Monday, April 25, 2011

"Nelson is 100% too much happy", Rambo, Easter, President Poulsen, #1 zone in the mission, first time in 6 years, Lindi‏

Man such a good weekend... like I don't even know where to begin...
but we had an excellent 4 baptisms this month with three yesterday...
Frik (South African Rambo), Nelson(super miracle... stay tunded), and
Nolwazi all made it this week and we have a stellar may lined up...
the only issue was the easter holiday and people being out of town or
we would have had 7 yesterday...

Lets begin with Frik... as you've seen in previous emails... this is
honestly like the coolest guy ever... crazy life story of being
forgotten in the bush in Angola for 10 years... and now a changed
man... yesterday he bore a powerful testimony and just broke into
tears man... so incredible you just had to have been there...

Nolwazi is Thandiwe's daughter who was baptized in January and she is
awesome... she has such a strong testimony and is usually super shy
but yesterday when she bore her testimony it was like a different
person man I'm so proud of these people its ridiculous...

And Nelson... man oh man... so Nelson is from Burundi and has been
being taught english by us... along with the gospel slowly but
surely... so he has been on training for being a fire fighter the past
3 weeks and when he came back tuesday... pow... he has read all the
way to 3rd Nephi... speaks english SOOOO much better and was just like
Missionaries... I need to be baptized... its time to change my life...
so bam sunday it happened... Nelson just stood up and bore his
testimony in still slightly broken english and said " I am so so so
very happy I'm 100% too much happy" man I love that guy... such a
powerful sunday and an awesome way to celebrate easter...

This week we also had president poulsen out here and enjoyed a dinner
all together at Spur, had interviews, and prepared some others for
baptism... so crazy to think they are going home in June... its gonna
be crazy but President Omner I'm sure will be awesome...

Also this week North east zone... Our zone was number 1 in the mission
on goal achievement with 115% of our goals and Nelspruit achieved its
trimester goal for the first time in 6 years... man its awesome to be
a part of...

Another cool story from this week is a girl we met named Lindi... we
tracted into this massive house and she let us in... she seemed pretty
ditzy and we didn't think too much would happen but after watching the
restoration DVD she was just like where is the book of mormon?!?!
give me three weeks, I'll read, I'll pray, I don't care what anyone
says, and when I know its true I'll get baptized... and we were like
alright haha nothin else to say there haha... its powerful when the
spirit is there and people just get it...

well awesome week I'm sure I'm missing a lot but let me just say
mission is the best... I honestly couldn't imagine my life without it
and if you're debating on going, thinking about going as a senior
couple, or anything else... do it... you'll never regret it...
experiences like this week make it not a sacrifice at all but a
privilege... or however you spell that... my english is slowly fading
away... anywho yeah... awesome stuff... I'll send some pics... and I'm
outta here in about 3 weeks time to wherever the wind takes me... back
in Gauteng... or Botswana...

Oh yeah... I went to a traditional funeral and I dedicated the grave
haha crazy stuff...
Enjoy the week

Elder Kenyon "BL" Robinson

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