Monday, December 5, 2011

Weeding, December baptisms, 6 weeks, Mr. Cox, Idol worship fornication and serving two masters

Transition week for sure... This week we cut down our 35 on dates to
20 and have decided to initiate a 3 strikes you're out approach to
investigators. We don't have time to waste with people who aren't
serious. So we extend a baptismal invite first lesson, if they A.
Ditch B.Don't read C. Don't come to church D. Don't keep other
commitments or begin to improve within 3 lessons. Do any of these
things 3 times... out... we have a huge area and a branch to build. So
no time to waste.

December however is looking great. If all goes according to plan we'll
get 7 this month. This Sunday we should baptize Nkululeko, Mbali,
Gogo, and Cyril. They all have good testimonies and are ready to be
branch builders. Cyril was a "staunch Anglican" who left everything
behind in 3 weeks of teaching. This area is full of prepared people
because the Lord is building His branch here so we simply have to find
them. Nkululeko is an ex 7th day Adventist. Her mom is a member and
we've been tearing down her walls of defense bit by bit and simply
said "I can't deny this any more its my time." Mbali is one of my 10
year old primary kids :D and Gogo stays with Nkululeko and family and
just told us she wanted to be baptized last week so "Ok we can do that

The following week we're hoping to baptize Karabo, Pauline, and
Koketso a family that lives just across from the church shouldn't
be a problem if they feel now is the time. If not... in January.

Hard to believe yet another 6 weeks has gone by and this is the final
week of the transfer which means y'all might be playing transfer news
next week. For some reason I feel I might be training... So maybe I
can finally have posterity before I die. who knows....

Kinda a funny story this week was on an exchange with Elder Hawks a
new missionary from California. He's pretty shy and... I'm not... we
had a day where every single appointment ditched so we found the whole
day. I taught him the pertinent skills of greeting old ladies in
Tswana and Zulu and just door approaching. We had a good day and found
some good people and I believe is starting to feel more comfortable.
He'll be a great missionary.

Towards the end of our day it was about 7:45 so we had about 45
minutes of work before pick up and going back to the flat so we
knocked a door taught the family, put them on date, and just had a
good lesson. Leaving the family we met a drunk guy... I mean DRUNK.
He smelt like a truck stop that the mopped the floor with Budweiser.
His name was "Mr. Cox" He went on to tell us how he was a democrat and
though he used to hate Afrikaaners he loves them because he's a
democrat and a friend of Jesus. We went on to tell him we were from
America and he started talking about how Obama and Jacob Zuma (South
Africa's President) are working together to save the world from
Zombies. he continued to say how because he is a democrat we can trust
him. We were going to meet the other Elders at a gas station so he
wanted to escort us. No harm in that so we walked with him and he told
us he wrote Nkosi Sikileli after the conflicts in the 70's and 80's
and how he was Mandela's right hand man. After about a 10 minute
conversation and getting second hand drunk from the smell we got to
the station. He then hugged us, smelt me and said God Bless America.
Needless to say Legen wait for it... dary!

So William also had some gems of quotes this week too. He's a good guy
who has a testimony but he likes to seem super intelligent and thinks
WAY outside the box... So this week we were teaching about the
atonement and how Christ prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. and he
said "do you think praying under trees was somehow kinda idol
worship?" I put my head in my hands, Elder Bangani laughed out loud
and we just told him no... I was always told in school there is no
such thing as a stupid question... but that was a STUPID question. He
later asked in the same lesson if reading the Book of Mormon and the
Bible was kinda like serving two masters (Matthew 6) eish man... I
don't know what he's thinking some times... But it makes for good

Anyway the work continues, we're finding great success and we'll be
moving into a school on the 10th of January. Our little branch has
tripled in size since we arrived and I am beginning to feel like a
whole hearted servant of the Lord. The closer we get to actually
getting it, the more we realize how short of it we are. It's something
I've been battling the past 6 months but I feel I'm getting it and am
on the right track finally my only problem is I'm tired haha the end
of every day I am destroyed. But soon enough I'll figure that out too.
Probably just need to eat more papa haha!

Have a great week

Elder Robinson

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