Monday, May 16, 2011

Last days in Nelspruit, Zone Conference, Goodbyes, Converted Converts, Mbiza family, (Transfer news the game.... with a new twist in the story...) sta

Well lets just begin with saying... yes... I am getting transferred wednesday... Now as you all know it has been 6 months in Nelspruit and that is no surprise I'm leaving... but haha there was a pretty big surprise in that phone call saturday morning... and I quote.... President Poulsen: "Elder Robinson... how is Nelspruit? it was great to see your district at Zone Conference yesterday... well as you know you've been in Nelspruit for quite a while now and have done great things as its District Leader and we're calling to let you know you'll be leaving wednesday..." Elder Robinson: "awesome president it'll be tough to leave but I'm excited for wherever I go...." President Poulsen: " also Elder Robinson we'd like to give you a new assignment as a Zone Leader starting wednesday... you'll meet your new companion and go right to work and I'm sure you'll do a great job..." Elder Robinson: "thanks president (all kinds of thoughts rushing through brain) we'll see you wednesday."

So... yeah haha I'm a zone Leader now after 2 transfers as a District Leader and 10 1/2 months out... crazy... haha there is so... I repeat SO much to work on... but as they say out of the frying pan and into the fire... looks like Nelspruit was refining me for just this...

So as you now my guess this throws a different twist to transfer news... I now am going to one of 10 places in charge of one of 10 zones with my next companion they are...

Bedfordview Zone : Germiston
Joburg Zone: Sandton (fourways)
Benoni Zone: Springs
Bots West Zone: Broadhurst
Bots East Zone: Kanye 1
Pretoria Zone: Pretoria Central
Centurion Zone: Centurion
Roodeport Zone: Krugersdorp
Francistown Botswana Zone: Francistown
Soweto Zone: Florida

So everything is narrowed down quite a bit take your lucky picks now!

So yeah haha there is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders now... but that kinda brings me to Zone Conference, my time in Nelspruit, and life in general... Now life is all about choices, decisions, actions,and attitude. and this was the point of zone conference. if you let yourself grow... it will happen... if you choose to work hard, weed out the bad in life, and just do it with positivity... you will always succeed... there will be friction but your drive will be the catalyst... so just like we learn... Be ye therefore perfect even as I.... good luck right? but no we get qualified if we simply work at it and eliminate anything that slows you down... (The refiners fire/ Nelspruit) so yeah haha I'm still fairly young on mission and now I am gonna be over 20 or so missionaries... and honestly that's intimidating crap... but there is a lesson to be learned and so much to grow... so bring it baby!

Also with transfer news always comes goodbyes... which is always tough but brings lots of good pictures... and I will be back someday to the Lowveld...

Cool thing this week also was the Mbiza family... so Bongiwe was baptized last week and we are now teaching her family... they are doing really good but we didn't know how into church her husband was... until yesterday :D... so we're teaching our new investigators/member class and doing introductions... "Hi brothers and sisters I'm Sibusiso... as of now I'm just visiting but I'm planning on joining and becoming a member very soon...." BAM! so Nelspruit branch will be getting a new family soon awesome icing to the cake of leaving Nelspruit...

Well not much else to talk about... but I've loved my time in Nelspruit, but its just time to go... just like Benoni I'll be back someday... and well the adventure continues as you're aware of now... haha

Pulumbo out...

have a sweet week the winners this week of "transfer news" will get a hypothetical hi five and if you go to Wendy's 5 chicken nuggets for a dollar!

Hamba Kahle
Elder Robinson

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