Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So waar in Suid-Afrika is die woeste leeu Robinson?Is hy nog steeds by Die wonder grot of in Kanye?‏

Monday 6 AM we embark on the most legendary road trip to Joburg ever fathomed by SAJM missionaries ever. The participants E. McNally, E. Zondi, E. Littlefield and yours truly. We embarked from Gaborone to the Pioneer Border with delicious phaphata and 24 440ml cokes for the 4 of us. we down 3 each before reaching the border just 30 minutes away. Turns out half of us were illegal so after swooning the customs agents we made it through and I have 42 days and counting til illegal immigrant Elder Robinson. After 5 minutes we made and emergency pee stop and met the caravan in Zeerust. We rolled down the R509 which is like driving on the surface of the moon it has so many potholes. After the caravan loosing 2 tires (Elder Brey former companion) we made it to Joburg. We went to the Meat n' Eat for dinner and all enjoyed Eisbein which is like half the leg of a pig and went to sleep getting to the mission home around 9:30. Tuesday transfer day which means seeing all the old crew. Always super nice and many happy reunions were made and many trunky sarcastic comments made by the younger missionaries... its getting crazy We're the oldest 2 groups now. E. Littlefield gave his dying advice and his flight didn't leave until 9 so we went to play with white tigers and got some nice cuts. We dropped him off and I got my new companion E. Kuseni from Zambia he's awesome and we're having loads of fun. He calls cockroaches Chris Brown's and we teach so well together the fire really will keep going in Kanye. The next two days Wednesday and Thursday we spent driving back to Kanye and got back around 7 on Thursday. Your typical work commenced until Sunday when we got the phone call that E. Zuma was being deported. They deleted his 90 additional days. So back to the border yesterday where we brought E. Dirkmaat across and they questioned me for going back and forth so many times creating ridiculous border issues. and I hit 40 days and 40 nights left on Thursday in Botswana. So things are gnarly plus we're organizing home teaching. I'm the senior missionary in the area now in terms of time here and time on mission and so I have to show 3 missionaries the area. But its all good, all part of the job and its exciting. Everyone is doing great. Mosetlhane and his daughter received their answers and are 100% committed to May 20th. Richard and Lesedi made it to church again and are looking good, and the arguments have ceased, we have two powerful young men Joseph and Mosha who are so prepared its not even funny. On Sunday the pastors at the other church next door were questioning them and they bore sweet testimony. Bakang, Tony, Matusi, Oabona, and so many others are doing so great. Honestly I couldn't be happier with the area, my companion, and everything that is happening in Kanye. It is going to be a legend of a transfer and the branch is really beginning to grow. If all goes well we could be a ward by the end of the year and Botswana could have its own stake SO soon. General Authority??? But I love it, all is well in the life of E. Robinson and I enjoyed my birthday cake and having a sweet road trip to commemorate it. Much love to the Cedar City crew for the birthday cards I've got something sweet coming your way and everything is lekker. Much love, Elder Robinson. Elder Kuseni (Koo Sen ee) from Lusaka Zambia. The one and only Zambian in the mission and its awesome haha I think I'll be alright. If anything I might run out of toothpaste like June 25th or so and I can subsist on the superglue taste South African toothpaste until the 10th. Um I need to consult our diamond expert Mr. E. Williams. My plan was to find out the details the next time I see him (in 5 weeks) or you could open a correspondence via him through his mama. Then once we know the details... my last 2 weeks or so or that last Monday I'll buy and keep them on me. But yeah probably find out through him.. the guy is in their ward in Centurion if I'm not mistaken Ha they thought we were smuggling contraband through our packages from home and the church boxes so they knifed them all open. but all is well. E. Zuma had his 80 days revoked though hence the late email. he was deported yesterday Sorry about the funeral and everything but it sounds like she went out like she wanted to. She was a super cool and strong lady so that's a good thing. Apologies for the lack of emails and lateness lately... but things are crazy... let that suffice for now haha. Excited to fly to London with the whole crew. That'll be a crazy thing to split from everyone though... crazy its just about 2 months away. I don't have tons of time today. because the system is super shaky and they are doing repairs on the network. but I'll do my best to fill you in on everything here.

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