Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"When are you leaving?", "I saw my neighbor naked and I got my answer", Mpho, other sweet stuff.‏

Good week. Really good week. We simply went to work this week and I just feel like we accomplished a ton. Like 15 months ago or so, they taught us a principle about a quadrant. You know the parallel lines and the axis ++,+-,-+,--. anyway they taught us about the quadrant of Miracles and how a positive attitude and positive effort makes it happen. So this week we made a pledge not to complain about anything, and if we ever got ditched just to tract. So boom 27 new investigators and 40 people preparing for baptism. Yeah that's what happens. Elder Bangani and I have reached a point on mission where we know what we're doing, we aren't afraid to offend people, and we have basically a blank canvas in front of us. So seriously we just go blazing. This week here are a few quotes. "If you don't give any stupid excuses and you simply trust God you can quit smoking even tonight", "How Stupid is it to receive an answer and go the opposite way?!?! Why are you killing yourself." Man its fun we're just bold with people, we teach by the Spirit, invite, and tell the truth, The Spirit does everything else.

One such example was this. We are teaching a part member family and two of the daughters are 7th day Adventist, which are like the most hard headed investigators to teach. So both are converted and know that what we are teaching is true but are hesitant to change. So the conversation to one went something like this. "What's holding you back"...... "My church is true, and your church is true." "Ok.... Have you prayed about this?" "Yeah I know its true, but I was thinking why can't I just teach my pastor about the temple and we can have our own?" hahah Elder Bangani used to be 7th day and he just was like "How will you build it? You know NOTHING about them, what will happen there? You know this is true why are you wasting your time?" Man I was laughing after that lesson haha. They are SO stubborn. But we did have a really good chat with the other girl. We invited her to be baptized on the 27th and she was like "heck no!" So once again "What's holding you back".... "My dark side".... "Where do you think those fears come from".... We went on to give the earth shattering testimony and after she was just crying and said 11th of December is my day. Then she was like "When are you leaving?" So we were like... now? Good if not I would have you take me to the river now. The spirit baby.... that's what its all about.

Also pretty funny this week was William. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and he stood up..... Now as a missionary an investigator bearing a testimony can be the sweetest thing, or the worst thing. He started off.... "This week I received my answer about the church and the book of Mormon... its all true." (Relief flooded over me man I was happy getting my pen out to take notes for my journal.... and then he continued) "Also this week I saw my neighbor naked jumping on his fence and around his house. It was then that I learned that there are Children of Darkness and we need to have a candlelight vigil at my house" (NOOOO!!! William you were doing so good!!!! AGGGHHH!!!!) He went on for another 6 minutes or so until president told him to wrap it up... afterwards everyone was like Elders... you need to teach people how to give a testimony... eish man.... haha

We have this investigator named Mpho who is like the definition of the scripture "kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" We taught about Joseph Smith Monday. by Tuesday he had read up to Mosiah in the BOM, Wednesday he committed to live the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and pay tithing, and Sunday he told us how his greatest desire is to receive the priesthood, teach with us, and convert his family and friends. Prepared? Man I love Hammanskraal. We keep running in to people who have had remote contact with the church or who are members who didn't know it was here and we had 46 people at church Sunday. we have branch application papers in, and a school is in the works. "have we not great reason to rejoice?"

So another sweet week in the land of Hammanskraal. another transfer ahead, and Christmas/ Thanksgiving just around the corner. 2012, new years resolutions, everything.... So here's a challenge. share the Book of Mormon with someone and see what happens. give it a shot, you never know what will happen.

Well time is short, So stay classy everyone, all is well in Mzansi, and I'll talk to ya in a week.

Elder Robinson

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