Monday, April 11, 2011

that is soooo lekker, 7, the ANC, 20?!?, I could be a baby‏

well pretty awesome week nothing sensational happened except for POW! we are getting 7 baptisms this month... that's right ladies and gentlemen 11 for the trimester and more than the last 2 years of missionary work. plus may is looking good as well for another 5 or so... so yeah basically this week was a big finishing week a lot of work with our current investigators and helping them prepare for the 17th/ 24th. also cool this week... Frederik Charles Higgs... (frik) our south african rambo got clearance for baptism and it had to go all the way to the first presidency but he is all ready to go... nothing short of a miracle there... and well everything is sweet. when I first got here it was like so overwhelming 7 baptims in the previous 2 years, no branch missionary work, hot, and just leaving my greenie area to now the place is on fire, members are excited, I love the place, all of a sudden i'm a district leader, are converts are CONVERTED, and I love what I'm doing... I've really become a missionary here and honestly it'll be tough to leave in 5 weeks. but eh life goes on and I'll be back someday, plus there is another place that I need to be... so as always the adventure continues and the fire keeps on blazing.

Well this week we got to go to Lydenburg and that was a lot of fun its seriously the sweetest drive in the world through these tall green misty mountains and stone henge looking rocks all around and on monday we had a sweet experience...

so the ANC is a political party in the country that like a lot of people hate because they never deliver on promises and a number of other corrupt things... so elder brey and I thought it would be sweet to go get ANC party shirts... so we made a few phone calls and climbed 9 stories and boom we were in ANC Nelpspruit office... so we got free shirts and it was awesome because like no white people support the ANC so when we both went up there we were like...yeah we know a good cause when we see one... can we get some shirts... they were shocked... like it was so funny and they were shaking our hands asking when we could come campaigning and everything... it was super funny... but honestly you'd have to be in south africa to realize how funny it is to see two white guys in rugby shorts, ANC shirts, eating biltong, and listening to zulu music in the flat... man haha total walking contradiction...

anyway yeah good week... nothing sensational... but just good and the best news of all is 7 new converts to the Nelspruit branch and many more to come...

enjoy the week... I'm 20 in about 13 hours and have now been gone over 9 months so if you haven't written me yet you could have had a child and I wouldn't even know it... so write haha dear elder is free and pretty easy... friz, and fetz I got the letters and have sent some back.

yep keep in touch everyone

Elder Robinson

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