Monday, January 23, 2012

Recognize, "I can be baptized even right now", ZIMBABWE!, mango season!, other good stuff‏

Man what the heck Nick and Kylee are getting married and I won't even be there! Congrats guys! get a cardboard cut out of me or something and I'll get you a gift when I get home.

In other news things are awesome in Hammanskraal. Diego, Tsepiso, Nkosana, Spencer, Oscar, William, and Rose all have their answers, have testimonies, and are preparing to be baptized. February is going to be a huge month for us, and our little house is literally bursting at the seams. We had to sit outside and just listen through the window. count 53. We seriously need to move but the school board is giving us problems. So... we wait....

We met a house of like 10 from Zimbabwe who all know the church and were so excited it is here so they are all going to come and more than likely be baptized. We are seriously just being led to people who are ready, willing, and committed. It's the depths of summer, its hot, but that means mangos! and that's pretty cool haha.

I'm a little frustrated with our teaching pool haha. Some people are just so great, but man do we have to sift to find people. 117 investigators in 5 weeks. how many on date 30... how many serious on date 17. eish. But each area has its own challenges and I guess this is Hammanskraals.

Kinda a cool thing happened this week. GM South Africa struck again. Flashing back to my Nelspruit days of my 6 months there, the car was in the shop for about 4. I haven't had any problems since then until this week. Our car literally sounds like a metal forge and as metal as that is, its not good. So knowing that it was the ball joints, we took it to GM. After 6 count em 6 hours we get a phone call. "it's your tires, not the bearings." Ok... so we go to Supaquick tm. just around the corner. 5 minutes there... It's your ball bearings have GM do it because they are still under warranty. So back to GM. we tell them what Supaquick said and... "ok... let us look" 2 hours later... "yep its the wheel bearings. But we don't have any, can you come back Tuesday?" ACH!!!!!! man haha such a waste of time. So yeah off to the area at 5PM. But then ohohoho such a good night. 1st lesson a guy who was offended by his pastor 2 years ago and believes no church is Christ's guess again hehehe. On date for 26 February. 2nd Lesson Issac and Lebogang a father led family that we met. They are new to Christianity so we taught a very basic Lesson 1 and put them on date. Huge freaking smiles "I can be baptized even right now... can we go to the river?" haha I love answering a question like that. 3rd Lesson David a cool guy with dreadlocks half way down his back also on date for February. 4th Oscar a sweet colored guy who will totally be baptized in February. It comes back to this...

When you just stay positive and don't blow things out of proportion however frustrating they may be, awesomeness happens. This week we focused our study a lot on the Spirit and we spoke a lot about recognizing it and remembering it. Just read Moroni 10 and consider how many times he uses the word remember. So what I've decided to do is count every time I saw a little miracle or some kind of guidance. 74 in 3 days. Are we led by the spirit? you betcha you just gotta recognize it and consider it. It was a really profound week.

Elder Black is awesome he's gonna be a great missionary and its good to be his companion. He has everything he needs just he's a little shy and lacking a bit in confidence so I think its good he got me "Mr. no inhibitions". Hopefully by the time I leave this place he'll be kicking down doors and confounding falsehoods just like his dad haha. Nah its great its really bringing me back to the basics of missionary work and its keeping me on my toes even though I'm getting old. I don't think I could have asked for a better situation than opening an area and training and being DL at the same time haha. awesome.

So yeah everything is good. I hope after these 6 weeks to go back to town and die close to Joburg I miss just the atmosphere Pretoria is to slow. But none of you know anything about that anyway haha. Great week looking forward to this one.

Elder Robinson

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