Monday, January 16, 2012

Babaloo!, February insanity, things to work on... Elder Black haha‏

Man sweet as heck week. transfer news next week... 99.99 percent sure I'm staying. But crazy how time goes. All is well in Hammanskraal. Due to some unforseen circumstances our baptisms will be pushed to next month. But William, Sylvester, Pauline, Karabo, Koketso, Diego, Babaloo, possibly Komelo family (5), Rose, Oscar, Maphula all have an awesome possibility of being baptized which would be quite a way to go out before I leave March 7th.

Honestly things are crazy. I love serving in town on mission because when you finally get an investigator, they progress, they are sweet, you love them, you work with them. In the township anyone and everyone wants to meet with you. So we sift like crazy. Like in 3 weeks we have had 73 new investigators and we extend baptismal dates the very first lesson. and... drum roll... 22 on date. because 51 of them were not serious. That's what happens some time... so its a little frustrating, but I love it and everyone who is on date is progressing and honestly in a few weeks/ months I have high hopes at least 75% will be baptized. I may not be around to see it, but that doesn't really matter as long as they receive the blessings and the branch grows.

I think in Hammanskraal, like opening any area, you see success, maybe not as much as you would like because its a ton of finding and building. But you can look back on it and smile. That's kinda my attitude for the next 6 weeks here. Just break myself down finding people who are prepared whether or not I see the fruits, because well... I know what's more important. The Lord has blessed me with so much over the past 18 months that I just wanna waste myself out and go home on a stretcher. Not only will I go out in a blaze of glory, but I won't be trunky either... something I refuse to let happen.

It's nice to work with Elder Black, because he just has fire and wants to learn. Every day is an adventure. He's still a little shy tracting but he is a teaching machine now and I'm instilling a love of the scriptures and doctrines in his heart. something papa Nelson did for me. It's kinda funny because when we refer to him, or other missionaries that have had an impact on me its like... "grandpa taught me this" Or your step grandfather taught me this" or "your great uncle did this once" Its funny man mission life is the best. Just the little day to day things, the inside jokes, the randomness and culture of it you just can't experience it unless you go yourself. No one will experience your mission but you and its pretty sweet just every day little miracles, shamboking pastors who think you are false proselytes, just turning to a scripture that is perfect and you didn't even plan on it, being led to a 350 pound guy named Babaloo who is prepared with a capitol P.... all in a days work...

Well, typical week, nothing too exciting... but a good one.

Elder Robinson

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