Monday, March 28, 2011

"I say unto you nay, for it is by faith that miracles are wrought" ; I'll see you sunday, rain in the lowveld, I don't praat bro...‏

So it's faith week ladies and gentlemen and hard to believe but yet another week has passed by... we saw some pictures from Japan in the mall and it looks totally insane like warzone/zombie move kind of stuff. crazy... so this week was just kinda one of those weeks where nothing sensational happened but nothing bad happened... it was just a good week... we taught some good lessons, saw some good families, tracted, it rained, oh and boom the chevy Aveo is finally back after 34 days in the shop... so yay...

This week since there isn't too much to talk about I figure I'll kinda discuss some more things just about missionary work... Now something that has happened in Nelspruit is I have started to LOVE investigators... like in Benoni we always could find people and always had lessons to teach... and now well we can tract for 4 days and find nothing... so I kind of like equate teaching investigators like having a relationship... and its one of those relationships where it seems you like them so much more than they like you... Like its a thursday night and its been 2 days since you've talked to them and you don't wanna come off too forward... so do you call them? (it hasn't been three days) do you play it cool and wait a day?(and all the while just think man I wanna teach them) or do you call and get no answer?(totally sucks)

then when you teach them you are constantly thinking like what do they need to hear... is it too soon to do that? is that too much for now? what if they drop us? haha and just like the real deal... sometimes you get rejected... sometimes it was too much... sometimes you glory in a fantastic triumph and enjoy a baptism... But missionary work is so ridiculously much fun and I honestly never could describe the fun, difficulty, happiness, frustration of a typical day... but its the best.

So now our situation is we have 14 on baptismal date for April 24th... and everyone is progressing... and it looks like its gonna be a stellar month... so what do we have to do? work hard and effectively all day, be obedient like our life depends on it, pray like no ones business, teach by the spirit, get the branch involved, get them to church even in a monsoon, and let the Lord take care of the rest... hopefully all will work out... but as always gotta take the leap of faith...

one investigator we are trying to get married to a member so he can get baptized, one we are teaching english while all the while he is a refugee from burundi who left because the government wanted him to recruit child soldiers and his family is still in the country suffering, a mother we are teaching didn't realize you can pray for specific things, a family is so golden that you just want to teach them all day long all week long, one is a real life rambo who you are still waiting for clearance to baptize, 2 are totally awesome but may be moving to bushbuck ridge, and 3 are ready to roll no doubt... plus you always have more to find, more to do, and so much to improve on... Boom D&C 50: verse 13 I believe... "unto what were you ordained?" boom all part of a day in the life of a missionary...

well yeah all is pretty awesome right now, we found reeses peanut butter cups for a rand a pop, I swear I understand Afrikaans fluently, but I still can't speak it for the life of me and I wanna learn zulu anyway which I understand as well but can't speak in return haha... and a monsoon yesterday prevented 9 investigators from coming to church... ugh...

But anyway life is sweet. it may be my last week in Nelspruit, I don't exactly know what will happen, and holy crap I'm 20 in 15 days... haha... well sjoe skoko

Elder Robinson
comin all the way live from the refiners fire
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa 1240


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