Monday, July 18, 2011

CONTENTION!, Temple round 2, dishes, Randall, other sweet business.‏

So its been a pretty good week we've made some real progress with investigators but we are still struggling with some.

Nkululeko seems to have lost his fire since he went to Zim so hopefully with our lesson Tuesday things can get better just he's kinda floating on through missing church and lessons like its no big deal. Also Jason is still struggling a bit understanding and feeling his answer to prayer. And we had a bit of a zone meltdown due to some disobedience.So it has been quite the week for us solving concerns and running everywhere. Sometimes just stupid things are done by missionaries. Not too bad but just stuff you shouldn't do as missionaries. And well that's probably the cause of 90% of problems. But we're working it out.

We got to go back to the Temple which was sweet even though there has been a gasoline strike the last 10 days. Workers demand more money, hijack tanker trucks fight workers and a lot of the country goes on standstill. Its a lot like last year after the world cup when everyone wanted all of the surplus money to go to them and the hospitals went on strike and the police and buildings were burned down. Even the electrical bills have gone up like 27%,and so government houses are being burned by the people... its pretty crazy. Sometimes people are just too greedy.

But anyway... we have had some sweet contacts this week and... hold your breath... I have finally contacted the elusive dreadlock lead family... Now... this key indicator has some history... we always thought it would be sweet to baptize someone with dreads... but even more so if they were part of a family... and now... we contacted one... and they are awesome... they just moved from Germiston and "are looking for a church" yes!

Also awesome is Randall. He's been coming to church for 3 weeks now and is a member referral. He's had a pretty crazy life but man he is so humble and so prepared for the gospel we're making awesome progress and he's seeing his life turn around.

Things are good we've just had a few hiccups as of late in the work. But its a bright sunny P-day and that always helps fire you up for the week.

Well yeah. that's about it. I've started my second year journal and everything is sweet and more awesome news to come.

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