Monday, December 13, 2010

This is Nelspruit" -Elder Kantu‏

Well hello and Ayoba from Nelspruit... to begin with let me just say... The church is true... I left Benoni, friends, family, and my home away from home, and I gained a testimony haha. So let me take you through my typical day so far... wake up at 6:30... crack out 500 pushups eat a bowl of weetbix with some toast and plum jam and take a shower. next thing you know it is 8 and time for study til 10. He're is where the fun begins. leave the flat and tract (knock doors, gates, push the intercoms, yell, shout) until 2 or 3. then we have lunch which as of now consists of top raumen because my alotment is gone because I sent a box home (enjoy the presents and pictures!!!) and then go tract again. By around 5 or 6 we may have one appointment and then we tract until dark 7:15 then go see a member pump them up for missionary work/ask for referrals and then head back home. plan til 10. enjoy a delicious Black cat peanut butter and jelly delightful sammich and then eat pillow.

Man the days are long here and the work is super tough. I've never been rejected more in my life haha no one wants us in, no one wants what we are "selling" and everyone is "too busy come back on weekend". But let me tell you something. when you wake up and you realize bam I'm a missionary and this stuff is true and you study and then you go out all day and see how much people whether rich or poor need what you are sharing. its super comforting.

Well lets share the top 3 rejections of the week...

#3 brings us to Stone Edge... we met this guy knocking doors and said yes guys I'm looking to get back on the path come tomorrow at 4... we show up... knock... and his two huge german shepards run up to the gate. he says sorry guys I'm not interested and if you knock again I'll open this gate and they will hunt you down... :D

#2 takes us to white river. so everyone here has dogs and a lot of them so we were knocking gates and this guy comes out yelling at us in Afrikaans and then switches to english when we smile "stop molesting my dog!!! (Elder Robinson "sir we didn't touch your dog") angry man "your presence here is disturbing my dog FUTSAKH" (Afrikaans for piss off you dog.)

and #1 brings us back to Nelspruit where we saw a sign on a gate that said "Warning... My dog Bites... you have been warned... If you are from 1. The church of latter-day saints 2. Jehovas Witness 3. 7th Day Adventist or any other Sect. You can turn around and leave right now.... Also no salesmen or women or any other low life... if you are not a friend, relative, or the mailman leave now.

so congratulations to our winners and thanks for playing.

See we have fun even in trial.

So my goal for this area is to leave it better than I found it by strengthening members, tracting all day every day to get those who are prepared, and studying and developing my teaching until my brain explodes. also to always seek the spirit in contacting, and teaching... hopefully that will make things turn around here but honestly it is going to take a ton of work and prayers... But that's why I am here to work hard...

Some big change I noticed is when I first came out I was so excited for the African experience, languages, the animals, and all that which is still nice... But now it is like I care so much for these people when I can't teach them its like nothing else matters. so I may go crazy tracting here but I'm gonna give it my very best...

Enjoy the week talk to you all soon.

Elder Robinson

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