Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sala Sindle Hammanskraal. Hello ?

Powerful week. Busy week. Apologies for the late email. I have about 7
minutes to tell you about a legend of a week, but here goes.

I love Hammanskraal, it is a home away from home, and I have memories
and part of my heart in that place always. We'll be a branch by the
end of April and have a school almost 100% secured. We are currently
teaching a sweet as heck family Koti, Nancy, Katlego, Mr. George,
Carl, and Refilwe. They will be baptized no doubt.

WE had a bit of disappointment in people falling through this month
due to funerals, but everyone we are teaching has a testimony, and
more than likely will be baptized. By August, I believe our membership
will be approaching 80 with our small beginnings of 12.

Things are good, and whoever is going there will enter the area in
good hands, and Elder Black is ready for whatever. Mission

I still have crazy stomach problems, but I'm healthy, happy, and going
to a dying land.

Speaking of that, basically I can go to 1 of 4 places. Broadhurst
Botswana, Pretoria East, Rustenburg, Polokwane. Make your lucky picks
I'll die a ZL in the wilderness unless I go to Pretoria.. We'll find
out in 3 hours.

Well the time is far spent, there is little remaining Hymn 266. But
Today Elder Kantu dies which leaves me with only two living
companions, Black and Brey, my posterity... what up...

So have a good week and we'll speak soon from a new far away land.

Much love,

Elder Robinson

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