Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet blazes, monsoon, drunkards, "can any one tell me the meaning of Christmas!!!", beardasaurus, I heard you say the Church of Jesus Christ... come

First and foremost... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully you enjoyed family, friends, food, presents, and the true Spirit of Christmas in giving. Just as kind of a Christmas afterthought here's a story from this week.

Friday nearly everyone had cleared out of town... or had begun drinking like fish.... so We were tracting like the whole day. Something Elder Black and I asked everyone was along the lines of "are you excited for Christmas?" "What are your plans for Christmas" "Is your family coming?" Etc. Well after about 4 hours of knocking and finding like 0 Christmas Spirit answers usually ranging from. "eh... not really excited... just going to sleep." "Me I'm gonna drink. come back in January" " I'm a sangoma I don't do that stuff" etc. I just prayed we could find a little miracle. Next house... we meet this lady named Martha. She just turned 80 and told us about her life. She had a big Christmas tree and pictures of her family and Christ everywhere. She told us how for the past 43 years she had given everything to care for children with handicaps and disabilities. She read from Luke 2 with us and said they searched for room at the inn. I've always asked myself do I have room in my heart. We gave her a Book of Mormon and wrote our testimonies in it and read 3 Nephi Chapter 1. "Lift up your head and be of good cheer... for tomorrow come I into the world." She thanked us as only a gogo can and called us her sons. Earlier that day I felt much like Charlie Brown who once asked "CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!!!!" Well that was it. Christ, serving one another, and opening your heart to change and to help others. Little miracle of the week right there.

So Wednesday it was super hot. We tracted and just got super dehydrated so after a quick lunch and getting some cold water from a members place we began tracting again. First house... Half asleep 30 something year old woman. We introduced ourselves as coming from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and she was like... but eish I'm sleeping... So passalong carded and we moved on. Next house drunk guy on the porch.... Just as we were about to leave we heard someone call "guys I heard you say the church of Jesus Christ. What can you tell me." So we taught him about the restoration and he basically told us I've never gone to a church because no church is what Christ himself taught. Well he joined us at church yesterday and is already gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Katlego... legendary guy.

After leaving Katlego we noticed it was starting to rain. which was really nice because we were covered in sweat. then KABLAGHASLD;AM!!!!!! Huge... I mean huge thunder explosion and then torrential down pour. we were like 3 k's from any kind of shelter so full sprint through crazy downpour running through a riveresque dirt road thunder and lightning dancing around us TIA baby. Random flash floods all the time. So we got to the mall wrung out our shirts and the storm calmed down a bit so we started to head to our 5 o clock and the rain picked up again. then just like before QXAJGHLENALKBAM! Huge thunder strike and boom down pour again. We knocked on his door... ditched.... so sprint to the Ranato's for plastic bags for our scriptures then tracting... then... the rain stopped. clouds cleared. wonderful cool evening. haha good stuff.

So things are fun. We're doing great work, seeing miracles, living obedient, and bringing the gospel to many and we'll continue to do so.

Good to talk to a lot of you yesterday and thank you Cedar City crew for all the fun of the scripture reference presents. The razor went to shave my "Beardoff Showdown 2011 tm" Winning beard. and the happy factory elephant will get a great home as well as the white shirt. The CD is awesome! Thanks for all you guys do.... love you big time!

So have a Happy New Year, go forward guns blazing into 2012 and talk to y'all in a week

Elder Robinson

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