Monday, March 7, 2011

Patience week, still no car, cricket world cup, watermelon jelly, and miracles.... stay tuned‏

How in the Sam Hill is everyone!?!?! All is well in Nelspruit and even though we've still been without transportation for 3 weeks the work is doing well. Lately as a companionship Elder Brey and I have been focusing on Christlike attributes and this week we decided on patience which honestly is the crappiest attribute in the world because I can't think of anything that I hate worse than waiting. But we had some pretty cool experiences this week. So maybe lets begin just with your typical day. basically because of no car and a huge area and usually 3 appointments scattered throughout the day we have to plan walking time between areas and it is quite a hastle sometimes. But tuesday and wednesday were especially bad. an appointment at 10 am in West acres followed by a 3 o clock or 4 o clock in kamagugu which is about a 7 mile walk. so we usually plan for about 2 hours of walking... which tries your patience quite a lot in a shirt and tie, cars honking at you, and 95 degrees. But well we're kinda used to it now... the problem is after walking this far when you reach your appointment and they have ditched you. now, you are in an area with empty houses because everyone works and you are 50 minutes away from any houses with people home. you also have a 7 o clock appointment in kamagugu so you don't want to leave and walk back again... If you guessed tract anyway you are correct. Because it is better to at least try then to wander aimlessly for hours. and we had 2 straight days of no result... then came thursday... We taught Bongiwe who is a mother of 3 who we believe is single and bam she prayed and has a testimony and commited herself to baptism which should probably happen later this month if not in early april. awesome sauce sometimes you just gotta wade through a bunch of crap and then you get to the chicken burrito... sorry I just really miss mexican food.... and once you get there you realize how much you've grown or how it was totally worth it. So then we continued after that lesson just knocking and getting rejected and then we got let into a pastors house who is the head elder of the apostolic chuch in Nelspruit... and we taught the restoration and he brought concern after concern and we answered like champs thanks to the Spirit and then commited him to pray and... he rejected us... but hey all part of the job. then it was approaching dark with a 1 hour 30 minute walk back to our flat along a freeway and so we decided to knock one last door. Bam Nonhlanhla Mashago! so we sit down and aren't expecting too much she's a cool lady and I believe just thinks we're there to share a verse and leave... But we taught the restoration and she GOT it... like a lot and basically said I have been looking for this and I really feel its true and I know when I pray tonight I'll get my answer... MIRACLE man she is awesome and another example of just being patient and doing your work. the Lord will do the rest.

So missionary life is full of random experiences, challenges, triumphs, and other things you never really see coming but its all just a part of the awesome whole...

It's cricket world cup right now and all the Indians are going crazy and there is like cricket going in the street and I constantly hear the phrase "hurry stick the Wicket!!!" honestly I still don't understand the sport whatsoever but it makes for some fun street contacting. Also this week I've come to realize you can talk to virtually every Afrikaaner about one of three things #1. their dogs every afrikaaner loves their dog #2. rugby... young or old everyone watches rugby and loves wearing the super short rugby shorts hairy legs and all. #3. Biltong... yep this week I tried it and I struck up a conversation talking about Braii (BBQ) and Biltong (jerky). It's just that easy...

This week we also heard another legendary Frik story while enjoying PB&J's with watermelon jelly which is super tasty by the way... so appearantly Frik bought a Motorcycle and was drivnig at night about 20 years ago and could no longer see the road and thought he was going to crash so he swerved to the right and saw a V shaped slot canyon... he drove through it and it ripped his handle bars off and he flew 80 feet down and landed on a tree branch and was unconcious for 3 days until a helicopter found him... He was taken to the hospital and recovered about 5 months later and BMW replaced his motorcylce because it was under warranty and he cut his casts at the joints so he could ride it... drove 3 straight days to the coast got in the water to loosen the casts and cut them off and road home... this man is a legend and is progressing towards baptism for next month... awesome stuff.

So today is 8 months away from home and I just wanna say missionary work is tough sometimes but nothing is more worth it... still many adventures to go and so much to experience and grow through and so many awesome and fun little day to day things...

well not much else to say. Have fun, stay safe, enjoy spring break
hasta loego from Africa

Elder Robinson

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