Monday, July 11, 2011

Be a man... get circumcized!, The Spirit in the work, Desire, Temple sealing, Sister Joyce, and much much more.‏

Well hello everyone. Sorry this email is so late but I have hard core food poisoning. yeah so funny story... yesterday we had a lunch appointment and we had a chicken casserole. I've been told never to eat cold chicken... but I was SO hungry... so I ate, and had dessert and had leftovers for dinner... this morning at approximately 4:17:37 AM I was awakened by a growling from regions beyond. sprinting into the cold hallowed ground and kicked the door. as I began to shout well I boked like no ones business. after 13 trips to the bathroom and 10 minutes of singing to the trash can all is well... or so I hope...

anywho in other news how awesome is being a missionary? Legendary. This week we were able to see all of our zone in many different ways... first off 63 piece chicken salute to the good old U S of A and indoor soccer. We then went on exchanges with Soweto and Dobsonville and finally were able to work with them they are awesome missionaries and are blazing it up...

In other exciting news Soweto is being stricken with huge billboards that say "Be a Man Get Circumcized." awesome pictures to come. We had a lot of fun interviewing this week for baptism in Pimville and honestly there is nothing cooler than seeing someone change and prepare to make covenants. Speaking of covenants Bam! I went to the Temple this week and saw the Weitz family get sealed. probably just about the coolest experience of my mission. I still remember my last day in Nelspruit Reuben just said "Cigarettes are not worth my family" I'm going to the temple and no more smoking. and He never looked back. This teaches us the power of a desire. If you really want to change and put your mind to it and include the Lord... there is NOTHING you can't achieve. Miracles happen everyday if faith is sufficient. pray, fast, and fight and they will come I don't hesitate to assure you. Check out Moroni 7: 26-27 and 35-37 my favorite scriptures as of late. We cannot change the Lord's will but he does answer us.

So this brings me again to another miracle. Sister Joyce who has been pushing back baptism because she wants to be perfect finally changed. Let me tell you how. The Spirit. No other way. We began the lesson and we bore testimony of the power of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. we talked about how life is all about what you become rather than what you do and well needless to say the Lord took care of the rest. Miracle! here we come July 31... Also George, Jason, Nkululeko, and Patty are preparing for that day. But we need 1. work off, 2. a little more change and an answer. 3. a marriage. respectively. But I know something good is about to come and well never forget what is possible with a little PDF (Prayer, Dillegence, Faith)

To sum up... the gospel is true. its over a year now since disembarking on the greatest two years and honestly I'm getting a little nervous of just how fast time is going. But I'm sure this year will be even more legendary than the last. stay tuned.

Oh and btw Soweto zones destroyed the Soweto basketball league today... go AMERICA!!!!

have a dank week!

Pictures below Johannesburg Temple,Weitsz family sealing.

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