Monday, January 31, 2011

"Guy's... we have a boat.... We don't need Jesus" -Afrikaaner in Nelspruit

So the greatest news is we got 2 baptisms on Sunday! so that was sweet Mbuso Fortune Sikumbuzo Shumba and Thandiwe Emelda Ngomane were baptized at richman poorman furniture store parking lot yesterday and it was so flippin sweet. you know... sometimes you tract 12 hours a day 6 days a week and get rejected time after time, have to kick a dog in the face that is chasing you, put up with blisters, cuts, swarming bees, and all kinds of other problems but then sunday comes and you see the change in two peoples lives and you get to be part of it and you look back and say it was all worth it. what a January is all I can say.

Also cool this week... well actually today WE GOT THE CAR BACK!!! so now we can visit all of our investigators again, make it to appointments on time, drive to locations to tract rather than walk 2 hours, and enjoy AC! just some more awesome ways the Lord hooks us up

we had two pretty sweet rejections this week... one is from the headliner "guy's we've got a boat... we don't need Jesus." and another favorite was "LISTEN!!! I'M DRINKING RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T WANNA LISTEN!" ah we have fun tracting haha seriously it is fun just the simple day to day fun of missionary work you just have to live to understand.

Our members are working on missonary work now and also sweet is that we should have 11 on date for baptism by the end of this week so I really hope we can work well with these guys and help this branch grow. I just think it'll take a lot of work but luckily we got 2 baptisms to kinda put the fire back in our hearts. and the car helps a lot too haha.

Man so super bowl this week... hard to believe that much time has gone by I mean it's february tomorrow what the heck. you get shocked more and more how fast time goes by like I just look now and say 7 months gone Elder Rama keeps telling us haha you've hit 6 months you guys are dead... me I might as well be on the plane it's crazy.

anyway it was a good week... but long... but sunday made it all worth it and we're now pumped to go back out and work again.

Elder Kantu is going to be leaving to Botswana but we don't know when yet which will really mix things up out here as far as transfers, future transfers, and what kind of missionary that will be coming.

this week we are going to Tzaneen for zone conference which is a 5 hour drive part way through Kruger National park so that'll be cool and we'll get to see the baboons who sit on the side of the road and wave at cars. So all in all good week, some new investigators we'll be seeing this week and two baptisms... what up nelspruit.

Have a splendid week

go Steelers

happy February

Elder Robinson

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