Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Follow up trainer Elder Robinson, 7 months old, and yeah man I'm old all of a sudden‏

Welcome to this weeks edition of adventures in Afrika. To begin Elder Kantu is gone and now is in Matchuti in Botswana... I am now follow up training Elder Justin Brey from Highland Utah and honestly it's kinda intimidating... like he's a sweet kid, we get along well, knows how to teach pretty well, and an obedient missionary. We both like the same music, same kinda stuff, he's just a little quiet. It's an odd feeling. Like just 2 months ago I was being follow up trained myself. I'm still only in my 5th transfer and well Nelspruit is tough. We've already seen more success than the whole of last year and I feel a little lost I would say. But its weird... like I can say the Lord answers prayers but usually not in the way you expect. for example... I've been really lost the last few weeks I would say, when I saw the area falling apart around me, my teaching going downhill because of no lessons, and the only two investigators we had become recent converts just was a shock to the system I would say. So I prayed... like no ones business... to get the fire in my heart back, to help this area, to strengthen the members, to do anything to get back on track. Afterwords I felt really peaceful I would say and the next morning we got the phone call I'd be follow up training, elder Kantu would be gone, and now word on the street is we're gonna have a young district so there is a possibility of even being a DL in the near future.

Crazy... But let's just talk about how everything has gone the last 3 days, this is the most shocking thing. Now all of a sudden with two white people we are treated differently by the people... now you may be thinking "elder you're jumping to conclusions these people aren't racist" well not once did we get a go away, we have a church, we're not interested, or anything. in fact we taught. a lot. even in neighborhoods I knocked in the past people I've personally talked to said... " no guys we've never seen you before!" The Lord answers prayers, but sometimes not in the way you expect. hopefully our area will take off now... I just really really hope it isn't a race thing.

But I can definitely say I have found the drive again to improve I feel like ready to work, study, learn, grow, teach, and all that again and I feel like we'll be able to as well. members are working with us, we just got fired up by Zone Conference, we're gonna be starting the Branch mission organization, and everything is sweet. and it looks like we'll be getting another baptism this month and hopefully even more in march.

Time is out gotta run but enjoy the week... love you all
false alarm 6 minutes.

yeah the Lord answers prayers and doors open up who knows what will come in the next few months/ weeks/ however long I'm still in Nelspruit but things seem to be coming alright. other than Justice doesn't want us anymore haha apparently he loves his church to much to leave and has tried to tell us but didn't wanna hurt our feelings. Now we've just killed another month of time with him... ugh

Lets see also sweet we're gonna be volunteering at the hospital Monday nights and doing family home evenings with some sick kids and singing hymns so that'll be sweet and well its another P-day to catch up and get everything ready to roll for this week.

now time is up...

haha enjoy the week now

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