll know what that means I'm killing another missionary!

So I don't remember if I said so or not last week or not but the Soweto zone has split... we lost a lot of awesome missionaries but also gained some incredible ones... We now are the Soweto East Zone and cover Florida, Dobsonville, Soweto, Diepkloof, Weltevreden park, and Pimville. so its a tight compact zone with a lot of awesome missionaries.

This sunday we had baptisms! Mike Zhangazha who we've been teaching for about 2 months is awesome. He's from Zimbabwe and in 3 weeks read to Mormon in the book of Mormon. His testimony was awesome... I know this church is true because joseph smith is a prophet and the book of mormon is the word of God. I have no doubt... powerful man. also Lucky and Mpho two of Elder and Sister Watts investigators were baptized and it was a super powerful baptism. seeing a family brought together. Also lined up we have... the Leopeng family (Kgomutso, Matsie, and Neo) Ndlovu family (Nkululeko and Patty), Joyce, Jason, Neo, George, and several others. Things are awesome!

This week we had a really sweet experience with the Leopengs and also Jason. Leopengs first... They are just waiting on getting married and Matsie was praying just for help and comfort and just felt electric... like she couldn't stop smiling the whole week. she just kept saying how excited she is to be baptized and get married and go to the temple... man I love those guys...

Jason is an awesome guy. He's been struggling though a bit with reading and understanding. But we had a cool lesson about the spirit and it was powerful... we committed him to pray and ask for specific help understanding and finding out its true. within 3 days he nearly finished 1st Nephi and understood it perfectly.... MIRACLE!

Also one more haha. Patty is Mike's Aunt and yesterday when he was getting baptized she was like can I just please get baptized today? man people love the Lord here and miracles happen every day. She just needs to be married to Nkululeko first. and he's going home to discuss Lobolla this week. Awesome!

I kicked another dog... boom...

and we had ice on our car this morning... yep... its winter and its freezing.

Well an awesome week. I'm super excited for my new companion and the work and miracles to come this transfer.

Elder Kenyon Siyanqoba Robinson signing off


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