Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is Lent man, Easter, mission walking day, just do it, these ones are not serious‏

Super good week here in the land of Kanye. The Kaimba family was a huge success this week. They've been dwindling for sure lately, so we just decided to paste them with action packed 15 minute lessons. So Boom WOW, LOC, Follow the Prophet, and Prayer. They ask so many great questions, Kabo is going to come to church, and they finally accepted a baptismal date. All of them. Now we just need to really work with Kabo. He's 20 and super active in his church. We've one brother Steven the father and he reads the Book of Mormon like crazy. The mom is coming, and we've won the heart of their 8 year old daughter and she even started bringing her friends to church. Kabo is reading, but I don't think he wants us to be right, because he loves his church.

In other news the Mosethlane family is awesome. His wife is down from Maun in Northern Bots and she just loves us man, she's so happy her husband is changing. We taught the Gospel last night and man it was powerful it closed with him saying " I just can't believe you guys volunteer, but this church is something else, I really hope my wife can join me. Too bad that these ones (pointing to his kids) are not serious." man we laughed haha and its because they just whisper and giggle the whole time we're there. But he's powerful and hasn't missed church in 5 weeks. He takes notes all lesson and Sunday and is so pumped for conference.

On a sad note, Bro. Benjamin picked up cigarettes again so baptism has been pushed back to the 29th. Lets keep the fingers crossed there. But his wife Lesedi is so powerful and even paid tithing this week.

So... Things are stellar, as they always are and we did a lot of great finding this week, because it was mission walk day. We met a 20 year old kid named Joseph who after teaching the restoration called his father who speaks no English and taught him the whole lesson. They then asked what should we do? So we put them on date. Elder Littlefield was about to say "Don't take our word for it you can pray about it" but before he even got there they were like "No we have to believe. this is it". So day to day miracles go down here and this is the principle. If you keep a good attitude and simply work it. There is no way you can be dissatisfied with yourself or your work. You will accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Or to be slightly more scriptural, "The Lord requireth a willing heart, and a willing mind, and the obedient shall eat the good of Zion." I have really learned this big time lately. Just go to work. That's it... don't complain, don't slack, just do it. The lessons I've learned on my mission I wouldn't trade the world for seriously and I've still got 3 months left to learn (gulp).

So anyway, I turn 21 this week and we have a stellar Joburg road trip planned for next week. First a car full of delicious phaphata and cool drink. Border crossing!, Then we will get to Krugersdorp. First wrestle with tiger cubs, second, go to carnivore an all you can eat buffet with zebra, crocodile, springbok, hippo, and elephant meat, temple session, and traditional market. Transfers Tuesday, new companion, temple session because we're travelers, night in the mission home with the tradition of meat and eat restaurant for Botswana missionaries. Then ZLC the next day, travel day, sleep in Gabs, back to Kanye Thursday. It's gonna be legend.

So I get to have a legend of a birthday and still be perfectly obedient. Thank you Botswana border trip! Lent was good the prank lasted 3 days until the other guys found out and we all had a good laugh followed by a sweet Friday passover feast.

Well, back to work. We've got a 3 o'clock with two pastors and a staunch 7th day, so we're about ready to rumble haha and a good week ahead of us.

Well, have a great week, the next time you speak to me I'll be legal to buy handguns (God Bless America).

Elder Robinson

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