Monday, September 26, 2011

"The Kraal", When Sangomas meet missionaries, dedication, We are laying the foundation of a great work so that we CANNOT COME DOWN!‏

So you may be thinking to yourself "how is Hammanskraal?" Well let me tell you....

I love this area. When you walk out of the car and down the dusty roads you just feel this electricity in the air. People are flocking to meet with us, everyone is interested, people love that I know a little bit of Tswana from my time in Soweto, We are almost for sure gonna have 6 baptisms this month, and the field is white already to harvest.

A bit more on the area. We are currently meeting at the Renato's home in Temba at Stand #2149. Our sacrament meeting attendance reached an all time record this week with 26 people. the average is 9. We taught primary and gave talks. Primary is held in the dinning room and Sacrament in the living room,the size is a grand total of maybe an average motel room. But the Spirit is so strong you can taste it. When I say there is something in the air I mean it. We never want to leave the area. We just want to find, teach, and be there. Miracles will happen here. I give it to maybe 2013 before there is 100 plus members it is simply incredible.

This week one of our investigators we tracted into has grandparents who are members in Tzaneen and she has been praying for the church to come. So she (Jacquilene) woke up at 5:30 and walked the hour and a half to church with her 4 year old sister. She should be baptized this month and possibly her whole family of 7 in time. Across the street from the church is Pauline, Kerabo, and Koketso a powerful grandmother and grandaughters team who should all get baptized this month. Within two lessons they had burning testimonies and just last night the gave us all of their tea and had us throw it away after teaching the word of wisdom. People here, there is just something about them. Of course there is still the ones who totally get wasted every night of their lives, but those who are here just hunger for the truth. and we will bring it to them.

This week we met a Sangoma.... now I don't know if I've explained them before, but they are straight up legitimate witchdoctors, who throw bones, make potions, slaughter goats, and do all kinds of crazy things. We taught her the restoration and she asked if she could close with a prayer. after 10 minutes of jumping up and down screaming in Tswana she closed and then put her hand on Elder Bangani and "prophesied" apparently he needs to fast for 7 days straight or in 3 months something will come and make him happy for 3 days, then sick for a week, then miserable for the rest of his life... haha T.I.A. this is Africa baby. As we were leaving we noticed fresh lambs blood marked on the walls we didn't see the night before because it was dark. yeah welcome to the village ladies and gentlemen.

But yeah Hammanskraal is great. actually incredible and honestly I'm so pumped just to go teach like every minute. Hopefully someday soon there will be a chapel, stake, branches, and powerful members, and we are lucky enough to pioneer it all. I love this work!

Elder Robinson
signing off from
"the Kraal"

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