Monday, May 23, 2011

and the winner is.... Zone Leader.... killing a companion, winter, Kota, all the joys of Gauteng‏

So right about now you may be sitting on your respective chairs/
sofas/ beds/ with your computer screen and trying to find out if your
lucky pick won transfer news... and the winner is... Florida in Soweto
zone! so go pick up those chicken nuggets 5 for a dollar at wendys! So
yebo I'm in Soweto zone which covers Soweto or (South West Township
SO.WE.TO.) which covers about 7 million people and we have 22
missionaries in the zone... boom.

Our zone is pretty dang awesome and I'm back around Elder Kelly the
Aussie, Elder Onsongo My Kenyan brother, Maweje, and Elder Lindsay
from my group plus a whole lot of other awesome missionaries...

My new companion is former AP Elder Rodrigues from San Jose California
and he is dying in 5 weeks so yes... I'm killing a missionary... its
super cool though to be the junior companion again because I have so
much to learn and he honestly is the man perfect mix of Spiritual and
fun and its gonna be a rockin 5 weeks...

After leaving Nelspruit I've also had the distinct privilege of
returning to winter from nearly 80 degree nelspruit to the probably 50
at best Gauteng and man I haven't been warm in 5 days haha... but in
terms of manly news my body is reacting because I have to shave twice
a day now to meet mission standards because of the growth to defend
against the cold... so what up!

I also was able to enjoy some Kota again arriving back in the city of
Gold and man I've missed Gauteng... I've been away for 6 months and
its good to be back in the mix...

So Florida my new area covers the area around the mission office to
roodeport, durban deep, Gautrand, and some other awesome areas... its
a really cool area because we have town and township just like Benoni
which is really nice for the work and we are always super busy which
is even better... We're also finding and teaching a lot of sweet
families and I really think we're gonna get this place cooking...
Elder Walsh who was here has just died and is touring with his parents
and now I'm killing my companion typically this is a place to die but
I guess for now I've got some killing to do first.. haha... but I'm
still learning about a lot of our investigators so I'll get to them
more next week...

But yeah being a ZL is sweet its pretty intense and a lot of work and
I'm always super finished at 10:30 every night but I love it... I love
seeing our zone do work, I love interviewing for baptism, and I
totally dig gauteng and life on mission...

So to sum up everything is sweet. I've got a ton to learn but that's
what mission is all about. But I feel I may finally be on the right
track haha but that's what mission is all about to keep you guessing
and never stop getting better....

Well yebo gogo that's about it... but as crazy as it sounds this
transfer will mark a year... and I can't believe it. Well off to buy
some thick socks and another funky sweater... oh... and food... that's
always nice...

Sala Kahle
ElDeR rObInSoN...
Mzansi fo sho'

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