Monday, November 21, 2011

The divide, the rain, primary, wheat v. tares, Mission tour

Man. I don't know what happened to the week but here is Monday again.

So first items of business this week, of our 8 baptisms 4 will be next month because of a. a family trip. b. a funeral. Yeah... tell me about it... But they'll get baptized and that's what matters.

This week we had a mission tour with Elder Cook of the 70. He gave a talk in conference about "its better to look up". We spoke a lot about the growth of the church in Africa and how there is a difference between a convert and a baptism. What Africa needs is converts. Too many fall away after just a short time and its killing us. So we spoke of covenants, commitment, and the spirit. He related it first to us as missionaries and what is expected of us, and then we spoke of the field. In Africa we have something very unique. So many willing to embrace the gospel, yet not fully committed. So its up to us to tend the garden and find the wheat, not the weeds, or tares. So this week we brought this to our investigators hard core. We were taught to tie everything to the savior and covenants. so...

Kagiso was sitting on the fence. She knows its true, but seems a bit scared to commit. So... we put our training to use. We spoke of the growth of the church, what she was capable of, what could come, the savior and how we can repent, and boom "I need this this week" Powerful

It gave me reason to reflect on my mission. I've spent 15 months in town and now nearly another 2 on the way to 3 here. In that time I haven't brought as many converts as some missionaries in township. But looking back, they were committed and are converted. None are less active. Sometimes its good to just feel you're on the right track. I have many things to do better, but its good to know at least you're on the path.

So the rains are coming, its almost December, and I'm nearly down to 6 months. Not a second to waste, find those who will be converted, build the kingdom, not your stats. and go out in a blaze of glory. that's the plan.

today is mission thanksgiving and we're about to embark in a feast of the most excellent kind. pictures to come and dijo di monate for sure.

Sala Sindhle

Elder Robinson

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