Monday, December 19, 2011

apologies... but you'll understand.‏ 12/13/11

1. Yep we had baptisms this week 4 of them and it was super powerful. Like super powerful.
2. I have so much to talk about but because of #3. I can't
3. Hammanskraal is splitting. So the past 3 days have been non stop work moving in to the new place and getting beds, fridge, electricity, everything. Due to that I didn't email yesterday.
4. I'm going to be training a new missionary. WOO I'M A FATHER!!!!!! So because of that I have a meeting at 11 then have to go straight to work training him. So I only have 10 minutes to email now.
5. I'm just worn out after working hard all day... but I always have energy the next day... we're just dead at night.
6.Time is rushing. I miss nick and all those guys like crazy say hello for me and I've got a present for him when I get home.
7.Not much time left. I will be able to call Christmas day. Probably around 7 or 8 o clock here so 9 or 10 back home. I'll let you know the details next week.
8. sorry this is so short but I have seriously 0 time
Have a great week, love you all... you're grandparents to a new missionary! and it'll be a great week talk to you in 6 days.

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