Monday, March 19, 2012

Deportation day, Immigration office, some sweet families

Well to be perfectly honest. I feel as though I've done nothing this week haha. I feel so ineffective a curse a black plague of missionary work. But its not my fault... let me explain.

So I arrived in Bots on the 7th of march and I am illegal on the 6th of June. Let the countdown begin. So what we're trying to do to further the work here is get residency so we can stay for at least a year if needs be. The only problem is, I finish my mission in July and it usually takes 3 month to process and even then its a lottery. So soon I'll be an illegal immigrant... Legendary... and will get deported. Unless I get incredibly lucky. Nevertheless, we went to immigration.

So Tuesday we went to the office and did a ton of paper work and the office closed at 3:30 so we were told to go back the next day simply to pay. So we did... Lo and behold after waiting 3 hours in line the system went down... come back tomorrow. TIA.... So we get back... power is out.... TIA.... so Friday we come back. after driving about 2 hours to Gaborone and sitting. Lo and Behold, the power is out again. So we start to drive back and we get a phone call its on... so we flip around and go back and wait in line until 3 o clock and finally got to pay after 4 days of sitting and travel. This Is Botswana.

So our whole week was pretty much destroyed by that so we didn't do much at all. But we're teaching a powerful Jewish family who are going to be baptized next month. They gained hard core testimonies of the BOM and we are also teaching the awesome Kaimba family. The father is so great. we just need to win the trust of the son. He doesn't believe we're the only true church. Also we super offended the wife of another family so we're hoping to patch that up tonight. and we contended with some 7th day Adventists. all in a weeks work. So due to time... I'll close, but I love Botswana. I just hate the immigration office. In fact, we composed a song about it which was recorded and will be released in its own due time. anywho much love from Africa and we'll talk next week.

P.S. there was a donkey on our stoop this morning. So legendary... so Botswana

Elder Robinson

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  1. Our missionary friends E/S Taylor who we served with in Indonesia are the office couple in Botswana. They also mention the fact that it is hard to get a residency permit. If you see them say hello from E/S Pier who are now serving in Florida Fort Lauderdale.