Monday, January 9, 2012

Everything you need, not what you expect.

Very interesting week. We've been doing a lot of groundwork lately... a lot of finding, lesson 1's, extending dates, and sifting. this week, we did a lot more teaching. We accomplished quite a bit and some people are looking really good for February. Like the Komelo family, Sylvester, Russell, Rose, Moshidi family, and others. On the other hand we really realized just how not serious some people are haha!

"So if I come to your church and get baptized it means I have to leave my church? Like I can't just get baptized so its done by the authority and then go back to mine?"

"Well I think we need to pray to the Holy Spirit because he's the one who answers us... not God..."

"The Book of Mormon is kinda like a commentary on the Bible. I don't need to read it. That's what my pastor said"

"I know my church isn't true, but your music is so boring"

These are the kinda questions we dealt with this week and Elder Black said something profound that I was just waiting for him to learn on his own haha. "man some people are so dumb... how could you think that?" Man that's mah boy! He is a good guy. He's a little timid, a little shy. But he's really catching the fire now. I just get to sit back and watch sometimes. He's just loaded with fire and testimony and is starting to be more bold with people. It's awesome. I'm just waiting for him to shut down a falsehood and then I'm buying pizza haha!

So yeah... good week in many ways... a little disappointing with some investigators... But I think yesterday summed up our whole week. Planning on about 10 at church and 0 of them came. What we did get was a former investigator who came back, a couple we contacted the night before, and some people who just popped in because they saw us reading the Bible. You could say we got nothing that we expected, but everything that we needed. A little discouraged looking back over the week and thinking "why didn't they come?" but as we kept a positive attitude, worked, and just smiled. The night was awesome. Sister Pauline has decided to be baptized. If not this month then February for sure. Which means her grandkids will follow. Sister Olga has 5 friends for us to teach, the Komelo's GOT lesson 1... like they GOT it and are pumped about the Book of Mormon. We tracted into a family who got a Book of Mormon 6 years ago but had no idea what it was. and now... they are reading it like crazy.

So what's the moral of the story? If you simply try your best, are obedient, and just smile even if your house smells like eggs and cheese, no one came to church, and your neck is sunburned from playing volleyball. Everything that you need will happen. Crap happens, but what do you do with it when it comes? See Mission teaches you to smile all the time, because if you don't you'll be miserable haha. So in the words of Joseph B. Wirthlin... come what may and love it.

Have a stellar week
Elder Robinson

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