Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Jozi/Nelspruit/Africa‏

So welcome to this weeks email... so to begin... today I am still notan uncle which is honestly very disappointing but well who knows thecoming hours could say otherwise... as for my news from back homecongrats to Uncle Weston on the Alpine Germany Mission call that isflippin fantastic and Spence good luck out there man... I want to sayits gonna be a pretty crazy christmas this year... we're gonna startoff with the phone calls of our two african missionaries and then goto the Mcarthy's (Karl, Lisa, Barney, and "mama Africa" + the kids)and its going to be us, the kanyemazane missionaries, and theatkinsons our awesome senior couple... I believe we are going to enjoyPaptart (maize meal, potatoes, cheese, mince, russians, viennas, andcorn) so super awesome and some Kudu meat... so we are gonna have anAfrikaaner Christmas... Some sweet news is I'll get to call home andtalk with everyone which I am pretty pumped about and that is allgoing down Christmas morning... So to the week this week was so super awesome compared with last week.we tracted a lot... and I mean A LOT. but we found 3 super sweetfamilies we have already taught and some others we will be teaching inthe coming days. I'm excited to say I think things are gonna turnaround and we'll some some growth in the branch very soon. One awesome family we are teaching now is Justice and his wife andkids who for some reason haven't told us their names yet because it ishit and miss with them... but they are from Swaziland and they alreadyhave a testimony.. also, we met this guy named lucky who was taught bymissionaries in the past but when he moved they lost him... he askedlike the greatest question ever... " so when I know this book istrue... and from what I've read it is... what do I need to do?" hahathat's like asking me... "Elder robinson would you like some chickenwings?" boom I love the spirit and prepared people... this week also was awesome in terms of meeting crazy people haha wemet this lady margaret for example... so we knocked on her gate andshe came out... and was like "oh we're christians here but if I didlet you in what would you share?" so we did a 2 minute version oflesson 1 and bore sweet testimony... then she was like " that'snice..." "by the way so my neighbor came the other day and was like doyou know jesus? and I was like yes.... "no margaret... do you knowjesus?" yes... "let me explain... do you know pastor Chris? (a famouspastor with like a flippin huge house, church, and like 200 books)well yes I've read some of his books.... "so if pastor chris waswalking down the street would he say hello margaret how are you?" wellno... I don't know him that well... "that's why I ask... do you KNOWJesus?" then she was like that day I learned who Christ is and so I don't needyour church thanks though... Man we laughed for like the next 5 hourshaha.... but the ditch of the week was this We met a woman named florence in Nelsville who told us to come bysunday afternoon... we showed up on time for our appointment and sawher like 7 year old daughter outside... she was like oh you guys...just one second let me get my mom... 30 seconds passed by... "my momsays that no one is home...." priceless... hahaha... alright tell yourmom thanks... "okay!!! bye!" I love tracting haha these little day to day things make missionarywork awesome.... Well still kind of an uneventful week... some hard core rain...driving through the bushveld with monsoon like winds and rain whileyou see duikers run across the road and hear hyenas was pretty sweetthough... yeah what's up I serve in Africa take that! :D anyway not a whole lot more to talk about so I just wanna wisheveryone a merry Christmas von Africa to go along with the card andenjoy the holidays and stay safe everyone! much love from Africa I'mgoing to enjoy the mission wide Christmas party in Roodeport today andwe are singing Away in a manger so I'll leave you all with thoughts ofmy velvety smooth voice singing time loved carols haha... justkidding... but seriously happy holidays and remember what its allabout... Peace out from South Africa Elder Robinson

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