Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crazy dreams, SOEAST!, Pres. Omer, Serve the Zone the Lord will bless‏

So man so much has happened this week I don't know where to begin. lets start with our zone. So we are working on bringing Soweto East from Obscurity into triumph and so we've been setting up book of Mormon stands. Basically its a huge poster and a table full of pamphlets, pass-along's, DVD's, BOM's, and Liahonas and other flashy things... and we contact in the middle of Soweto craziness.. like imagine 5000 people or so passing by and all sorts of crazy things. and it is hugely successful. this month for our 12 missionaries we're looking at around 35 baptisms so we're blazing which is great to see.

Day to day things of missionary work are just awesome its some of those things that just you can't describe until you live it... but I'll try.

George our bro from Tanzania is gonna be baptized on the 24th this week we were teaching about the Law of Chastity and it was so funny to hear him say how hard he's trying to marry his girlfriend but how Labolla (paying for your wife Jonny Lingo style) is stopping him. but his Boss is a pastor in a local church and tried to bash us. its always so funny "I can prove to you in the Bible you're wrong!" Ok... do it... then he laughs and pulls out ye cannot serve God and Mammon... somehow thinking that means Mormon and then said if we keep trying to convert George he'll do the same. Well... for one I its awesome how a 50 year old tries to fight some 20 year old's haha but George showed who one... "This guy is crazy. Kitabu Chimormoni (the book of Mormon in Swahili) is word of God. his church is just money money..." score one Elders score none Pastor van Der Wan.

Also Jason is just awesome... to see someone go from basically no understanding to teaching us is nothing short of a miracle...

So something I've learned is when we serve others the Lord hooks us up so much... as we've been working in our missionaries areas and finding for them He has just been throwing people at us... just this week we found 2 less active RM's who have been preparing their wife/ fiancee for the gospel and we just happen to come at the right place at the right time. and also Pilisile is a members daughter who simply came to church and was like I need to be baptized. Miracles are no joke happening everyday and its such a testimony booster.

Well this week marks one year gone. and the birthday of the greatest country in the world.
So... Go blow things up, shoot guns, BBQ, shoot fire works, play your patriotic music loud, and go wave the flag around because its awesome.

The church is true never forget it/ learn it. today is 4th of July KFC feast and volleyball. so that'll be fun.

Last night I had a crazy dream I was 18 again meeting with Bishop and I had some repenting to do before I could go on mission... he gave me a list of things to work on... In my dream I was super upset so I just went out and read through it... then it came to now and I was like... these things are stupid there is no reason to blow that off or to waste that or whatever else. because before mission honestly I was a joker when it came to a lot of spiritual things... and as I thought that and was disappointed that I had wasted so much time... they faded off the list. then I woke up. crazy dream but repentance is powerful... sometimes its not things we've done wrong but what we could have done better. Let yourself change and you'll see the power.

well enough soap box... I'm doing a lot of this lately....

God Bless America
happy 4th

Elder Robinson

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