Tuesday, March 27, 2012

¨caucasians in my stomach¨, finally, stake conference, Botswana is legend

So to answer your questions...

Chicken Licken? did you find healthy meat in Botswana... Well we were brave and... fail. Nothing but bombs for 3 days. Here is a classic quote for our time from Elder Zuma. ¨I think I have a problem.¨ what is that? ¨I think I have caucasians in my stomach¨ man we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. He meant so say constapation but he has been around americans so long I guess we´ve somehow worked our way into his stomach.

We finally got back to work this week and had a stellar week. We met a new father called Mosethlane. He´s a head prison guard out here and after teaching about the restoration this was his prayer ¨thank you for sending my elders here tonight. Thank you for the prophet Joseph, and bringing your power back to the earth. Thank you for this free book the Book of Mormon, and thank you for this truth. I will follow it and Be baptized. amen¨.

Supernal joys of missionary work right there. man so good. We are making incredible progress with our pool and everyone has testimonies and are coming to church. Honestly couldn´t be happier. Brother Benjamin is great, just a big week of finding. I don´t know much of what to talk about just everything is great. I promise I´ll have greater detail this week. But it was just awesome. nothing more, nothing less.

Elder Robinson

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