Monday, October 17, 2011

Prepared, "You matter to Him!", "Now I know the truth!", branch status, Champions of obedience, man what the heck.

Well what to say about conference other than wow. President Uchtdorf''s talk was my favorite about recognizing your own nothingness before God. Some few words still ringing in my ears are these. "We are nothing compared to Him, But we are EVERYTHING to him." and " No matter how lost, alone, or insignificant you feel, remember this you matter to HIM!" As I have been working in Hammanskraal I realize how much we truly need God in our lives. As I see people killing themselves with alcohol and nothing to live for but the next paycheck I realize how much we are blessed with and how much for granted we take it. Nothing could be more important than what we are doing each and every day. Never forget the big scheme of things and "Cast not away therefore thy confidence" Go forward embrace the Gospel and don't look back or long for what's behind. You are a son or daughter of God on the way to becoming like Him. Never forget it.

Man I get so much out of conference its like I get depressed when its over and we have to wait another 6 months. But we have investigators to make it better.

Mpho who we met last week is prepared with a capitol P. We taught the restoration and he was just like I can't believe its taken so long for me to know about this. when can I get baptized? Well how about November haha? Kagiso also was great this week she stays next door to a member and came to church. She just spoke about how she felt so at home and that she already knew what we were teaching was true because she can't deny the feeling she has. Also the daughters of a member Nonhlanhla and Nkululeko are super stubborn about leaving 7th day adventism but every time we come they just break down. "If we could hug you we would but we know the rules." "Why were we so stubborn" Yesterday they said "We can't deny this feeling anymore"

Here's the thing that I've come to realize lately. When you obtain the Word, your mouth will be filled. As a young missionary I tried to learn all the scriptures and examples to have an air tight presentation. But now I simply use the Spirit. Testify and teach to whatever comes out. I finally feel like I'm doing my job and every day we see miracles.

Soon enough Hammanskraal will be a branch. I give it til maybe April and I love being a part of this man I hope I stay for some time.

President Omer interviewed us this week and spoke of being "champions of obedience" This is the key to success in everything. If we are obedient we won't fail in work, school, mission or anything. The words of President Poulsen still just ring every time I think of obedience. This is the ticket. I love my mission man nuff said.

Elder Warner is home... that's insane. man I'm still blown away by that. It just tells me there is no time to waste because soon enough it will be me. so... back to the work.

I love you all, "the Kraal" is great, and looking forward to this week

Elder Robinson

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