Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where will Chevy Spark Lite take you? Legendary Sunday, and "What's he gonna do?" (Bull Elephant charges car)‏

Well well well it looks like its tuesday and this weeks email is coming in a bit late but there is a lot to talk about so lets go for it... Well to begin with lets talk about the work... Monday we received the crushing news we would be another week without the car and man Elder Brey was mad haha to me its kind of became a joke at this point but i'm not gonna lie I was disappointed as well. But we got the hook up from Chevy because they gave us the 1 liter champion of the savannah Chevy Spark Lite.... written in all kinds of girly print on the back of the car and smaller than a mini cooper I think the only thing more of a girl car we could be driving is a pink tricycle with ribbons and a white basket up front. But man we have fun in that car haha. So we were finally able to see everyone again starting tuesday and it gave us some pretty sweet results... Especially in Lydenburg and in Sabie where two member referrals are really pulling through.

In Sabie though Veronica our long time investigators mom finally passed away in the hospital and we kinda got the prompting to go to Sabie on the way back from Lydenburg and we were able to help through the last few hours of Maria's life so that was kinda cool but also sad. here in Africa a funeral is like a week of morning where no one does anything they just sit in the house quiet and dressed in traditional clothes and stuff. its like life ends for the whole family and friends for the week.

But lets talk about the most epic sunday of my mission so far. First of all Irene and her daughter two of our investigators on date made it to church and they seriously got fellowshipped like no ones business. Like in gospel doctrine class she was like " I love this place and i'll be joining the church soon" when she introduced herself... She also told her old pastor that our message is good and its all about faith, prayer, and doctrine and if he doesn't like it he can shove it... Awesome... also, Bongiwe and her family are coming along really well and all have testimonies that its true... We then went back to a return appointment with Musa and Vutami and met Musa's wife. So honestly we weren't expecting too much... we didn't think they understood the message or were really commited but they prayed and know its true... they recommited themselves to baptism and taught us all about how they know its true... Miracle haha man but it gets better. So we then taught Irene about the temple and how her family can be sealed together and she told us about how much pressure she's had from the ladies in her old church and how the more we teach the more she knows its good. I really know she'll get a testimony soon. but it still gets better. last week Thursday we contacted this lady named Nonhlanhla and she like GOT the message she commited to pray and was seriously just so super good like not a golden investigator but a diamond investigator. But as this week went on we called... she cancelled... we called... no answer.... we went to her house.... no one home.... Sunday came and we were back in the same neighborhood and we had left a message the night before... but we felt like we really needed to call her so we did and... no answer... just when we were getting ready to leave... the phone rings... "Elders! I am soooooo sorry I've seen the missed call and I was busy praying that you would come back... when can you come?".... well how about right now.... So we came and bam her whole family is sitting in the room... Baldwin her husband. Hlane her little boy. and Terrace their oldest son. We just started to talk and asked about our previous visit. Appearantly right after we left she prayed and got like the most powerful feeling that everything we taught was true and it was what her family needed. Turns out the whole family has been in and out of different churches their whole lives and had practically given up on going to a church but just studying in their home... so she taught them the entire restoration lesson and we kinda went over points again and commited them to pray. Nonhlanhla said I already know its true I have my answer and they'll get their answers too... Tell us about the book of mormon....

Now I'm going to pause... NO ONE... and I mean NO ONE reads the pamphlet after the first lesson. only after a few lessons when they start to progress they read... But she knew all about it and was like I need this book... can I get one now? "it just so happens we have a free copy in our car" haha we're smooth with it... and man boom just perfect the whole family is so awesome and its something like that this branch needs more than anything. We walked out of the lesson and it was just like... "can you say prepared?" Sometimes whatever crap you have to go through just seems like nothing when you have it all work out... everything just seems like nothing when you teach a lesson like that or finally pass the test or whatever and man I'm so excited to keep teaching these people and it is looking like we may have 11 baptisms next month. AWESOME

So you may be wondering about why I am emailing a day late and its because yesterday we went to Kruger National Park... It was awesome... We saw like so many animals and all of the big 5 minus the leopard... It was seriously so sweet like the finest zoo, animal park, or any discover chanel show has nothing on going on a safari through that place... I'm going to just talk about what we saw on the S-29 road and maybe send some pics next week. about 17 kilometers of road we saw 9 Kudu and one jumped over our car... we were charged by an African Bull Elephant and he trumpeted his trunk like right in our ears... we saw 6 black Rhino, saw a lion eating a zebra saw warthogs, wildebeest, Impala got charged by a second elephant who we video taped pushing a tree over while scratching its butt and saw some wild dogs... just a legendary day all around and totally gotta go back some day...

But anyway yeah awesome week everything is super awesome right now with the work, mission, life, and everything... hope all is well back home and I'll be sending some pics back soon from the happenings of Nelspruit and the Chevy Spark Lite...

Oh and rugby shorts are awesome haha we feel like true afrikaaners now after buying some last week.

Ayoba from Africa

Elder Robinson

"Ayoba" is a slang term used by South Africans to express amazement.

It is derived from other slang terms, like "Ayeye" or "Ayoyoyo." It was originally meant as an approval/appreciation of good dancing, although the exact origins of the phrase are unknown. It is thought to have roots in Johannesburg township culture. It is however, uniquely South African and expresses delight, excitement, agreement and approval. It is also used as a greeting.

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