Monday, May 14, 2012

Some real lekker vors, resident of Malatswanaland, Older brother, that's flippin sweet man.‏

Hello one hello all! Sweet to talk to you all last night and to hear the happening in the US of A. It was a sweet week in Botswana we've had kinda a non typical week because we really were focusing on bringing members with us teaching... and well... We brought bro. Muchara with us to teach a brand new family who struggles a bit with attending church and he went on to tell a 20 minute story about farming, singing, and summer squash only to close by saying and that's why I like church... But lo lo and behold they made it Sunday so woo hoo! The same night he shamboked and investigator for drinking tea and... lo and behold she quit! So even though we were horrified mid lesson... all things work for a reason. We had a bit of sad news this week because Joseph's pastor will not let him leave the church and the Dipuo family wrote a divorce letter from their church to come to ours, only to have a calling extended by their pastor... As I spoke about last night the real difficulty of the work in Africa is not finding someone to teach, but helping them leave kinda the corruption they are in. But... the work goes forth. Mosha, Mosetlhane, Penu, and hopefully Richard and Lesedi will be baptized Sunday the latter two rest on whether he has quit tea completely... And... all else is awesome. We met a 20ish year old girl named Tsapang and invited her to church, and not only did she come but she brought her 4 brothers, sister, and mom, and the father is coming next week. After the service, the mom said "I can see us being members of this church. It was a really cool week full of just little miracles. On Friday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Van Heerden and we had a ton of fun and did great work. He's been struggling with a few things so we had a good chat and he basically told me how I was like his older brother and how he always can turn to me for advice. It was really cool and one of those times where I really felt like I was fulfilling my purpose. I think the reason its so weird and tough to be finishing is simply the people, members, and missionaries I'm around. This is all I know... but it won't be over... just on pause... and these guys will be brothers for life. So in other news sounds like the wedding was sweet wish I was there... but my cardboard counterpart was and I'll see all you cats in a few weeks. I'll be sending a little fun email from South Africa hope you all enjoy it... the rats really are that big in Joburg. Elder Robinson

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