Monday, September 19, 2011

Hammanskraal?!?!?!?, wedding, baptisms, leaving, blessing, goodbyes, I could sleep for 3 days.‏

So welcome to transfer news everyone's favorite game... so all of the
suspense has already been spoiled I'm going to Hammanskraal!!!!!! Now
you may be thinking what the heck is Hammanskraal.... Well I'm going to
be opening a brand new area to missionary work. It's a village/ town/
township north of Pretoria so if you guessed Pretoria I guess by
default you won!!! But from what I've heard its a unit of about 18
members and has around 300,000 people so we're pretty stoked to get
the work going there and I begin tomorrow.

In other news... I'm leaving Florida. which is going to be pretty
tough I've been saying goodbyes for the past 2 days and still have a
lot more tonight and man haha this is honestly the worst part of being
a missionary leaving areas. But in happier news.

The Leopengs got MARRIED!!! We were there for everything and it was
awesome I've literally seen them go through everything to get married
but it all has payed off in the end and it was an icing on the
cake.... pun intended... to my time here in Florida.

A scary thing happened this week with sister Joyce we got a call
Thursday she was going through a panic attack because of her health
and we showed up and she basically was having a seizure but we gave
her a blessing and instantly as we put our hands on her head she
stopped shaking and was able to talk. She told us she needed to be
baptized and...

Sunday we had 4 baptisms!!!! The Leopeng's and Sister Joyce it was
super powerful and my favorite part as always was hearing them bear
testimonies afterward. Sister Joyce just cried and said how thankful
she was for us and her new family and the Leopeng's just talked about
every trial they went through and it was pretty intense but then they
were just all about the temple. man I love those guys it is going to
suck to leave.

Bhukis and Jandine found out their little boy has TB so that was a
huge set back but we're going to get everything worked out. and George
basically told us regardless of what happens he will be baptized next
month. So we're pumped like no ones business. and now I get to fade
off into a new land with much work still to be done here which I'm
very happy for.

Yep I'm leaving and saying a ton of goodbyes which is hard but I'm
really looking forward to the next few months it will be legendary. be
looking forward to some pictures I'll be sending them tonight.

Elder Robinson

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