Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm not addicted I'm just a person who has to have my cup of coffee, Leopengs!, George mah bra, everyone's favorite game TRANSFER NEWS!‏

YEP its that time again the time for you to play TRANSFER NEWS.... This Saturday we will find out if I will be getting transferred or not. Next Monday we will play the game. So get your lucky picks ready... Here are the possibilities.

1. Pretoria
2. Centurion.
3. Benoni
4. Bedfordview
5. Bots West.
6. Bots East.
7. Francistown.
8. Northeast
10. Northwest
11. Soweto West.

Tune in for next weeks results on should I stay or should I go!

So to the week It was honestly one of the most insane weeks of my mission in terms of just everything that happened. I don't really know where to start so maybe I'll just talk about Investigators and then other little things here and there.

Leopengs: are getting married FRIDAY!!!!! and BAPTIZED SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now everything has finally come together with them. Brother Kgomusto has been struggling a bit with smoking so please keep him in your prayers. This week we've honestly just had a ton of fun teaching them, watching conference talks, preparing the wedding (insanity by the way haha), and just doing work. It's going to be an awesome Sunday.

Joyce: also getting baptized this week sickness is finally gone.

Randall: Here is an interesting one... So Tuesday morning we get a phone call from Randall that he is being kicked out of his house because he went drinking, got in a fight, and brought a girl home. So we come to the rescue. We talk about repentance, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, and basically commit him to pray to God for help then ask his mom for forgiveness. So the next day we get a call... "Elders I've swallowed my pride and did what you said. I'm going to get my job back and my mom forgave me. It's a miracle" So we were more than happy about this and went to teach him Friday. We go back to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and its like he's been filled up with total crap again. "The Book of Mormon is just another mans interpretation of the Bible. How can you say its the only true church my pastor can resurrect people." So we explained and kinda went back to the Word of Wisdom and followed up on it. "I can't stop drinking coffee it is not wrong other churches serve coffee. (Elder Robinson:" That's because other churches don't have the fullness of the gospel") "Well I am just a man who has to have my coffee every day" (Elder Robinson: Randall this is exactly why its part of the Word of Wisdom its addictive.") "I just like to have it every day.... its its... (Elder Robinson: An Addiction??") man haha you can't battle the truth. We bore powerful testimony and were just about as bold and blunt as possible... We will see tonight what happens.

George: George is back baby! We found him at the grocery store and will be teaching him again... and he will be baptized!!!

Bruno Tebogo Malu and Brenda: Early this week we saw a lot of great things and had a great family night. Wednesday on the other hand things were very different. They were struggling to read, getting discouraged and arguing. But Friday was just about the most powerful lesson of my mission. We talked about the Spirit. Bruno and Malu are RM's who went inactive didn't keep commandments etc. and they just poured out there frustration of not being able to keep the spirit. Brenda and Tebogo just kept talking about all the changes to make and the miracles they've seen and man they just started crying. They are converted. They are changed. Now they just need to be married and do what's right. I heard Malu just talk about the Temple and man I love those families Nuff said.

Saturday the Kaizer Chiefs played the Pirates and we got sweet pics driving by Soccer City Stadium you could hear the vuvuzelas for miles.

Sunday we met Ulysses S. Soares who came to our stake conference it was powerful. They talked about how taking offense is like getting bitten by a snake. You can choose to crush the snake and risk getting bitten again or dying because ignoring the poison. Or you can sort out your wound and carry on... It was awesome.

Temple trip, being ZL's, planning, Rugby World Cup starting, spring here ah so much is happening new investigators ah I haven't slept normal hours in a week haha things are honestly insane but I love every minute of it. I'll probably sending pics tomorrow or later this week of Lion park, Tigers, Soccer City, and others. much love from South Africa and talk to you all in a week!

Elder Robinson

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