Monday, December 6, 2010

Transfer news winners are?!?!?!?!?!

Congratulations to all of those who guessed Mpumalanga... That is right I'm now a proud member of North East zone and I am serving in a province with only 3 other missionaries... So this means my area is Bombastically big... my area is Nelspruit South Africa which was a host city for the World cup, is a dominantly white area... meaning work will be HARD, includes Kruger National park the largest concentration of African native wildlife in the world (I honestly can here the Zebras at night), there is hippo and crocodiles in the rivers right across from our flat, and I GET TO TAKE MALARIA PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my area is pretty dang sweet. I can see Mozambique from my area as well as Swaziland and I am in the same flat as Elder Alder my MTC companion which is super sweet they are the Kanymazane elders... But the next closest missionaries are about 5 hours away so we are out in the sticks haha...

My new companion is Elder Kantu from the "Pearl of Africa" Uganda... he's a sweet guy and reminds me hard core of Gonzo from the muppets... we've been having a lot of fun and doin some pretty good work so far I just feel he's a little tired of the area because he's already been here for 3 months and this area is basically the toughest area in the mission... 2 baptisms in the last year, big BIG houses, and lots of stubborn Afrikaaners... But hopefully with prayer, fasting, hard work, 1000% obedience, and lots and lots of doors knocked things will come right here... In fact we already had a pretty awesome experience after 2 straight days of 10am to 8pm knocking doors with no results I spent a lot of time thinking and praying of where we could go and we talked and decided to go to kamagugu in just about 5 hours of work there we've already found about 5 families to teach and 10 individuals... I am praying so hard they progress this area needs the gospel hard core... I left Benoni with 10 baptisms and 10 others I left there should be getting baptized in the coming 3 weeks. I hope to leave here with similar results though the work will be tough... its really gonna take the "miracle quadrant" of positive attitude and positive effort. But things will come right.

The branch is so sweet though like our members are awesome I just hope they start giving us referrals because if not there is gonna be some big matata haha... Oh and BTW mom we have a second mom here Sister Smith she is awesome haha in her testimony yesterday she just poured her heart out to us and was like if you want blessings, feed the missionaries and give them referrals haha she is the bomb.

I am gonna have a sweet time exploring this area it is seriously like Jurassic park here there are electric fences everywhere to keep the animals off the roads I just really hope the work is as sweet as the area but I'm sure with hard work it will be... It seems as though I'll be spending 6 months here if I follow suit with the other previous missionaries which means when I peace out I'll be 10 and 1/2 months gone and about ready to make the downward climb... honestly it shocks me how fast time is going I mean its Christmas in 19 days for pete sakes... Speaking of that... I'll enjoy my 90 degree days with monsoon like rain every other day and the green mountains, waterfalls, flowers, and wildlife that surround our area... hope you enjoy snow, smoke and the like in winter that side... the funniest things are the santa is coming this summer signs...

anyway time is gone\

Elder Robinson!!!

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