Monday, September 5, 2011

I felt like choking, I haven't bore my testimony in 8 years, bring n braai, boerkie, etc

So needless to say a great week. honestly I don't know where they go anymore. one day its Monday and I'm writing these emails the next thing you know its Friday and I'm in Pimville or Dobsonville, then its church, and bam Monday again. But lets give you a little look into South African culture this week.

SPRING DAY: The first day of September every year, basically this is a nation wide water fight and man it is so ridiculously fun. Like anywhere any time people have water balloons, super soakers, buckets, and it is free game... especially when you are a Mulungu (white man) in township. So last year we got drenched like no ones business but this year it was war. So we twisted the windshield fluid guns outward and loaded up with ice water and shot anyone on the side of the car. Man haha so fun. The night time was the best because we staked out the Protea Glen elders flat, absolute silence at 9:25 when a shout comes from around the corner "How was your spring day" a hail of red rubber fell down on the bedazzled elders and all that remained after was soggy ties and wet socks. Victory Soweto East Zone...good luck next year Soweto East.

Now this is a legendary holiday I will be bringing to the United States. 10 years and it will be a big deal just you wait.

But this week wasn't just about fantastic military strategy but man our investigators said some powerful things. Jason for example was invited to a party and they gave him a cigarette. Now Jason used to have a major problem with smoking but he said he just felt like he was being choked when he held it and told the girls he didn't smoke and gave them a copy of the book of Mormon and invited them to church. POW future missionary!

Also a really cool experience was Sunday seeing Bruno bear his testimony. He served a mission from 2000-2002 and went inactive for about 8 years so Sunday he stood up and just talked. He said how he felt a hope he hadn't felt in years. He feels like he's investigating the church for the first time and he was just like I love the missionaries. Then he started to cry.

Now there comes a point and time in your life as a missionary where you don't worry so much about what am I going to teach or how am I going to teach. And when you just don't worry about stupid things and just go to work. and when that happens you get things like this. Lives changed not because of anything that you've done but because you loved the people and did your part the lord saw it fit to include you.

I'm not the kind to cry but I can think of 3 times on my mission when its happened. 1# leaving the MTC and our district. #2. Leaving Benoni. #3. leaving Nelspruit. When I get up and bear my departing testimony it feels normal. I open up try to crack some lame joke and I just look out and see the people and I just lose it. Florida ward will be the same way haha man leaving sucks.

Saturday we had a sweet bring N' Braai with the ward and man it was so fun our investigators loved it, fellowship was happening like no ones business and in the coming 4 months we should have probably 20 baptisms here. Florida is on fire.

2 cool experiences this week happened. One was at Bhukis and Jandine's place. Elder Crawford (not from my group but still awesome) was with me and we were teaching the law of chastity. Turns out they aren't married yet. So at first they were like "We don't wanna get married yet." After some pause we just talked about the Temple. How its the ultimate goal for families. How when I saw the Weitz's get sealed I knew the blessings and promises were true. We both talked about how we weren't married or had kids but someday how everything would happen and how its the ultimate goal of the gospel. Afterward they were just like "When can we go" haha man I love the power of testimony. And Temples are awesome.

Also we had the opportunity to have dinner and Elder Mkhabela of the 70's house on Sunday and man he just would look at you and say something that rocked you to the soul. Revelation/ prophecy... yes haha so many things to say about that but no time or room in email.

With Summer returning the sun is back to full peak, and I looked at my watch tan line and I look like straight up leather in comparison to underneath my watch... yeah Boerkie fo sho'.

Well awesome week and more awesome to come. Stay classy San Diego.....
Elder Robinson

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