Monday, April 25, 2011

Sanibonani from KaNyamazane‏

Friends and family

Well it has been an incredible week of missionary service here in KaNyamazane. This work is true...I don't even know where to start! Maybe we can just begin at the beginning of the week again.

So last Tuesday we finished up the service at Nombulelo and Simphiwe's place. They are doing amazing by the way. She walks the long journey to church every week with a baby on her back and her neighbor brings the other baby. But during the service some neighbors were screaming so we ran over and there was a snake going around haha. So we hunted down the snake and Elder Robinson just destroyed that thing haha you should have seen how happy all the gogo's were. They just kept saying "siyabonga, siybonga" (we thank you). I don't know if I've talked much about gogo's but they are my favorite people here haha. They are so funny and make me so happy...I just smile everytime I see one.

President Poulsen also came this week to interview the district. Afterwards me and Elder Marowa took Sister Poulsen shopping while President interviewed some people for baptism in Nelspruit. It was nice shopping with her and than waiting forever. It will be so weird when we get a new mission President, President Poulsen is such a good man. They also took us out to dinner and I ate probably the nicest meal I've had on mission. It was at a nice restaurant and for awhile it felt like I was home again!

On Wednesday morning we went driving around to all like the high schools in KaNyamazane. We've decided to try something new. We talked to all the principals about sharing during like an assembly and then starting like a study class after schools with the kids. We showed them For the Strength of Youth pamphlets to tell them what we teach the youth in the church. Many of the schools were very receptive haha all the girls were going crazy to see a mlungu (white person) at the school hahaha. Anyways they are on holiday for a week but we will see what happens after the holidays. We're hoping to find some good families through it.

Alright so Conference was incredible. We really do have living Apostles and Prophets today. Wow I loved all the sessions though. It was a different experience watching in a classroom on a TV but the messages and Spirit there was amazing. Mama T and Lifa I think were the only ones there for every single session. And we had the baptisms in between sessions on Sunday. The first session was packed with people so that was sweet. We were really working hard on making the baptisms a spiritual experience this time. So we decided to play a song right before they were baptized. I don't know if anyone remembers (probably only mom) but at my baptism I sang "When I am Baptized". So we decided to have that as a special musical worries I didn't sing but we played it on an iPOD. Everyone loved it and was silent before they were baptized. It was amazing. And then Mama T gave a powerful testimony. I didn't know much of this but her mom wasn't real happy about her leaving her old church. So she shared that whole story and told us how there is one God and there has to be one church. Then she said this is the true church. It was so awesome to hear. Then her very last words were "I will be a member of this church until the day I die". she was even asking for tithing slips before leaving after the last session of Conference. Lifa also gave a great testimony and made everyone laugh a lot haha. There is a lot of people I have met on mission and taught and seen get baptized...but there is just some where you feel like you have known before or you know you were supposed to be with them and meet them. Mama T have no doubt been two of those for me. I love them so much and can't wait to see them in the next life and for Eternities.

Being a missionary is the best. I love this Gospel and this church. We are all a part of a great work preparing for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope all of us can have the testimony that Mama T has and honestly say that "we will never leave this church and it's teachings until the day we die". And the blessings that await us are more than we can imagine. I love you all.

Elder Alder

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