Monday, April 2, 2012

Interviews, Mosethlane, the power of testimony, Molepolole, Lent

Super great week. I apologize ahead of time if there are grammatical errors I've been up since 4 this morning. The people next door were slaughtering chickens in for some reason and the Palm Sunday celebrations went late into the night. But I'm feeling great because it was an awesome week.

The Benjamin family is doing great. Richard and Lesedi are progressing nicely and have been reading every day. He told us he loves fast Sunday because he can take a big gob of Sacrament bread and it helps him to make it through. I love that family. Their little girl Bothle is about 2 and I finally get her to give me a hi five. In Tswana you say "tsa" and that means take. So now when she sees us she says tsa and hi fives us. They will be baptized for sure on April 15th.

We were with Elder Maybee for 3 days this week because Elder Zuma went to SA to get his drivers license. So it was kinda fun because E. Littlefield and I have a really good teaching system going and he was confused a lot and fell asleep one lesson haha. But Elder Zuma made it back Wednesday after President interviews and brought SASKO brown. I love that Zulu haha we had delicious toast for the first time in weeks. Botswana bread tastes like baked playdough... don't ask how I know how that tastes but I was an exciting 5 year old.

President interviews were really nice. He knows me well, we sat down "how's your physical health?" good. "How's your spiritual health?" good. "Alright, lets get to business." We spoke a lot about accountability and serving with no regrets. I think that's why I love my mission so much, we had a good talk and I was able to say, that I had no regrets, that I continually gave my best, and honestly there is nothing better to say. Matthew 16 has a scripture which reads, "He that loseth his life shall find it, he that keepeth his life shall lose it" I think that is probably one of the biggest lessons I've learned. I can't even tell you how much I have seen myself change. Lately I've been doing a lot of "one year ago today's" in my journal. I love my mission... every day. You've gotta go if you haven't seriously. The way things are going now, I still have the fire I did when I was young, and its because I just love it. Every day is part of the best two years, and the Lord is seriously hooking us up right now. Great people, and day to day miracles. I honestly couldn't ask for more. I just am blown away by how the time has gone.

This week we had one great lesson with a guy called Tirro. He completely accepts the book of Mormon but disagrees that only our church should use it. So we spoke, and explained. Eventually it just boiled down to testimony. he said "I can never leave my church" So bam E. Robinson and E. Littlefield on stage. After 21 months you get a pretty dang good testimony of what you teach and as we sat there under the acacia tree I just felt like I was giving him advice from all my soul. E. Littlefield as well. He paused, countenance completely changed and just said. "It's going to take some time to divorce my church, but In the future I'll be a member" Pres. Poulsen counseled us to write down experiences where you feel the Spirit. That was a big time confirmation. The truth is, there is nothing like this no matter how hard you look. If you don't know that, there is only one way to learn. Live it, love it, and then pray about it.

Brother Mosethlane is also doing just great his wife got her promotion, he is so stoked for his baptism, and he wants us to come teach at the prison to the 160 prisoners. So we're working on permission. All in all everything is sweet.

Well, in commemoration of Easter we decided to have a passover feast with unleavened ciapatis and phaphata and lamb mutton "don't forget to leave a place for elijah!" Yeah we decided to speak in scriptural phrases all week long in the flat and can drink only fanta grape this week. and we even found dreydels. Can you say legendary week? We also set up a kind of April fools joke where we are having "lent" and giving up warm showers. But the only one who doesn't know is E. Maybee. Because he said we could never get him with an April fools joke. Well... we'll see on Friday. :D

Anywho... it's been a great week and I'm looking forward to this one. All you lucky ones who got to see conference I'm super jealous we'll probably see it in 3 weeks. ugh It's like waiting for Christmas.

Elder Robinson

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