Monday, May 21, 2012

The drought is over, if I go to hell I go to hell, and then there was 1.‏

At long last the drought is past. I hadn't baptized anyone since January and I was starting to get the itch. But we had a powerful Sunday with 2!!!! future Melchezidek priesthood holders baptized and Phenyo an awesome Young woman. So brother Itebale Mosetlhane and his daughter Phenyo Mosetlhane have never been baptized before... kinda a rarity here. and have been church to church to church for most of their lives. We tracted into him on a day with 0 success or lessons, But look what comes when you go to work. He stood up and just spoke up about how he has found "it" and now will bring it to all the Mosetlhanes. Phenyo was terrified but said in about 5 seconds "I will serve God until the day that I die from this moment forward". Brother Kaimba was found also tracting and though his wife and 2 kids went to another church he said " I always thought Jesus was a joke." But yesterday he was just so happy I've never seen him smile like that. He spoke about quitting drinking and following God with all his heart. POWERFUL. that was a testimony and a half. The service ended with Pres. Nyoni saying "Elders this is the best!" These priesthood brethren are just the miracles we need. Kanye ward 2013??? So back to work. We've had the celebration time to get back to finding now. And so we will. I promised the Lord 2 years no time to take it easy and hang up the boots now. So we went this week and stumbled upon people who wanted to bash with us, which are always some of the funnest lessons because fighting the truth is the stupidest thing you can do. After shutting down any argument and inviting them to pray we had a legend of a quote. "If I go to hell... I go to hell... leave me be." Well our job is done haha. So we closed with a prayer. But seriously what we have is needed by everyone so how can we slow down. If all goes well 8 will be baptized in June and we are going to establish Zion here in Kanye. Only 1 transfer remaining yet so in the words of Bon Jovi its time to go down in a blaze of glory. So quick to the field and lets make it happen. Kanye is legend and there are so many people to talk about that I could never do justice in an email. So just know things are lekker here and June is going to be Legen what? dary. I may not email next week because of the Jozi trip but I'll do what I can... enjoy the baptism pictures!. Elder Robinson. P,S, The computer is too slow to send pics so maybe next week. Much love from Botswana

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