Monday, February 27, 2012

Would ye not behold quickly?, I just wanna change, joyous reunion, transfer news?

Hello again my esteemed friends, Here is a dancing Lobster.

A great week in the land of Hammyskraal, and man we found some sweet freaking people. We started tracting a new area called Wrenstown and found a guy named Koti there. He has been to like 7 churches throughout his life and is so sick of them treating the people like customers. He told us about his wife and how he wants a united family and so :D we talked about the temple. He really like that and there is a guy staying with him from Essex in the UK and so Elder Black taught his first white person. He had a lot of questions about what the church is doing politically to solve the problems the world is facing. So we spoke about agency, the plan of salvation, accountability, etc. and all of a sudden he was like "Koti this sounds like a true church, when can you come again." He, Carl, is kinda agnostic because of the history of churches in Europe. So two investigators just waiting for the Restoration one house. When we went to see them they were still on the way, so we decided to knock a house It was almost dark and after dark, people think we are satanists so we were really hoping to get in. Family of 5. SO interested in the book of Mormon that they decided to bring all of their relatives and friends over tonight so we'll be teaching about 18 people tonight in their house all about the "3rd testament" I'm SO pumped for that.

This week I learned a cool lesson out of Alma 33:19-23 It speaks about the brazen serpent in the wilderness and how we as people just have to do something so simple. Look up, look to the savior. Alma says " O my brethren, if you could be healed by merely casting your eyes would ye not behold quickly?" This week our studies were focused on teaching people for understanding and just helping them realize what this can do for them. What did it result in? oh 63 people at church, so much so that we had to run to the neighbors and borrow chairs so people would have a place to sit, 10 people gaining testimonies this week, 25 on date for March 25th, and a legendary week of just living the dream.

Lloyd one of our newest investigators struggles a bit with addictions and his past, but just came to the church yesterday and said in class "I have wanted what these guys are teaching my whole life, I just have this feeling I can't deny, I need this." He gained his testimony the moment we taught him the restoration and has already begun the Book of Mormon. I love our investigators.

To be perfectly honest, my mission has been insane. constant change, constant struggle, constant just pleading for things to happen. But the truth is I have changed. I beheld, I looked up, and I've seen it. I used to be the guy who in a scriptural phrase "understood not the meaning of those things" and I cannot and will not let this go. Of the many blessings I have received I believe that has been the most influential. I know what I have, I know where I can go, and I know who can get me there. What else do you really need. I am probably leaving Hammanskraal next Tuesday and will disembark to my dying area. Which means y'all can play transfer news again. Every where I have been, every companion I have had, every challenge I have faced, is exactly what I needed. And while it has been so insane, I've loved every minute. You can't not love a mission, you can't not love this. If I could just help everyone understand that, the young men, the people who are kinda floating around, man I'd be so happy. But the truth is all you have to do is give it a shot, give it a try and you will know.

Enough soapbox. In other news, I had a joyous reunion with Elder Williams, who is my boy, and man its exciting haha. Elder Alder, Williams, and Robinson in the same zone conference, and soon to be the same complex. Awesome, need I say more.

So everyone, legend of a week. We're gonna play football, check out the Capital building, and make meatball subs today. start getting your lucky transfer news picks ready, perhaps a new clue to come next week of what may be happening.

Salani Kahle

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