Monday, May 9, 2011

Bongiwe Khoza, time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, trouble in Burundi, riding the largest land mammal, Mothers day‏

So yesterday I called ya'll and so you've heard a lot of what has happened... but Bongiwe Khoza was baptized yesterday and she bore a powerful testimony afterwards... she basically told her story of meeting us and how one random day on maternity leave these two goofy white americans knocked on her door... and how she didn't take us seriously for about two weeks but we just kept coming... then she finally prayed... and she just closed by saying miracles do happen... and then her family who we taught later that night are all preparing now as well... so that's awesome and that'll be a good legacy for us here the Mbiza family...

also crazy this week marked 10 months gone... weird...

This week we also had our good friend Nelson Pacific Ndikumana from Burundi lose his little boy who he has never seen... Nelson was just baptized and I've already kinda talked about how he's learned english miraculously... and he has had a super tough life and it just got harder... but thursday night was just about one of the most powerful experiences of my life... so we find out his son has died and Nelson is just devastated... so we knelt down and prayed and Nelson just poured out his heart thanking God for all of his blessings rather than all of his there wasn't a dry eye in the room... I love that guy... you really realize what's important in this life man... so powerful.

today we rode elephants... what up... pictures to come... and yeah... I talked a lot yesterday... so... yeah haha talk to ya'll next week

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