Monday, February 13, 2012

AAD, It's time for that cheesy trumpet triumph music, zombie appocolypse soshanguve

I love psychology. man... Let me tell you a sweet experience that happened yesterday. So study time Elder Black and I were doing our usual study and for one reason or another, he still is not confident in talking with new people, and certain investigators. So using my sociology skills and other tactics picked up on mission, I picked apart his brain. I have a theory that all of our potential boils down to about 3 things. Attitude, Action, Desire. Let me elaborate. Our ultimate desire shapes and directs our action, and our desire usually defines our attitude, our actions are a product of our desire and attitude. So we've been struggling to get investigators to keep simple commitments like reading, coming to church etc. So this week I kinda thought to put this theory into practice and it worked time and time again.

Brian Shabangu. Self admitted drinker who is pretty miserable. Wanted us to come to have a prayer with him. Well, we found out what he wanted out of life, what he was doing, and his attitude, and well honestly one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had on prayer. He just got it. He told us he had never prayed and didn't know how. So we taught him and he poured out his whole soul. He later told us he was feeling something in his heart he had never felt before and that he felt he could finally move on with life.

Oscar. Just wants to do right, reads every day, comes to church, gonna get baptized.

Elder Black. Doubting himself a bit. Desire to be bold, in declaring his testimony, and to speak freely. Action. timidness. Attitude, self denial. So what happened. We had a good long talk and I spoke about the other variable. The Savior. The one who makes something of you when you can't do it yourself. What do you have to do? try your hardest. Ether 12:27 gives us the formula and the chapter gives us the outcome. It was a profound lesson on life. It was a profound experience, and as we can show our investigators what this can really do for them we will see miracles.

As you have pure desire, followed by a good attitude, followed by dilligent action, that is the moment when the Savior steps in and make everything possible. That's what he does to a 19 year old from Southern Utah who just had excitement and a go gettim attitude. I'm not perfect, but He's made something of me and He can make something of all of us if you just try. Such a testimony builder this week man so good.

In other news, things are looking good for the baptisms this month. Hopefully 5. and This sunday I was so looking forward to huge church attendance and.... drum roll please... Nothing. NOBODY. and your soul sinks into despair. I said a quick prayer and looked up, Issacs daughter a little 8 year old girl walked by herself because she loves primary. 30 seconds later Mary and her two daughters came, 30 seconds later BABALOO our 325 pound investigator rolls up in his Ford Pinto with 2 buddies, and 1 minute later we get a call from William. It was like that moment in a movie where you here this cheesy triumphant trumpet fanfare start to blow and you feel like running into the wind in this huge open meadow. It was so sweet.

So in other words, life is great haha. Love this place, had a sweet as blackberry pie week and learned a lot.

My dreams are still crazy, two highlights this week were pro-wrestling Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Zombie apocalypse Soshanguve. I fought them off with a spatula and broadsword. Metal? I think so...

have a great week.

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